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A Thinkster online math tutor can help your child develop the discipline, rigor and grit to become a math champion!


Our online math tutors are highly-qualified and elite math teachers. They utilize data-driven and AI-based insights to accelerate learning improvements, and have helped thousands of students in 30+ countries!

Thinkster Parents and Students Love Their Dedicated Online Math Tutor!

“Thinkster has been an excellent addition to my children’s education. Everyone is professional, prompt and genuinely cares about students getting the most of their experience. Our tutor Erica is wonderful — she customizes her approach and assignments based on my kids’ two personalities. She’s a great motivator, but also holds them accountable. I would highly recommend Thinkster.”

- Liz F., Thinkster Parent

“We have found the program incredibly beneficial for our two children. Both have been able to move forward considerably within their cohort under Caroline's tutelage. Caroline is a very good tutor. She has a great rapport with the kids and is always very positive. The kids trust her to assist them. She is very responsive to any messages I send via Skype and I appreciate all her efforts.”

- Elissa T., Thinkster Parent


The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Working With A Thinkster Tutor Is Different Than Working With Any Other Online Math Tutor


Your child gets an elite, highly-qualified math tutor who is dedicated to your child and delivers highly-impactful learning experiences.

Your child always works with one math tutor, who develops a learning plan customized to your child’s learning needs. This tutor is a highly-qualified math teacher and your own private coach. Your child works with one tutor, who is fully invested in your child’s learning improvements. Plus, your child develops a rapport by interacting with the same tutor every day!

The tutor also helps your child develop a wide variety of skills — such as organizational and communication skills. This helps your child become an effective, efficient, and respectful learner and thinker.

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Your child’s math tutor is involved in your child’s learning plan and progress daily. (That means all seven days of the week!)

A half hour tutoring session with Thinkster is the equivalent of having a 1 hour session with another tutoring company. If your child shows up to a session with private math tutor, that tutor may spend the first 10 minutes figuring out what your child needs to review since their last session a week ago.

Thinkster tutors are incredibly prepared when they start sessions with their students! They are armed with data and insights into struggles your child may have had on their assignments. The very first minute your child interacts with their Thinkster tutor becomes a learning opportunity.

Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Why? Because the tutor does not need to spend time discovering what challenges your child may have had during the week. They’re already doing this every day of the week! They’ve been monitoring your child for the last six days (every day!) and bring that perspective to the one-on-one session.

Coaching Details

Your child’s math tutor is a data scientist. They utilize technology and AI-driven insights to make smart decisions about your child’s learning plan.

Your child’s tutor uses their expertise, observations, and AI-driven insights to accelerate student performance outcomes. AI tracks important data, such as time-taken and accuracy, which our tutors review and use to help when developing the next set of assignments.

The combination of data-driven insights, enabled by AI and machine-learning capabilities, and our patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART) are a powerful duo. As a data scientist, the tutor uses this information to understand more about your child’s performance.

While the tutor is the one who ultimately makes the decision on the direction of your child’s learning plan, they do use technology and data to their advantage to make smart learning plan decisions.

Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Personalized Attention from Expert Math Tutors

The tutor is dedicated to your child’s academic progress and is responsible for picking the right math worksheets, providing daily grading and feedback, and conducting 1:1 tutoring sessions.



“My favorite thing about working for Thinkster is that everything is done with purpose! We base all of our study plans off data!”.



“My favorite thing about working with Thinkster is using the personalization to assist your child's growth and success.”



“My favorite thing about working with Thinkster is the unique ability to personalize study plans around the individual student's needs.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your math tutors?

Thinkster Math tutors either have a math teaching background or math major/minor in college. They have a strong knowledge of Common Core State Standards and Singapore Math strategies.

Do we get to choose our math tutor?

Our Thinkster Advisors match your child to the math tutor based on your child’s learning goals, experiences, needs, and requested tutoring times.

What if the math tutor we are matched with is not a good fit for our family?

You can always let us know if you’re not happy with your Thinkster Math tutor or your schedules do not match well. We’re happy to assist with making any needed or requested changes! (But the truth is, less than 0.1% of parents actually request a change in a math tutor because they all love our tutors!)