Why Our Online Math Tutors Don’t Provide Math Help the Way You Expect

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Online tutoring is a highly convenient and affordable option that has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years. 

Your child can instantly connect with a highly-qualified tutor. There’s no need to juggle your schedule or travel to another location when your child needs math help.

So why are these athletes different than their other talented teammates?

Thinkster Math has become a leader in the online math tutoring market — helping thousands of students in over thirty countries around the world! 

This is not only because of the convenience and affordability that Thinkster offers, but because our math tutors don’t provide math help the way that you expect. 

Continuity of Working with One Tutor Over a Long-Term Period 

When you hear ‘online tutor’, you might be picturing a service where you can purchase tutoring sessions on demand for your child.

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The trouble is, some online math tutoring services or brick and mortar centers like Mathnasium may not give you the ability to work with the same tutor every session. 

This is one way that Thinkster Math is different from other online tutoring models — your child works with the same tutor every day

Our learning approach combines tutoring sessions with digital assignments that your child completes independently during the week. 

Your child’s Thinkster Math tutor reviews and provides feedback on the assignments every day. This means that they are constantly and carefully monitoring your child’s performance. 

The digital assignments allow the tutor to check your child’s comprehension as they solve questions on their own. The tutor then discusses topics and strategies that your child has trouble understanding during their one-on-one coaching sessions. 

It is also the same tutor that is assigning worksheets, reviewing and grading work, and holding the tutoring sessions. This helps the tutor develop a rapport with your child. 

Your child works with their Thinkster tutor for at least the whole academic year — if not beyond! Some of our Thinkster students have been with their tutors for over three years. 

Thinkster tutor Neha Katyal shares – 

“I’ve been working with some of my students for over two years now. It’s really amazing getting to see the progress that they have made! The student, parents and I are all part of the same team, and it’s very rewarding getting to be part of the student’s journey to success.” 

Periodic Testing and Progress Monitoring to Keep Your Child on Track 

Have you asked your child’s current math tutor how they measure success and growth? 

Chances are, they likely do not have a system for monitoring performance improvements. They may point to changes in your child’s school grades as proof that your child is making progress. 

Your child’s Thinkster Math tutor ensures that you understand and are aware of all progress and learning improvements. The tutor administers periodic testing to check your child’s mastery as they work through topics and concepts. 

In fact, your child gets access to high-level reporting and data on their first day as a Thinkster student! 

We start with an initial Skills Assessment to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Shortly after your child completes the assessment, we send a detailed electronic report that explains assessment performance. The report highlights the areas where your child lacks proficiency and why they need to develop these skills for real-world application.

You can also constantly monitor your child’s progress with our Progress Matrix, weekly reports, and Parent Insights Phone App. This way you are constantly in-the-know about your child’s performance and have evidence of the success and growth they make as a Thinkster! 

If you ever have questions about your child’s progress, you can always ask the Thinkster tutor too! We encourage open communication between you and your tutor! You can email or message the tutor with any questions relating to the learning plan, progress, or if you have any specific assignment requests. 

Develop a Multitude of Skills – Not Just Math Skills! 

When it comes to math, your child’s Thinkster tutor helps with a variety of problem types. Our curriculum includes computational, analytical, and critical thinking problems across a variety of topics that your child needs to know for school and life. 

The Thinkster tutor goes beyond just helping with math and also develop your child’s communication and organizational skills.

For example, the Thinkster tutor helps your child learn to organize their mind so that they work productively and efficiently. One way that they do this is by discussing the learning plan and weekly expectations with your child. This helps your child learn how to prioritize tasks based on the amount of time they have and the effort required to complete their tasks. 

Your child also learns how to examine their own proficiencies on the Progress Matrix. Identifying or examining their own weaknesses or failures may be difficult for your child to initially do. Learning how to do so independently, though, helps them learn how to organize their time and effort on topics that need their attention the most. 

Their Thinkster Math tutor also helps develop communication skills. Since your child works with the same tutor every day, they grow comfortable talking to their tutor asking questions if they need help. 

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The way that your child interacts and communicates with others is extremely important too. Our tutors encourage your child to always speak and act with kindness, respect, and integrity. 

We strive for our students to become compassionate thinkers, which is why the tutor ensures that your child learns positive communication habits as a Thinkster!


There are many ways that Thinkster Math tutors don’t provide math help the way that you expect when you hear “online tutor”! 

Your child always works with one math tutor, who develops a learning plan customized to your child’s learning needs. You can always track progress and see your child’s growth and learning improvements.

The tutor also helps your child develop a wide variety of skills — such as organizational and communication. This helps your child become an effective, efficient, and respectful learner and thinker. 

Your child is going to love working with their Thinkster Math tutor, especially during their personal coaching sessions! You can learn more about why our math tutors are absolute rockstars


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