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Our Tutoring Sessions

Awesome one-on-one tutoring - without having to leave your house.

Algebra 1

Did you search for ‘Algebra tutor near me’ on Google in hopes of finding an awesome, elite, and accessible math tutor for your child?

Our online math tutors can help!

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Algebra 2

If you’ve been searching for an Algebra tutor, you’ve come to the right place! Our Thinkster Math tutors are excited to help your child with a variety of topics they’ll learn this year!

Having a strong mastery of Algebra 2 concepts is crucial for understanding higher levels of math and performing well on standardized tests.

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Has your child been stumbling through their Calculus work? Are they failing their Calculus quizzes and tests or struggling to understand their homework?

For some students, Calculus is an extremely difficult branch of mathematics.

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Does your child find Geometry difficult? Do they grumble when asked to write a two-column proof?

No matter what your child thinks about Geometry, our math tutors are ready to squash any reluctance or confusion to improve performance.

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Stop searching ‘Pre-Calculus tutors near me’ on Google! Our elite math tutors are ready to help your child!

Pre-calculus is an important introductory course your child takes before Calculus. It bridges what they learned in Geometry with important foundational topics they need to master for success in Calculus.

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Is your child having trouble in their high school Statistics class?

Have they shown an interest in taking Statistic college courses or following a career path that requires strong analyzation skills?

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Is your child in Trigonometry and need math help outside of the classroom?

Our Thinkster Math tutors are available to give your child the support needed to improve their comprehension and performance!

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Meet a Few of Our Online Math Tutors

Kaitlyn R.
Kaitlyn, New Jersey

“I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and experience tutoring kids ages 10-25 in math, reading, and science. I was a teaching assistant in college for modeling and simulation. I continued to tutor in my community after college for students in elementary and middle school.”

Bachelors of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Teaching Assistant and Tutor
Kate, eterson
Kate, Illinois

“I have an undergraduate degree in accountancy and a Master's Degree in education. I have taught middle school math for 10 years. I also tutor high school algebra, geometry, and test prep (including ACT).”

Undergraduate Degree in Accountancy, Master’s Degree in Education
Brittany Coppola
Brittany, New Jersey

“I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and a Minor in Theatre. I have secondary Mathematics certifications in two different states. I have over 6 years accumulative tutoring experience with various age groups and levels - including high school, SAT, and college level math. I have a passion for Mathematics and helping my students think through problems in a new way that leaves them more confident in their abilities.”

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Tutoring Middle School, High School, College Level Math and SAT Prep

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

9.4 out of 10

Read what real parents have to say on 385+

Thinkster has helped my daughter to be ahead of what is been taught in her school.

- Dhira, mother of Anika

We have had excellent tutoring from Thinkster. We recommend it as often as we can to fellow students.

- Dyan, mother of Ella

Very satisfied with our coach Jackie, she is very kind and attentive with all requests and questions!

- Miyoung, mother of Nyle

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child have the same math tutor every session?

Your child works with the same tutor each session. Once an advisor matches your child to a tutor, the tutor reaches out and works with you to schedule the sessions that you have purchased.

I’m already a Thinkster Member. Can I purchase sessions and use them with my child’s current coach?

If your child is within our coaching programs, we will do our best to allow the one-on-one purchases to be with the same current coach - though this cannot be guaranteed.

If I purchase a pack of sessions, can my children share them?

The sessions cannot be split or shared by multiple children. Each child must have their own package.

Can I use this for other subjects?

The tutoring sessions are available for the specific math course purchased.

What if my child isn’t happy and wants to cancel?

Let us know within 30 days of purchase if your child isn’t happy and we’ll refund the remaining, unused sessions.

What if my child doesn’t like their math tutor?

We’re happy to match to a new Thinkster Math tutor to make sure your child enjoys their Thinkster experience and learns a lot!