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Thinkster Hall of Fame

  • Without Thinkster I believe she would be below grade level

    Catherine B.

    Mother of Catelin, Grade 5
    Enrolled since 2015

    After starting Thinkster, Catelin earned distinguished marks in math on the KPrep test, placing in the top 95% of her school.

  • Carys was the only 4th grade girl in her school to obtain National Honorable Mention

    Christal A.

    Mother of Carys, Grade 3
    Enrolled since 2014

    Carys exceeded the achievement standard expected for her grade level in SBAC test and also obtained National Honorable Mention in Noetic Learning Math Contest.

  • It’s amazing what a year of Thinkster can do!

    Vi C.

    Mother of Alyssa, Grade 1
    Enrolled since 2015

    Alyssa scored higher than a 5th grader on her Star math test and obtained 100% on 2nd grade common assessment test.

Our Secret Sauce

Real Teachers + Groundbreaking AI

Thinkster is a tablet-based math learning program that combines world-class curriculum with personalization from real, experienced teachers and groundbreaking artificial intelligence. Our technology actually tracks how a child arrives at an answer, something after school “learning centers” have long overlooked.

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