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Searching for a math program that makes math enjoyable and guarantees learning improvements? We have 6 reasons why you need to try Thinkster today.

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Thinkster Math (previously known as Tabtor Math) has rapidly become the world leader in personalized, tech-based math tutoring using digital analytics, dedicated tutors, and patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART). ART allows our tutors to play back student work and give feedback specific to the mistake. By using research based intervention methods and promoting conceptual, analytical and reasoning skills using problems tied to real-life situations, the company is able to create lifelong learners.

A companion smartphone app provides parents with insights on a daily basis. Thinkster Math’s learning program provides personal attention from a dedicated tutor and is specifically tailored to every child’s unique learning needs. It offers a world-class curriculum aligned with common core, provincial, state and country standards for grades K-8. Thousands of students spanning 30+ countries have seen up to 90% improvement in math performance after just 3 months. Thinkster Math is a smart, focused new option for students who want to accelerate their progress in math. For more information, visit Hellothinkster.com.