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Jefferson Education Accelerator

Jefferson Education Accelerator

“We partner with only the most promising education companies and entrepreneurs. Thinkster Math’s unique approach to math education, blending human and machine, is the type of forward-thinking and game-changing innovation that we seek to support and scale.”

John Katzman

John Katzman - Founder, Princeton Review

“Thinkster is a smart, focused new option for students who want to acclerate their progress in math, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

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Thinkster Hall of Fame

  • Without Thinkster I believe she would be below grade level

    Catherine B.

    Mother of Catelin, Grade 5
    Enrolled since 2015

    After starting Thinkster, Catelin earned distinguished marks in math on the KPrep test, placing in the top 95% of her school.

  • Carys was the only 4th grade girl in her school to obtain National Honorable Mention

    Christal A.

    Mother of Carys, Grade 3
    Enrolled since 2014

    Carys exceeded the achievement standard expected for her grade level in SBAC test and also obtained National Honorable Mention in Noetic Learning Math Contest.

  • It’s amazing what a year of Thinkster can do!

    Vi C.

    Mother of Alyssa, Grade 1
    Enrolled since 2015

    Alyssa scored higher than a 5th grader on her Star math test and obtained 100% on 2nd grade common assessment test.

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Pavithra Lakshminarayan, August 20, 2014

Decimal word problems are an important part of 5th grade math.

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