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"I would like to share a testimonial for my son's Math coach, Yvonne. We came to Thinkster halfway through the year, and my son had a lot of catching up to do. Between suffering from a chronic illness and the principal at his school telling me I needed to "let him fail" (in order to get his IEP approved) at the beginning of his 6th grade year, my son had missed several school days and was left feeling defeated when it came to Math. My son was hesitant and nervous about having a live tutor, but Yvonne made him feel at ease from the very first session. The second session (where I didn't need to be included on the call) was even better. I could hear my son laughing from the other room. Yvonne is able to explain tricky concepts to my son in a way that he really gets it and now my son sees himself as "good at Math". And he likes it. He always runs to me after his session with Miss Yvonne to excitedly tell me what he learned. And it sticks. And even though my son is still suffering some health issues and often doesn't feel good, he always looks forward to his sessions with Yvonne. When I remind him his session with her is that day, he always perks up, even when he is having a hard day. You can't ask for more than that as a parent. I'm so glad we got Yvonne as a coach. She really clicks with my son and he is learning so much!"

Keri Hilson

“It was so helpful for my daughter's academic. The teacher was so nice and kind. She has to immediately respond for all our doubts.”


"My daughter is in 6th grade and she started Thinkster Math in the summer before starting middle school. Thanks to Thinkster Math, she has been maintaining A+ grades in math. It's an amazing program, and I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with math or wants to excel in it."

Hattie T.

“I am having a great experience with Thinkster. The good thing I like that it gives your child unlimited worksheets and they work on your child current level. If your child is ahead from the class then they will work on enhancing the skills but if your child needs help in class then they make sure your child achieves that level in few months. Also, they motivate the kids by giving them points after they finish worksheets and gives you small gift card in the month end. Although it’s a very small value but big value for kids. Plus, a private tutor your child gets is an ultimate experience. It’s up to you how many times you want class in a week and for how long. We are using this since last 6 months and no problem till now.”


“Thinkster is a great program and was a helpful resource during the pandemic. The company is very responsive to questions and concerns and my daughter's coach, Dana, has been wonderful. She is patient, kind and engaging. I highly recommend her!”


“Thinkster is an amazing AI driven platform for kids! I've used this for my daughter in elementary and using it for my son in middle school curriculum. I've used couple of packages in this platform both self-paced and one with tutor where the tutor works with your kids for guiding on gaps and new skills. I love this app's parents insights module which provides activity/skill progress reports and many more views to track progress on your child's work. I feel the student average vs your kid's time spent on same worksheet is very useful to assess. One of the cool yet useful feature is the way the app beeps when kids make mistakes on the problems and after couple of beeps I know from far the kid may need help (in tutor-less package). Monthly tutor meets are crisp and able to steer in specific directions. Tutors like Laura B are sharp, focused and well aware of grade/state specific curriculum to ensure this is aligned to success in school as well. Highly recommend this for any parent-child looking to ace in Math. Thank you Thinkster family!"


“My kid loves math and problem solving . He likes to go above and beyond his grade level. Thinkster helps him to explore new concepts and challenge himself with guided learning .He is enjoying trying challenged worksheets and reviewing his fundamentals .In a nutshell, this is letting him explore the vertical and horizontals of math horizon .”


“The learning content and timer based exercises help my son to do faster and be concentrated till the worksheet is complete. My son likes it and he is enthusiastic about the monthly perks for 7500 points”

Vishwanath Shankar

“Having the tailored learning plan for my child to do at her own pace is great. Helpful videos to explain if she gets stumped. She can do it all on her own. She scored very high on her next test. A little costly, but worth it.”


"A few of my friends had enrolled their kids in Kumon. I did my research and through friends, I had a good understanding of how Kumon works. I was planning on enrolling my kids in Kumon. My cousin referred Thinkster and that was the first time I heard of them. My kids trialed for a week and they loved it. Its been almost a year since I enrolled, and I can say my kids are much more confident and have consistently done well in their classes. As a parent, what I liked about Thinkster is that I get to track kids' progress through their color-coded progress report. It shows Green, Yellow & Red in various shades to show where they are doing well vs lagging. I can then easily request worksheets on those topics from the App with the click of a button. I can also request worksheets at a more granular level if they are consistently lacking in a few key subtopics (ex: Within Division, if they are struggling in the decimal division, I can email and ask for a different variation of the same sheet to be added). I wish they give more power to parents to self-manage the addition of worksheets. The worksheets have been well designed (How to vdos attached for self learning) with a broad range of questions making kids think in different dimensions. Each Worksheet has a suggested time and it grades kids based on 'Accuracy' & 'Speed'. This is one thing I loved about Thinkster compared to Kumon as it is software-based and can easily capture all this information. The App also records everything the kid types and makes it easy for the teacher/parent to view and understand where they might be struggling. Kids get to meet a Live teacher every week to work on areas they need help with. My kids do a minimum of 2 worksheets every day (avg time 10 to 45 mins depending on the topic) and it goes up to 6 worksheets during holidays. They like the fact that they get a $5 gift card of their choice when they reach 7500 points every month. When there is a standardized test (SBAC in California), I can request unit tests for practice and get them used to computer-aided tests. As a parent, I'm extremely happy with the product and support and Thinkster is my long-term investment as I see a lot of potential in them. They could easily get more into other standardized tests, and math Olympiads to take it to the next level and slowly expand into other subjects. I hope they do it. I highly recommend Thinkster to other parents who are in the same boat as I was a yr ago. Have no doubts, go for it."


“Thinkster personalized the plan based on child's skill set. Teachers are great. My daughter likes the program!”


“Joining Thinkster and practising Maths worksheets really helped my child to get her understanding improved and build up confidence on her problem solving skills.”

Prashant Jha

“Thinkster is amazing. The kids can do on their tablet, draw the solutions of the problems and when they have a test at school I can ask their coach to add math lessons accordingly. I definitely recommend it!”


“We have been using Thinkster for nearly four years. We started pre-pandemic in 2018 after switching from a different math tutoring service. We were weary of commuting to and paying high prices for in-person services. We made the switch to Thinkster and since then have not looked back. I think the best part is the app itself. Compared to free or cheap math apps, Thinkster is far more robust. There is advanced content for older kids, and the built-in videos make it really easy for the kids to learn. The fact that coaches review the worksheets and offer feedback is also a definite plus. During our four years, we have appreciated the flexibility to switch around from worksheets only, to bi-monthly coaching sessions, or weekly, depending on our kids' math needs, our family's schedule, travel plans, or other circumstances. It has been really great and as long as the service stays the level that it is, we will continue. For references, our kids are now 10 and 13 and so they started at 6 and 9. The only negative thing I have to say is that there is a fair amount of coach turnover. However, all of the coaches have been great. The turnover has not negatively impacted us.”


“Thinkster is a great program!, my son improved quite a lot on math, the word problems challenged his comprehension reading skills, and the videos helped a lot. We started 2 years ago and he is now working on worksheets from a year ahead, so he is more confident at school. I really appreciate the follow up phone calls from Thinkster team, they can customize the worksheets upon parents request if needed.”


“Our daughter has been using Thinkster since June 2021 and has improved her math skills dramatically during that time. When she first started, she was more than a full grade level behind in math (based on standardized test scores) and within 9 months is working at grade level and doing very well.”


“When my daughter's public school district could not accommodate her IEP needs, we decided to homeschool. Partnering with Thinkster we learned she was three grade levels behind. She has an amazing coach that meets her where she is at and has helped her gain a whole school year in two months! She loves to watch her points accumulate and earn the $5 gift card. Thinkster had exceeded my expectations. Kim D.”


“Thinkster has been wonderful for my son. His coach is always cheerful, patient and very encouraging every time they meet. I love the format of Thinkster and the reports I receive on how my son is progressing. I highly recommend this program”


“My kid has been on Kumon for last 3 years (since Kindergarten) and she got bored doing same questions multiple time. As a parent we did not know if she did the question correctly or not in the worksheet and feedback was dependent on us taking the kid to one of the Kumaon centers. Moreover she was not able to comprehend and apply the mathematical learning to the real life question. That is how I moved to Thinkster Math as a trial and really loved the product over last 6 months. Ability to track the answers, alternative solution, tracking progress of your kid, the overall product is simply amazing. And they are adding more features to make it easy for parent to track and course correct. Most imp they have amazing teachers who not only teach math concepts but challenge the kids on different concept with varying level of problems on similar area. My kid is a fan of her teacher and looks forward to connect on a weekly basis to clarify doubts.”


“We have seen great improvement in our 10 year old ever since we got her to stay accountable to her goal of completing a certain number of worksheets every month. From my experience, Thinkster Math is a program that will work best if your child puts effort into doing their part in addition to the tutoring session. Our tutor is amazing and encourages our child to perform beyond her abilities and while she was initially hesitant, she found herself pushing those barriers of self doubt. The $5 incentive is an added bonus! The only thing that I sometimes miss is the actual worksheets that you get from in-person institutions as this program is completely online.”


“Teacher is very responsible and answer well when we have questions all the time.I am very satisfying thinkster’s format and goal.”


“I would say by far this is a huge step forward. My kids are enjoying doing math now, and less work on my own side. How I wish there is something like this in reading as well. Thank you all for the good work.”


“My son loves Thinkster Math. Exercises are progressive - never boring or too overwhelming. I love the convenience of having to do this at home with minimal supervision from my end. His Math coach is awesome - very patient, kind, helpful and clearly explains concepts to his understanding, all via convenience of a zoom call. My son is definitely more confident in Math now and is actually getting good grades. I would definitely recommend Thinkster to parents, as this program teaches critical thinking, more than drill and kill / memorization. So glad I found this program.”


“We are very happy with Thinkster platform and learning program. The program is personalized to each student and adapts well based on each student's needs. The personalized coaching and contextual worksheets help in addressing the learning gaps for the student”


“A fantastic, customized tutoring program that doesn't require driving to a center. Our tutor is communicative and responsive and always adjusting their assignments. Expensive but seeing good results. Three kids using, would highly recommend. Wish it went through high school!.”

Lisa Germann

“We move about once a year, and this helps our child stay fresh in math and not get behind. We have also used it in conjunction with homeschooling and it has been an amazing supplement. I love the feedback and contact with the teacher, and the videos that accompany most worksheets help my child feel self reliant and she knows how to get help on her own thru the app.”

Ashley Adams

“Thinkster Maths are great for the kids who wants to take Maths challenges. They are not like other maths classes which work on their own pattern. If kids are doing well and taking higher level challenges Thinkster Maths is the first choice. Coaches are really good and detail oriented. Happy to enroll my kid here.”

Anshika Jain

“This has been a great program for my son. He has gone from a D to a B and he is still improving. He is much more willing to do problems on the ipad than on paper, and the live coaching has helped him in the areas where he is struggling. I highly recommend Thinkster Math!”

Chad D.

“Good course material and videos to explain the concepts. User Interface could be improved though to help little students to navigate with ease. But overall pleased with the content, service and interaction with Coach. Thanks.”

Manish S.

“It was excellent! I intend on using it again next summer!”

Tarah L.

“Customer service has been great. Our assigned tutor gets back to us in a very short time. She assigns topics based on school tests, Paarc tests which has helped my kids a lot. I highly recommend Thinkster.”

Divya Iyer

“I am a huge fan of Thinkster having used it for several years. The topics are covered thoroughly, ensuring that my children really understand the concepts and have ample opportunities to practice. ”

Gemma S.

“Thinkster has been an excellent addition to my children's education. Everyone is professional, prompt and genuinely cares about students getting the most of their experience. Our tutor Erica is wonderful -- she customizes her approach and assignments based on my kids' two personalities. She's a great motivator, but also holds them accountable. I would highly recommend Thinkster.”

Liz F.

“Our child had become increasingly frustrated by the rote method employed by Kumon to build confidence. After looking for alternatives to Kumon Math instruction I came across Tabtor since renamed as Thinkster Math. We gave Thinkster a try and her enjoyment of math, and progress, returned. ”

Steven G.

“My 9-year-old son had a very difficult time with math in the third grade. In three weeks since he joined he has made tremendous progress. Some of the features I really like is that he gets immediate reinforcement when he gets a problem right or wrong. In his school setting, he didn't know if he answered correctly until his teacher returned his paper, or if I told him he was wrong when he did his homework. This program gives him independence of doing it himself. I also like the fact that if he is manor understanding a math concept, he is given a similar worksheet until he masters the task in a timely fashion. He needed some catching up to do this summer, and I've already noticed his progress. His tutor Amy is great too. She gives him little notes on every worksheet, and he face times her once a week. Very pleased with Thinkster.”

Darin Uno

“Thinkster has been so amazing. The focus is on math but our son has improved in all subjects because he has gained so much confidence from figuring out how to study properly. ”

Michelle K.

“We have had excellent tutoring from Thinkster. We recommend it as often as we can to fellow home-schoolers, as well as traditional students!”

Dyan Y.

“Dissatisfied with the maths at our daughter's school, we looked around at various tutoring programme and apps to get her the math skills we felt she needed. We chose Thinkster as we can do it any time, any place and I don't have to grade any worksheets. Skyping with her tutor fortnightly gives us the extra support we need- another person to cheer her on if she is feeling stuck. She had her first NAPLAN test this year, after 3 years of Thinkster - her scores were off the charts. BTW, we have had the same tutor throughout this whole time which has given a wonderful stability to the process.”

Karah W.

“My son ( who is now 12 year old) has been doing Thinkster for 12 months now. The program gives him the benefit of having a private tutor keeping an eye on his math progress. Ms. Sunita (his tutor) has been key to his math success through the year. Because the program allows the tutor to see the way student works the problem, the tutor can spot mistakes in problem solving process if any. Thinkster is personalized to exactly what the student needs, so the topics are chosen according to the student's requirements. ”

Chaitali Marde

“Thinkster helped Suprav in building more confidence in math gradually by identifying his strong and weak areas and working on them accordingly and the best part of Thinkster is, they gradually advanced Suprav beyond his grade level which helped him achieve top scores not only in his class but also in his MAP tests. ”

Suprav Basu

“Alyssa surprisingly scored higher than a fifth grader on her STAR math test. She also took two grade 2 common assessment test and scored 100% on both. It's amazing what a year of Thinkster can do! Her teacher told me it's the first time she saw any of her students scored higher than a fifth grader! We are doing something right.”

Vi Chau

“As a high school math teacher for 10 years, I wasn't happy with the math enrichment programs I visited. They all lacked something. My sons wanted to get ahead in math but I didn't think going to a center and doing plug and chug calculations was going to provide them with the results they wanted. I was thrilled to find Thinkster. Thinkster provides the perfect combination of thought provoking problems, feedback for parents and incentives for kids. Not having to travel to a center and being able to use the app anywhere are added bonuses. I have been extremely happy for the past year. One of my sons had the opportunity to skip 5th grade math at his school. I agreed to let him only because I knew he had attained all the 5th grade content knowledge from Thinkster. He has been doing well in his advanced class. My 3rd grader has found the material more challenging and interesting than what his school provides for his age. He has jumped 2 grade levels and continues to thrive. Thank you Thinkster.”

Karen Holland

“She is now much more confident. She started from hating math all those years, now she loves math. She feels empowered. She even calls herself a beast. We have a lot less arguments, the best part is that when I talk to her about a problem in math, she responds intelligently and this is priceless. To answer your question about her grades we are expecting to see her first test results this week and she did the test in very short time which is unusual for her and she feels she answered correctly all questions. Thank you.”

Ted Bochi

“My son Jay has been using Thinkster Math for past few months and its been working great for him so far. His grades are improving and his attitude towards solving math problems has changed in a good way. I really appreciate you guys for bringing such a great tool to these kids. My kid absolutely loves it and i see great improvement that any other similar tools that he had used in the past. Neha his teacher at Thinkster is great and is the best teacher so far we have worked with. Keep up all the good work guys.”

Shashi Muthyala

“My children have all been attending Kumon over the last 3 years. I looked for an alternative, as I have come to realise, that although Kumon states that my daughter is doing work 3 years above her grade level, this is not really the case. Kumon fails to teach geometry, measurement and time, among other important topics. I found Thinkster and trialed my daughter on it. She loved it. It is interactive, which is great for children who have grown up with technology. The tutorials are fantastic and I don't have to constantly nag my children to get the worksheets done. As an added bonus, Thinkster is much cheaper than Kumon and provides a wider spectrum of the math curriculum.”

Cathy Tinelli

“I would like to share my experience about Thinkster. I am glad that my son is in this programme he has achieved a lot. He also got a math award during this quarter for the first time ever. If he has learnt a topic in Thinkster it helps him understand better in school and the best part of Thinkster is he can do it from home and I get to see the videos as well which are great. Thanks to Thinkster for my son's achievement.”

Stella Gonsalves

“Thank you so much Kristina for looking into the MAP questions I sent and loading worksheets for her to get there, I appreciate all you do to help us. You are a wonderful teacher and your words encourage Dhrithi a lot. we are very happy with you !!”

Jaisree Pudukotai

“I love this app! I really love Thinkster and Gianni's tutor, Kristina. She is so fantastic. Sweet, kind, encouraging, and highly intelligent! Thank you Thinkster.”

Eileen E.

“Thinkster in Kendall Park is an excellent math resource for any student performing on any academic level... My daughter has continued to improve upon her conceptual and abstract math skills. She is always eager and willing to work on her math by accessing the user-friendly computer app Thinkster provides. The Thinkster program is specifically designed and individual to meet the needs of each student. Whether your child is above, below, or proficient in math, the program will address your child's strengths and weaknesses, fostering progress and success. Thinkster even has a parent app so you can keep track of your child's assignments, progress, and keep in touch with their tutor. We love this program, my daughter is always engaged in the process, and I would highly recommend this to any student.”

Lisa Fortunato

“My son got 98% in his mechanical maths and one of the highest marks in word problems in his school tests. His confidence in maths has soared and it is down to Thinkster. Most of the worksheets in Thinkster are excellent and cover topics thoroughly. I love all the animation and the fact that they receive immediate feedback and a second chance. It's also great how flexible it is. I can ask teacher to go back to revise grade 4 stuff, add in things he is doing at school etc,Aneesh is working in grade 5 fractions, factors and LCM. These worksheets are excellent - all the right size, not with crazy large numbers, so he is getting confidence in the concepts, and feeling good that he has completed them in a reasonable time. Thanks Thinkster, Hope you continue grades to end of high school and beyond!”

Preeti Shah

“I will definitely spread the word at my daughter's school and among my close friends. So far your team had done a fantastic job in implementing and marketing the idea. I had worked on my own bootstrapping startup for couple of years and I know very well the importance of customer acquisition. My daughter, Sarayu Ponnada, is in 5th grade. I always enjoy teaching my kids at home. We moved from Illinois to Atlanta in August. We decide to enroll our daughter in Kumon. But I came across your product and didn't hesitate to make the right decision. My daughter enjoys learning and practicing math on Thinkster. She has shown improvement in speed and word problems.”

Jay Ponnada

“I was introduced to Thinkster through one of my friends at work when my son was 5 year old. I immediately signed up for a trial run and loved everything about it and signed up for monthly subscription right away. Now after 18 months, I can not even imagine how it would have been with out this app. Before I got him started with this as 5 year old, I was teaching him some basic math on a easel everyday. For me to teach everything he knows now the same old way, it would have taken at least 5 times or more time and effort. I love the fact that the app is adaptive and can adjust to kids pace and their strengths & weaknesses. With newer version of the app there are so many cool features but to me the best feature is the ability to download and be able to do work sheets even when there is no WIFI/net access. It was especially very useful when we traveled out of country with not so great internet access. Over all, I can't be more happier and hoping for Thinkster to release apps for other subjects. A big kudos to the brains behind this amazing tool for little ones. My 5 star rating any day!!”

Krishna Battula

“My son was a part of a well known Math enrichment program for 2 years (Grade 3 and Grade 4). Although the program was very helpful during the grade 3, towards the grade 4, I did not find what was being taught helped him much in school program. He was unable to figure out some of the test questions and understand the concepts. Repetition was not helping and it was a lot of time and effort on my part to continue with his enrichment program. That's when I found an advertisement for Thinkster on Facebook. I contacted them immediately as the major incentive for me was that the worksheets would be graded instantly! And for my son, it would be using his favorite iPad. I signed up for the two week free trial and my son also liked the concept rather than the numerous sheets he was used to. He was learning similar concepts as school and Thinkster demonstrates how to do the problem through recorded messages. Initially I had to get my son started on how it works and when he needed help. But now after just 4 months of using the App, he is quite proficient and is able to figure out the problems and his mistakes very easily on his own with no help from me. He is able to complete a lot of worksheets in less time without spending the long hours he used to spend earlier with the math problems. His Thinkster teacher gets in touch with us every 2 weeks to address any concerns and if I felt more help is needed in certain areas, those corresponding worksheets would be added. Overall, I strongly believe Thinkster has helped my child a lot with his school curriculum as well. I am very happy to say that he has been accepted to the Advanced Math program next year in his school due to his improved MAP scores and his understanding of the class concepts. His MAP scores improved from winter to spring immensely, which correlates with him starting Thinkster. If your child has the interest for Math and the patience to figure out new concepts, this is definitely one to try.”

Sharmila Manoj

“Ixchel worked through most of the worksheets and they were just right. More of the same type of addition subtraction skip counting would be great. As well as whatever you see as appropriate. She is getting better at adding and subtracting and is getting word problems better. I want to build up her confidence since she has low self regard due to trauma and the death of her dad. Your program has helped her with confidence and drive.”


“I must tell you that my kids are doing very good in school. Yassin always get everything including the bonus point in his math tests in the class.Nadya was falling behind and that's why I had them in the program. But now I happy to say that since she started the program she always score in the high 90 if not 100%. So the program really works for them. Thanks.”

Sani Aboudoulaye

“I was looking for an alternative to Kumon when my daughter was in first grade and am so happy that we found Thinkster! Our four-year old son is now also doing Thinkster and we are amazed with his progress. It is not a robotized app or program. Thinkster's worksheets are customized, based on the skill level and needs of the child. Thinkster also has the added benefit of instant feedback so the child knows right away if the answer is right or wrong. I must also mention our excellent tutor, Priya, who analyzes the submitted worksheets and reassigns future worksheets based on the areas that need improvement. She helps to keep Lena and Micah on track to constantly advance their skills. Also, by talking with Priya every two weeks on the phone, I am able to keep up to date on the status of my children's progress. We have seen the benefits of Thinkster - it builds confidence in our children and challenges them to do better. I could not imagine going back to doing pages and pages of handwritten worksheets. Thinkster is an amazing program - it is well worth the money and time!!!!”

Kristin Godfrey

“This is mainly a note of thanks for once again helping my son be ahead of his class in math. Zayn (age 8) was excited to tell me today that his classroom teacher has just begun to introduce the concepts of rounding and estimation to them and, thanks to the new worksheets you gave him, he found everything in his class to be “so easy”. Most of all, he is enjoying his Thinkster exercises and finding greater relevance in them. Math is not about rote exercises or memorizing multiplication tables, but about connecting with our world. Thinkster offers a mix of both, since the basics are sometimes unavoidable, though I do prefer the more challenging or game-oriented worksheets for him. The simple (basics) must not become tedious, even though some repetition is still necessary.”

Wael Masri

“We could not be happier with Thinkster. It has surpassed all of our expectations. We were initially skeptic about the idea of an ‘online math tutor’, but after the two-week trial we were hooked! It is genuinely personalized tutoring. The Thinkster academic team is very responsive and has customized the lesson plans to meet our needs at all times. The combination of sound academic guidance with the appeal of using an iPad has been fantastic. Our son has become increasingly confident in math and thanks to Thinkster. This is one of those seldom customer experiences that is 100% positive.”

Diana P.

“When my husband and I were looking for “something” extra for our 1st grader that could put him ahead of the curve and expand on the math skills he’s already developed, we came across the Thinkster iPad application. What we like most about Thinkster is the overall return on the investment. Thinkster offers the same benefits, plus more, of those offered by a private in-home tutor or some of the largest chain tutoring services at a fraction of the cost. With Thinkster, you have access to ongoing, anytime, anywhere, tailored and personalizing learning support and feedback that is relevant and aligned to not only the learning goals in the school or your child’s class, but also the parents’ expectations. Additionally, perhaps the most valuable aspect (at least to us as parents) of Thinkster is that it allows the child to take ownership and control over their own learning and development. When using Thinkster, the student plays a vital role in helping to design their own learning experience, talking to and providing feedback to their instructor about likes, dislikes, challenges and successes. On the other hand, for our son—surprisingly—the most valuable aspect has not proven to be the rewards offered, but rather the opportunity to assess his own progress with the immediate graphing of performance data after the completion of each worksheet. At six year olds, this child is excited about identifying trends in his performance with the worksheets—areas of strength and needs for improvement, both in terms of the actual content and completion time.”

Anna Hinton

“Thinkster is Amazing! I was searching for a Math program which will make my daughter comfortable with numbers and enhance her Math skills. It is nice to see how quickly she solves every worksheet step by step and she is already doing higher grade math. Instructors are very helpful with the videos attached in every worksheet and personalized calls from them definitely adds value. I would like to mention that her report card from School has given impressive remarks on her favorite Subject. Also, it's very convenient and their Reward system really encourages kids. Thanks a ton Thinkster!!!”

Anjali Goswami

“We love Thinkster! It's an amazing product, has very good math content, and really helps my daughter learn her math skills. The Thinkster instructor's ability to personalize the learning for my daughter and keep her motivated to continue to work on her math skills on a daily basis is an asset that no other tutoring program provides. The reward cards with Target , Amazon, iTunes and others is a definite plus.”

Ramesh Srinivasan

“My kids (9 and 6 1/2) enjoy doing their math worksheets on Thinkster. It has ensured that they are regular with math practice. With my younger son, it has really helped improve his attention span and focus. By introducing points and rewards, Thinkster keeps them motivated and challenges them to reach their monthly target. The instructors are very receptive to feedback, and I have been able to customize topics and degree of difficulty for my older son, who is on a slightly advanced track. Overall, I have been happy with Thinkster.”

Sujaya Srinivasan

“We started on the Thinkster program at a time when my daughter, Sanjana, was really not doing any kind of a formal math program apart from what was taught in school. While i always wanted to enroll her in Kumon like my older daughter , I was struggling to find a time that worked. As a full time working mom and with one daughter already in high school time was at a premium for me. I could see Sanjana was bored in school and while she excels at reading and writing she was not putting in extra effort in math as they hadn't even started with multiplication. It was at that time I heard about the Thinkster program. To begin with it was being launched by people I knew and trusted, the application could be loaded on my ipad and was super user friendly. I had my daughter try out a few worksheets and we were both amazed by how simple it was. Sanjana was quickly hooked to it and looked forward to coming home from school and doing Thinkster!!! I never thought I would see that kind of a response. My instructor was very prompt and friendly and immediately sent me reports on Sanjana's worksheet , set up conferences with me and worked out a whole goal plan for my daughter. When she told me that Sanjana would know her times tables in 2 weeks I didn't quite believe it. When we spoke yesterday, Sanjana was doing her worksheets in less than 3 mins of the allotted 20 minutes!!! That to me was amazing. I can't tell you how timely and effective this program is. In a world where time is of essence not having to travel somewhere to get worksheets, having a personalized lesson plan and having the instructor call me at home with feedback is priceless. I would definitely recommend Thinkster to anyone out there looking for a math program for their children.”

Ruma Khatri