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Thinkster is the only math tutoring program on the planet that offers an expert Geometry math tutor to coach/monitor/ provide feedback to students daily.

Who is This Geometry Program For?

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Are you a student who wants to do well in Geometry class and get an A+?

  • Triangle Are you looking for some extra help to make sure topics that seem tough for others are easy for you?
  • Triangle You want to do well in class, because a good score in Geometry means you’re prepared for the PSATs.
  • Triangle You want to feel better prepared and more confident for school tests.
  • Triangle Maybe you find it tricky to remember all of the different rules and formulas.
  • Triangle Or, you struggle with math homework, and mom or dad just don’t seem to know how to help you!
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Or, are you a parent ready to do what it takes to get your child math coaching so they perform fantastically well?

  • Triangle Because you want them to receive awesome grades in Geometry class.
  • Triangle You know that they’re capable of doing well, but just need more personal attention and feedback from a certified math coach.
  • Triangle You understand that poor performance in Geometry can cause a landslide of poor performance in other classes, so you want to make sure your child stays on top of their work!
  • Triangle Your child does okay in Geometry, but you want them to feel super confident and perform beyond their imagined capacities.
  • Triangle Plus, you want a super high-quality, convenient, at-home learning solution.

Join 70K+ Happy Thinkster Students and Parents, and See Incredible Performance Results!

“My daughter started to do thinkster math two years back and it really helped develop her math skills now she gets everything correct in school and she is even ahead of what the class is doing. Her personal tutor really helped with her math and made sure she would fully understand it. I really recommend you get thinkster math because it helps your child’s math and logical skills. The extra math worksheet they provided really greats for practicing and developing child’s analytic and problem solving skills.”

- Supratim, Thinkster Parent

“Love the way the worksheets are structured. I have seen a significant improvement in my son’s Math. I would definitely recommend Thinkster Math to kids who want to be strong in Math.”

- Anshul, Thinkster Parent

“Amazing!!!… My math skills have improved and I’m getting better grades in math class. This app really does help me a lot!!!”

- Avery, Thinkster Parent

“This is the first online Math program that has kept my daughters attention and I feel like she is truly learning and progressing! Love that she has a weekly LIVE tutoring session! She loves to earn points to get a reward each month!”

- Kathleen, Thinkster Parent

“It helps me a lot in math, and it sharpens my mind a lot. I definitely recommend it to people. Thinkster is awesome!

- Harshil, Thinkster Student

“Thinkster is a very good math program! One thing I like about Thinkster Math is that my coach is very good! She explains topics very well, and gives me appropriate and challenging worksheets!”

- Logan, Thinkster Student

“This is a great site for learning math. My math grade went from a C to and A+. THANK YOU THINKSTER MATH!!”

- Michael, Thinkster Student

“Thinkster is a great opportunity for me to improve my math skills. It teaches me how to learn a different way and if helps make standardized tests easier.”

- Jennifer, Thinkster Student

Understanding Geometry Now Leads to Success in the Future!

Learning Geometry isn’t just so that students perform well on the PSAT/SAT. Geometry is one of the most widely used branches of math. It’s used every day and is all around us in hobbies, activities, and careers. For example, proficiency in geometry can help students succeed in any of the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Plumbing
  • Astronomy
  • Computer Graphics
  • Fashion Designer
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Navigation
  • Sports
  • Construction
  • Robotics
  • Art
  • Cartology
  • Coding
  • Chemistry
  • Forensic Science
  • Video Game Design
  • And Many More!

Our World-Class Geometry Curriculum Includes Interactive Questions that Are Connected to the Real World

Geometry isn’t tough when you’re able to see how it connects to the real world!

Our digital worksheets contain real-world examples to help students understand abstract concepts. Interactive Questions help students learn how to use geometric tools, like compasses and protractors, and solve questions on grids.

Curious What This Looks Like? Give These Sample Problems a Try!

A Thinkster Math Coach Makes Geometry Easy!

Having a dedicated math coach makes all the difference when it comes to academic success!

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YVONNE - Thinkster Coach

Each student gets their own Thinkster Coach, who monitors and sends feedback on worksheets every day! The coach analyzes performance by looking at corrections, mistakes, time taken to solve a question, and more. They then find patterns and assist the student in the most effective way in the shortest amount of time.


Learn From Expert, U.S. Certified Math Coaches

Your Child Can Learn from Some of the Best Teachers in the Country!

Kelly White

Kelly White

I am a math certified teacher for elementary through high school Geometry in Arizona. I have experience teaching both elementary & middle school.

Before becoming a teacher, I had a career in graphic design — and I love using visual arts to teach math! I'm extremely passionate about helping students understand math in new ways.

Rebecca Muller

Rebecca Muller

I'm a certified special education mathematics teacher for grades K-12. My love of math comes from searching for the “why” and being able to demonstrate the “how."

Currently, I teach Geometry and Algebra II, but I believe that success in all higher math comes from a strong foundation in basic skills.

Ayana Williams

Ayana Williams

My name is Ayana, and I am a Navy vet. turned elementary school teacher! I always wanted to be an educator and after completing my 20 navy years, I joyously finished college and did exactly that!

I am currently a 4th grade classroom/virtual teacher, but I also have experience with grades 1, 3, and 5.

Our Geometry Math Tutoring Program Helps Students Study Smarter - Not Harder!

Get Your Own Private, Dedicated, Expert Geometry Tutor! Our Cognitive & Behavioral Science-based and AI & Data-driven tutoring program will deliver awesome academic results.

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1:1 Tutoring Sessions

1:1 Individualized or Private 60-minute tutoring sessions based on your needs. Once or twice a week.

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Homework Help & Test Prep

In our private tutoring plans, you can utilize time during tutoring sessions to get help with school work or upcoming tests.

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Daily Personalized Practice

Specially designed learning plan with assignments that take less than 10 minutes! Video tutorials in each assignment for instant support.

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Daily Tutor Help & Feedback

Your dedicated tutor provides daily monitoring, grading, and feedback on worksheets.

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Reports & Insight App

Data-driven insights for students and parents to track progress improvements and learning outcomes.

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Performance Guarantee

Our activity-based performance guarantee ensures that our data-driven tutoring program delivers up to 90% guaranteed improvements in math!

Math Tutoring Loved by Thousands of Students from 40+ Countries

Become a Thinkster See Incredible Performance Results in Geometry!

Become a Thinkster & See Incredible Performance Results in Geometry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your math tutors?

Thinkster Math tutors either have a math teaching background or math major/minor in college. They have a strong knowledge of Common Core State Standards and Singapore Math strategies.

Do we get to choose our math tutor?

Our Thinkster Advisors match your child to the math tutor based on your child’s learning goals, experiences, needs, and requested tutoring times.

What if the math tutor we are matched with is not a good fit for our family?

You can always let us know if you’re not happy with your Thinkster Math tutor or your schedules do not match well. We’re happy to assist with making any needed or requested changes! (But the truth is, less than 0.1% of parents actually request a change in a math tutor because they all love our tutors!)

How soon can my child start working with a dedicated math tutor?

Get started with our 7-day free trial to get matched to a dedicated math tutor! After your child completes their initial Skills Assessment, the Thinkster tutor is assigned and will reach out to you within 24 hours.