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We Create Personalized Learning Plans for All Types of Students

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Already good in math but want to accelerate and advance?

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Doing okay in math but not to their full potential?


Frustrated or struggling in math and need to become fearless?

Trusted by 150K+ Parents in 30+ Countries and the Best Media in the World

The New York Times The New York Times

“Thinkster brings 21st century technology efficiencies to 19th century teaching methods.”

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“A teaching coach uses it to develop a personalized learning plan... [to] help fill in the knowledge gaps in math.”

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We’ve Helped All Types of Students See Incredible Performance Improvements in Math

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We’ll Improve Your Child’s Math Confidence within 6 Months

Using a Smart Combination of Expert Math Tutors, Modern Technology, and Personalized Study Plans

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Personalized Support

Tailored Learning Plans for Each Student to Quickly Address Skill Gaps

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Expert Tutoring

Background Checked, Certified Math Coaches Provide 1:1 Private Math Tutoring

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World-Class Curriculum

Aligned to State Standards; Includes Word Problems + Games for Different Subjects

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Build Smart Study Skills

Students Develop Smart Study Skills, Habits and Positive Behavior Changes

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Patented AI Tech

Enhances Learning & Guided Problem Solving to Help Master Concepts in Just 15 Min a Day

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Real-Time Insights

Lightning Fast Learning with Real Time Performance Insights and Grading

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We Create Performance-Based and Personalized Math Training

Using our AI technology and tutor insights, we create tailored learning plans based on the struggles and successes of each student.

Our Learning Journey

See How Our Programs Set Up Your Child for Learning Success!

Here’s What Makes Our Math Tutors Different from Other Tutoring Companies

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  • Gabrielle Sannella
    Sahil Aneja
  • Jessica Heine
  • Johnathan Valdez
  • Michelle Arreola
  • Samantha Bumpass
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    The only learning program that gives your child two expert math tutors to work with them daily.

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    We have career tutors that are highly trained, certified, background checked/vetted, and fully invested in your child’s success.

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    Your child doesn’t work from a rotating pool of tutors or in a group of 3-5 students to one tutor. With Thinkster, your child gets a dedicated tutor child for consistency and private 1:1 tutoring.

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    Our tutors are supercharged with our patented AI, and use it and data-driven insights to help your child accelerate learning and make incredible learning improvements - fast!

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    Our tutors use their knowledge of both the math curriculum and their student's strengths and weaknesses to guide students to math success!

See Glowing Reviews from Happy Parents. With 3,000+ Math Success Stories, Your Child Can Be Next!

“I highly recommend Thinkster just because of the different programs that it has to offer in terms of math. I like the variety. I love the working relationship that I have with the tutor and I am just highly satisfied with the supplemental education that it it offers for kids who have that desire to learn more in math than their actual teacher might not be giving them.”

Charissa Cromwell Charissa Cromwell

“It's just so easy to use and it helps to build [student] confidence, and it helps to build their independence… and that's that's critical.”

Desi Nesmith Desi Nesmith

“The quality of the tutor that we have been paired with… I couldn’t have interviewed and picked one better myself. Her way of working with my daughter has built her confidence back up in a way where she realizes now that she is smart in math.”

Sahra Otero Sahra Otero

"I think the biggest thing for us is that we just don't have to deal with the tears and the frustration anymore. He's just more confident, he's willing and he likes to learn... and I think Thinkster gave that to him.”

Fiona Thomas Fiona Thomas

“A very modern way to approach education."

Joshua Rundus Joshua Rundus

“I can say that Adam continuing to work with Thinkster and work on his math skills has improved his confidence and his willingness to even work at math, an area where he had struggled before joining Thinkster.”

Jenny McBrayer Jenny McBrayer

“Thinkster has made our kids perform competitively with their peers. It has also given them a lot of confidence in their abilities as math students."

Lisa Germann Lisa Germann

“The basic math of [Algebra 1] is not so hard. But when you convert that to real-life… there’s a lot of word problem type questions, that is always more challenging. I think this has done a really good job. It gives a lot of the core concepts and then it takes it a step further.”

Jennifer Dzierzak Jennifer Dzierzak

"It’s been a great situation all the way around because we have the personal connection, but then all the data and the metrics behind it."

Carolyn Adler Carolyn Adler
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Begin Your Child's Math Journey & Start Zero $ 7-Day Trial

We Help All Types of Students and Will Personalize a Plan for Your Child that Delivers Results!

Does your child struggle in math or feel discouraged or frustrated? Does their attitude toward math lead to poor performance or grades?

Our personalized math learning plans are designed to meet your child where they are and guide them so that they improve their math skills and work towards reaching their full potential. Let's erase the tears and frustrations and ignite your child's confidence math.

Does your child struggle to reach their full potential in math? Are they an 'okay' math student, but could be an exceptional one?

Our cutting-edge AI-driven tutoring program provides the personalized support and resources your child needs to thrive at their current grade level and aim even higher.

Does your child already show proficiency in math, but you're eager for them to tackle more challenging concepts to further advance their skills?

Our innovative approach propels your child to new heights in math excellence. With personalized guidance and a focus on in-depth understanding, Thinkster empowers your child to exceed grade-level expectations.