Can’t Leave the House? Having a High-Quality, Affordable, and Credible Online Math Tutor Means the Learning Doesn’t Stop!

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Social distancing guidelines have had a major impact on different levels of education whether that’s high school math, middle school, or elementary math.

First, schools are closed, or open, or closed but open two days a week, or open but ready to close within 24 hours. 

It’s unclear in some states whether it’s for a few weeks or the rest of the school year. ( Bill Gates shared that it’s likely not until fall 2021 that Americans “can be completely safe” from COVID-19). And switching to distance learning likely hasn’t been the easiest change for your family!

Second, learning centers and in-person tutors are no longer an option.

To have both these options unavailable right now for your child might feel overwhelming,

(Hey, we get it! Switching to distance learning/schooling from home isn’t easy. In math class, in particular, problem-solving methods and strategies are totally different compared to how you learned them back in the day. You might not even be equipped to help your student. Plus, your child might not respond too well to you being their new teacher!)

School and tutoring center closures don’t mean that the learning needs to stop! Your child shouldn’t struggle with math or let their math skills slide.

An online math tutor is actually the perfect option and resource for your family. Not just during social distancing, but even all year round!

An online math tutor is a convenient, at-home tutoring option.

Need groceries?

Use Instacart or Grubhub.

Need a movie to watch with the kids?

Use Netflix or other streaming apps.

Need a tutor?

Well, just grab the computer or a tablet!

Online companies and tools have completely transformed the way that we receive services and goods.

(Hello, convenience!)

And online math tutoring is a growing and increasingly popular service too.


Because your child gets to connect with a tutor and get a tutoring session right from the comfort of home.

This is one of the reasons parents come to Thinkster Math – convenience ! They want a high-quality, affordable, and credible math tutor, without having to leave the house. And without losing money for planned sessions you couldn’t physically be present for due to other activities.

Plus, you can determine the day and time that works best for your child to connect with their tutor.

And now, during social distancing, online math tutoring truly is the perfect opportunity for your child to still get math support. 

(That is, math support from someone other than yourself!) Your student’s math teacher will welcome the extra help.

It’s possible to have a daily and affordable dedicated math tutor! 

Online math tutoring programs are highly convenient and the perfect option during social distancing.

As you start your search for an online math tutoring program, be sure to lay out all the facts as you compare.

To get you started, here are some things you should look for:

  1.  A dedicated math tutor who can give your child the most hyper-personalized learning experience possible. There shouldn’t be too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to your child’s learning! So no group Zoom calls where your child has to wait in line before getting help with a particular math problem.
  2. A highly-qualified tutor that has teaching or tutoring experience. This is important because the tutor should have a firm understanding and grasp of the curriculum your child uses. They should be able to teach strategies and methods in a way that helps your child understand the material. Teaching needs to be highly personalized to be effective. It requires passion, knowledge and training. Our tutors have all this and more. They have the tools that your child needs to fully realize their potential.
  3.  The cost! The level of support that your child receives often correlates with the cost of the program. For a long time – in person tutoring has only been available for people with more disposable income than most. Personal tutoring on a course was nearly unheard of for middle class families only a few short years ago.

But finding a high-touch, valuable, and affordable tutoring service isn’t impossible!

Thinkster Math provides your child with hyper-personalized and high-quality tutoring at a very affordable rate.

First, our academic team matches your child to a dedicated math tutor whether they need help on homework or with test prep.

This means that your child works with only one tutor!

Your child’s dedicated Thinkster tutor creates and customizes a learning plan specific to the topics and areas where your child needs help. No being pigeonholed into a group covering a concept your child has already mastered.

Frequent assessments and mathematics tests check which topics your child has mastered and which need improvement.

As part of this learning plan, your child has digital worksheets to complete independently during the week. Plus, these worksheets come with video tutorials to help explain different problem-solving strategies. Your child never feels alone as they have on-demand resources to help them solve problems in their math homework!

These digital worksheets are graded and checked by the tutor every day. Your child receives feedback within 24 hours so that they learn from the mistakes that they make on their work. Daily monitoring also ensures that the tutor adjusts and modifies the learning plan based on your child’s performance.

Your child also has interactive 1:1 whiteboard tutoring sessions with their dedicated private math tutor.

This is an awesome opportunity to connect and review questions and concepts live! It also gives your child the chance to ask the questions they may be too shy to ask in class during their regular math course.

And best yet – Thinkster is affordable! We offer a variety of pricing plans and billing cycles so that you have every opportunity to get the most value for an affordable price. And don’t forget, by not having to comment to a location-based private tutor, you can schedule the tutoring session at your convenience.


white glove service

We also offer white-glove service for families too! For those looking for more 1:1 tutoring sessions during the week, we have an EXCLUSIVE plan for highly motivated parents. Want to learn more about this? Click this link to send an email to our team and we’ll connect to share more!


The combination of digital worksheets on a variety of math topics, daily tutor feedback, and 1:1 whiteboard tutoring sessions gives your child the ultimate math tutoring support. Your child will head back to school in the fall without missing a beat!

A math tutor helps create a disciplined approach to learning. 

How has your child been settling into distance learning or learning from home?

For many kids and families, it’s not a smooth or easy transition.

If you find yourself pulling your hair out, don’t worry! This is totally normal!

Kids are used to the routine and structure that their school teachers and classrooms provide.

But moving to distance learning at home? The learning experience and routine is completely different and a big change.

Your child needs to adopt a disciplined approach to learning to help bring a little more normalcy to their routine.

Our Thinkster private tutoring can provide more structure and organization to your child’s learning.

In fact, organization skills are something that our tutors consistently work on building in all of their students! These are critical life skills that will benefit your student for the rest of their lives.

They do so by setting expectations with student learning plans. They also help improve time management and prioritization skills. It helps your child compartmentalize so that they work smartly and efficiently. Imagine your child going off to college with these skills already in place.

(Learn more about the 6 organization skills that our math tutors are ready to help your child develop and improve).

A disciplined approach to learning helps your child establish a clear routine and segment their days and time carefully.

Now that they are schooling from home, this is incredibly important to help provide stability.

You can check out more recommendations to help your child develop a routine and manage their emotions during social distancing.


With social distancing guidelines in place, online tools and services are a great way of getting high-quality support without needing to leave your home.

Maybe this is the first time you’re looking into an online math tutoring program for your child.

An expert math tutor from Thinkster is here to help your child!

We match your child to a dedicated instructor, who offers continuous and daily math help and learning – at an affordable rate!

Plus, your child gets help with organizing their learning and developing discipline as they now learn from home. All this without any yelling or disciplinary measures from you. 

Our 7-step method can help make your child a math champion too!

Just check out these awesome before and after performance results and case studies here.

To make your child a math champion, register your child for our 7-day, $0 trial here.

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