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Money Back Guarantee

Students and parents in our program need to complete a set of behavior-driven activities for guaranteed results.

If, after 6 months, your child doesn’t see improvements (we periodically assess your child to measure progress), we’ll simply give you your money back. You don’t have to pay even a dime! Learn more.

See Up to 90% Improvement in Math Scores within 6 Months, Driven By:

Certified U.S. Math Tutors

Certified U.S. Math Tutors

Developing Smart Study Skills & Habit Formation

Developing Smart Study Skills & Habit Formation

AI Technology & Data Science

AI Technology & Data Science

Uniquely Tailored Learning Plans for Each Student

Uniquely Tailored Learning Plans for Each Student

World-Class Curriculum - Including Word Problems

World-Class Curriculum - Including Word Problems

Rave media reviews from

  • The new york times
  • The Wall Street Journal
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Awards, Accreditations, and Recognitions

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The New York Times The New York Times

“Thinkster brings 21st century technology efficiencies to 19th century teaching methods.”

The Wall Stree Journal The Wall Stree Journal

“A teaching coach uses it to develop a personalized learning plan... [to] help fill in the knowledge gaps in math.”

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Everyone can tell you what mistakes your child made. We tell you why and deliver guaranteed learning outcomes you can track.

Discover the only math program on the planet that offers two dedicated elite tutors to coach/monitor/provide feedback to your child daily. You also get private 1:1 tutoring sessions, plus a world-class curriculum with critical thinking, logical reasoning, and word problems.

Icon Registered Users 70,000+ Registered Users in 30+ Countries.
Icon Dedicated Tutor Every Student Gets a Dedicated Tutor.
Icon Elite tutors daily 24/7/365 Elite tutors monitor/coach your child daily 24/7/365.

Thinkster Math Tutoring Case Studies

Our Students Have Seen Incredible Performance Improvements Thanks to Our Research-Based 3 Core Principles & 7-Step Foundational Method

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We Make Happy Parents & Students

Parents, Just Like You, Have Seen How We Help Improve Math Scores and Confidence!

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Math Coaching that Makes Learning Math Less Overwhelming

You want to make the right education choice for your child, and they want to learn and gain confidence along the way. With our proven Thinkster program and math coaching app, your child can see results in as little as 12 weeks with the help of their two dedicated and expert math tutors.

So, How Do We Help Your Child Become Math Confident for Life?

100% Convenient for Parents, Guarantees Results for Students

Our Math Learning Journey

See How Our Programs Set Up Your Child for Learning Success!

We're the only math tutoring program that assigns your child Two dedicated expert math tutors to work with your child daily

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Personalized Learning
Analyzed & Macro-Tailored
Private Attention

Personalized to your child, their capability and speed of learning for each topic.

  • Our math tutors are trained math educators who build personalized learning plans for each of their students.

  • They use their knowledge of both the math curriculum and their student's strengths and weaknesses to guide students to math success.

Constantly analyze and macro-tailor content for your child

  • Use our patent-pending Active Replay Technology to playback a student’s work. Just like they would have if they were sitting next to your child and watching them complete their work.

  • Assign hyper-personalized worksheets, and periodic tests at grade and topic level.

  • Observe data such as time taken and accuracy to discover which concepts the student needs to work on next.

Get hyper-focused & insights-driven 1:1 private tutoring sessions

  • 1:1 Private 30-minute, whiteboard tutoring sessions between our tutors and your child delivers a hyper-personalized learning experience.

  • Since our tutors have been monitoring, grading and providing feedback to all the worksheets completed by your child throughout the week, they know exactly what areas your child needs help with even before the session begins.

24/7 = Daily You Get Private 1:1 Tutoring / Coaching / Feedback at Your Child’s Pace

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Students complete worksheets that come with contextual video tutorials.

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Your dedicated tutor will provide daily monitoring, grading, and feedback on your child’s completed assignments.

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1:1 30 or 60-minute tutoring sessions based on your needs.

Coaching Details
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We Create Performance-Based Custom Training

Using our AI technology and tutor insights, we create tailored learning plans based on the struggles and successes of each student.

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We Keep Math Fun and Engaging, So That Your Child Is Motivated to Learn!

They also get virtual medals and can join in a friendly competition with other Thinksters on our Leaderboard.

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Medal Report

Math Tutoring Loved by Thousands
of Students from 40+ Countries

“I highly recommend Thinkster just because of the different programs that it has to offer in terms of math. I like the variety. I love the working relationship that I have with the tutor and I am just highly satisfied with the supplemental education that it it offers for kids who have that desire to learn more in math than their actual teacher might not be giving them.”

Charissa Cromwell Charissa Cromwell

“It's just so easy to use and it helps to build [student] confidence, and it helps to build their independence… and that's that's critical.”

Desi Nesmith Desi Nesmith

“The quality of the tutor that we have been paired with… I couldn’t have interviewed and picked one better myself. Her way of working with my daughter has built her confidence back up in a way where she realizes now that she is smart in math.”

Sahra Otero Sahra Otero

"I think the biggest thing for us is that we just don't have to deal with the tears and the frustration anymore. He's just more confident, he's willing and he likes to learn... and I think Thinkster gave that to him.”

Fiona Thomas Fiona Thomas

“A very modern way to approach education."

Joshua Rundus Joshua Rundus

“I can say that Adam continuing to work with Thinkster and work on his math skills has improved his confidence and his willingness to even work at math, an area where he had struggled before joining Thinkster.”

Jenny McBrayer Jenny McBrayer

“Thinkster has made our kids perform competitively with their peers. It has also given them a lot of confidence in their abilities as math students."

Lisa Germann Lisa Germann

“The basic math of [Algebra 1] is not so hard. But when you convert that to real-life… there’s a lot of word problem type questions, that is always more challenging. I think this has done a really good job. It gives a lot of the core concepts and then it takes it a step further.”

Jennifer Dzierzak Jennifer Dzierzak

"It’s been a great situation all the way around because we have the personal connection, but then all the data and the metrics behind it."

Carolyn Adler Carolyn Adler

Everything We Do Is Based On a Foundational 7-Step Mastery & Research Focused Approach That Guarantees Results!

  • 1

    Teach Math In a Way That Will Make Your Child Remember It For Life

  • 2

    Hyper-Personalize Content for Your Child

  • 3

    Provide a Dedicated Elite Tutor to Monitor, Coach and Provide Feedback Daily

  • 4

    Achieve Mastery & Accelerate Learning By Providing Insights Into Your Child's Performance

  • 5

    Provide Timely Assistance to Help Your Child When They Solve Math Problems

  • 6

    Ensure That Your Child Remains Engaged

  • 7

    Make Learning Math Convenient

Our Approach is Rooted in Cognitive & Data Science

We Encourage Behaviors That Make Our Students

Become Awesome Learners

Icon - Keep Asking Why

Keep Asking Why

Develop the habit to ask the ”why” behind everything. This knowledge helps develop confidence.

Icon - Celebrate Failure

Celebrate Failure

Past Failures is how you measure future success. If you are not failing at anything, it most likely means you are not learning anything new.

Icon - Have Great Habits, Learn Everyday

Have Great Habits, Learn Everyday

Be consistent in practicing good habits - Do things each day. Create a routine to learn new things every day.

Icon - Develop Grit

Develop Grit

When you think that you are at the point of giving up - that is the point of getting started on an uber successful journey.

Iocn - Learn Everything

Learn About Everything

Don’t confine learning to only school subjects. Learn about all things around us – in nature. This builds enormous thinking skills.

Icon - Study Smarter

Study Smarter

It’s not always about doing things the hard way. When you study smarter – with tools, planners and logic – making remarkable progress comes easy.



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