Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) vs. Thinkster Math: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Mathematics, often considered a challenging subject by many students, plays a crucial role in shaping the foundation for academic success and problem-solving skills.

Yet, a significant number of students struggle to grasp mathematical concepts, leading to a decline in their overall academic performance. This is where math tutoring programs step in to bridge the learning gap and provide invaluable support to students.

Two popular programs in this realm are the Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) and Thinkster Math.

Both platforms offer unique approaches to math education, catering to diverse audiences with various features and costs.

In this blog, we will delve into a comparison of these platforms, shedding light on their target audience, features, and costs.

Who uses Russian School of Mathematics?

Russian School of Mathematics primarily caters to Kindergarten – 12th grade students seeking a comprehensive and rigorous math education. They offer both in-center classes or online options with RSM-online for grades 2-10. 

RSM describes their programs as being, “designed as a long-term program with multiple levels for every grade, from beginner to competition, our approach develops each student to their utmost ability.”

It is designed to challenge and inspire motivated students who wish to excel in mathematics.

The program is especially well-suited for students who seek to develop strong problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Who uses Thinkster Math?

Thinkster Math offers different learning programs for students from Kindergarten to high school.

The platform offers personalized learning plans suitable for a wide range of learners, including those who need extra support, advanced learners, and students seeking to improve specific math skills.

Thinkster Math’s adaptive learning model tailors the curriculum to the individual needs and pace of each student. AI-driven learning plans allow each student to receive a hyper-personalized plan that will help them accelerate learning outcomes.

RSM vs. Thinkster Math: Main Features and Benefits

Russian School of Mathematics (RSM):

RSM follows a traditional approach to teaching mathematics, focusing on building a strong foundation and mastering core concepts. The curriculum is carefully structured, providing a systematic progression through various mathematical topics.

RSM emphasizes problem-solving and critical thinking, encouraging students to tackle challenging math problems.

Students receive in-person instruction through physical branches, providing a more traditional classroom experience. (Online options are available to those not comfortable with in-center classes.)

Thinkster Math:

Thinkster Math embraces a digital-first approach, leveraging technology and personalized learning algorithms. The platform’s AI algorithm adapts the curriculum to suit each student’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

The platform offers a vast library of math worksheets, video tutorials, and interactive content.

Trained math tutors provide personalized feedback and support to help students overcome obstacles. The tutors also conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions with their students – keeping the learning experience extremely personalized.

RSM vs. Thinkster Math: Cost

Russian School of Mathematics (RSM):

RSM’s pricing structure varies depending on the program selected and the student’s grade level. For example, a 6th grader can choose to take just Geometry or Geometry and Algebra.

Generally, RSM operates as an in-person learning institution, and the costs are typically higher than solely online platforms. For a full curriculum, costs range from $2000 – $3800 per year.

Thinkster Math:

Thinkster Math’s pricing model offers flexible subscription plans, which can be more budget-friendly compared to in-person programs.

The subscription cost includes access to the digital platform, personalized math worksheets, video tutorials, tutor support, and other highly-engaging features. Additionally, Thinkster Math provides the convenience of learning from home or any location with an internet connection.

Plans start as low as $18/month for the AI-driven Guided Learning Plan.

Tutor-led coaching plans with live sessions start at $114/month. Pricing depends on the type of coaching support and student grade level. There are also different billing cycles, which offer fantastic savings! (Plus, there’s a 100% money-back performance guarantee!)

The coach-driven tutoring plans come with a 7-day free trial, which is an excellent opportunity to see how Thinkster can help deliver awesome learning results. Registration starts with the creation of a free parent membership

RSM vs. Thinkster Math: Choosing the Option That Works Best for Your Child

Both the Russian School of Mathematics and Thinkster Math offer valuable resources for students seeking to enhance their math skills.

RSM’s focus on a traditional classroom setting and rigorous problem-solving approach suits motivated students who wish to excel in mathematics.

On the other hand, Thinkster Math’s adaptive technology and personalized learning approach cater to a broader range of students, including those who may need extra support or have specific learning goals.

The decision between the two platforms ultimately depends on the individual needs, preferences, and learning styles of the students and their families.

Note:  Features and support are constantly changing. This analysis was accurate to the best of our knowledge as of July 2023.

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