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The New York Times The New York Times

“Thinkster brings 21st century technology efficiencies to 19th century teaching methods.”

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“A teaching coach uses it to develop a personalized learning plan... [to] help fill in the knowledge gaps in math.”

No Wonder Thousands Of Students Across The World Have Seen Up To 90% Improvement In Math Scores Within 6 Months…

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  • Boost Confidence 
  • Reduce Stress
  • Foster Curiosity
  • Help Students Develop Grit
  • Encourage Independent Thinking
  • Nurture Daily Learning Habits

Make Every Child Reach Their Potential - Without Limits!

Math & Reading Games

🚀 Unlock Faster, Fun-filled Math Mastery for Your Child

Let your child enjoy math games tailored to their learning needs while they have fun.

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Habit & Behavior Changes

Foster curiosity, grit, and daily learning habits. Boost confidence, discipline, and encourage independent thinking with our comprehensive program.

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  • Achievements

$5 Cash Reward Cards Each Month

By simply engaging in daily math exercises and adopting recommended habits, your child can earn Thinkster Coins that they can exchange for up to $5 a month in gift cards.

Gift Cards *Gift cards available from 15+ retailers. Only a sample of retailers are shown above

World-Class Curriculum

We teach easy-to-understand methods that will help your child achieve their math goals in half the time it would take with traditional methods.

Our world-class curriculum includes word problems, critical thinking and logical reasoning problems.

Pytho Theorem

Reading Comprehension

Don't let your child be just a reader. Join us in crafting a future for your child and empower them to become an informed, curious, and passionate reader, thinker and dreamer.

Reading Comprehension

35+ Math & Logic Courses

Dive into Critical Thinking, Logic & Math Courses from that don’t just teach — they transform!

  • Mathematical Fundamentals
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Logic II

AI Powered Excellence

With our AI-driven coaching, students experience a learning rate that's 3 times faster. We ensure that your child receives tailored lessons and practice sessions, suited to their unique learning needs.

Personalized Learning

Parental Peace of Mind

Stay informed of your child's progress with our Parent Insights App, ensuring you're always in the loop and can celebrate every milestone!

Parent Insights App

Recent Wins From Our Students


Kiersten learns new and more challenging material with Thinkster. She was able to raise her NWEA test scores from the 81st percentile to the 99th percentile in 6 months. That's with even taking some months off for a break!


Michael has improved his critical thinking skills - and his math scores in school have greatly improved too. He's always in the top 3 in his class!


Mia has grown so much in so many areas since becoming a Thinkster! Success in math was just the beginning. As her confidence in math has grown, so has her confidence in the rest of her studies and even in her athletics. Mia now has a 4.0 and is happily juggling academics and four sports!


Maeve's grades in math have improved so much - she regularly gets 100% on her tests! Most consequentially, she loves math now that she is more confident in her abilities, and is always excited to learn more!


Rishi completed 3 grade levels in 6 months on Thinkster! He is currently working 2 levels above his school grade level. He has made significant improvements in his logical reasoning and critical thinking skills.


Since becoming a Thinktser, Capri has consistently scored in the highest percentile in her class for math. Her confidence in school is at an all-time high!


We are incredibly impressed by Ishaani's results on the 5th Grade Math Assessment. She received a perfect score & certificate from her school for her awesome performance!


Kiran has advanced two grades and is so much more confident with his math skills!


Thinkster gives Amir the ability to explore skills above his grade level. He has amazing critical thinking skills and picks things up very quickly. He has a 4.0 GPA and scored in the 95% percentile on MAP testing.


Pranav scored in the 99th percentile in the AIG screening exam (Academically Intelligent and Gifted). He has also completed all 10 levels of Abacus mental math!

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151,171 + Parents Just Like You Have Already Taken Action

“I highly recommend Thinkster just because of the different programs that it has to offer in terms of math. I like the variety. I love the working relationship that I have with the tutor and I am just highly satisfied with the supplemental education that it it offers for kids who have that desire to learn more in math than their actual teacher might not be giving them.”

Charissa Cromwell Charissa Cromwell

Learning isn't just about learning how to solve the problems. It's actually understanding the questions and understanding the whole concept of it. And I think that's what really taught [our son] how to be a better mathematician.

Lisa Germann Julian Dulay

"I think the biggest thing for us is that we just don't have to deal with the tears and the frustration anymore. He's just more confident, he's willing and he likes to learn... and I think Thinkster gave that to him.”

Fiona Thomas Fiona Thomas

“It's just so easy to use and it helps to build [student] confidence, and it helps to build their independence… and that's that's critical.”

Desi Nesmith Desi Nesmith
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We Have Plans for Every Student

Starting from FREE to As Low As $20/Month

League Plan OR Premier League Plan

League Plan

Enjoy AI-supercharged math curriculum!

Get our full suite of cutting-edge content including word problems, video tutorials, and limitless math worksheets.

Our Premier League also gives you a monthly call with a math mentor to keep your child on track with incredible results. PLUS - get free access to math games and 30+ math and logic courses.

All-Stars Coaching Plans WITH 1:1 Private Tutoring

All-Stars Coaching Plans

Unlock your child's true potential with 1:1 personalized tutoring with expert tutors, backed by AI.

Our coaching plans are tailored to deliver the exact blueprint needed to erase learning gaps, rapidly improve math grades, and help your child confidently take on challenging problems above grade level.

All coaching plans are backed by a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back performance guarantee!

STEM Classes, Smart Study Course OR High School Tutoring

Premier League Plan Icon

Coding, Logic, and other STEM Classes using content to give bite-sized interactive learning experiences to make learning joyous for every student.

Smart Study Habits (taught by an expert life skills coach) helps students develop various study skills - like learning how to organize time to get things done consistently.

High School Tutoring bundles are for students who need 1:1 help from a dedicated math tutor to review school work, homework, or study for tests.

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