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Find out how we transform your child’s relationship with learning. Get a taste for how beautifully we have designed the learning experience for your child - free forever!

  • Get a Free Skills Assessment & Comprehensive Report personalized for your child
  • Explore - Math Worksheets, including Word Problems & Reading Comprehension Worksheets
  • Play Math & Reading Games
  • Access to Leaderboard, Thinkster COINS for Habits & Behaviors


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League or Premier League

Great for families looking to have their children enjoy learning math (plus STEM, Reading, and more) with an approach uniquely tailored to their abilities, but do not require 1:1 tutoring.

  • Enjoy AI-supercharged math curriculum!
  • Cutting-edge content including word problems, video tutorials, and limitless math worksheets.
  • Monthly parent conference call with a math mentor to keep your child on track.
  • Free access to math and reading games & 30+ math and logic courses.
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All-Stars Coaching

Our All-Stars plans is for parents who love everything about our Premier League plan, but also want AI backed 1:1 tutoring with a dedicated math coach, homework help & test prep.

  • We deliver the exact blueprint needed to erase learning gaps, rapidly improve math grades, and help your child confidently take on challenging problems.
  • Get two coaches. One for 1:1 tutoring AND an expert group of AI Learning Lab coaches to tailor learning plans - exclusively for your Child.
  • Backed by a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back performance guarantee!
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Courses & Classes

Our courses and classes are the best for parents looking to accelerate their child’s learning via Coding & STEM Courses, Smart Study Course, High School Tutoring Packages

  • Coding, Logic, and Other STEM Classes taught by expert coaches using content.
  • Smart Study Habits taught by an expert life skills coach.
  • High School Tutoring bundles for students who need 1:1 help.
Courses range between


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