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Thinkster Math is the only tutoring program on the planet that offers an elite Algebra 1 math tutor to coach/monitor/provide feedback to students daily.

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We Create Personalized Improvement Plans

Using groundbreaking AI and data-driven insights, a dedicated Thinkster tutor constantly analyzes and macro-tailors content for each student so they are challenged and encouraged to learn new things.

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We Create Performance-Based Custom Training Using Groundbreaking AI

Laptop Active Replay Technology
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With our state-of-the-art digital learning platform, both students and the tutor have the tools needed to reach optimal results in Algebra 1. Our patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART) tracks how students arrive at an answer. The tutor understands not just where a student makes a mistake, but why they make a mistake.

Based on student performance, the tutor customizes the learning plan and provides math help on the exact strategies and concepts students need assistance with.

Using a World-Class Curriculum To Build Strong Algebraic Thinking Skills

Our customized, research-backed Algebra 1 curriculum will help your child master Algebra concepts and gain confidence in their math skills. Our program enables students to study smarter, not harder. The curriculum doesn’t just help your child get up-to-speed, but will help them excel and exceed expectations in future high school math courses.

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We create lifelong learners by anchoring problems to real-life situations.

With Strategies That Make Learning Algebra 1 Easy

Our Algebra 1 Curriculum is aligned to Common Core State Standards and based on a deep understanding of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. We understand how deeply students must understand concepts in order to apply what they have learned in different academic and real-world situations.

Skills Assessment

Recalling Algebra facts helps forms the building blocks for higher-level math concepts. They also help students make decisions and find the break-even points in real-world situations.

Customized and comprehensive Skills Assessment Report

Students need to be able to translate a problem into mathematical statements. The ability to describe the relationship between given information/unknowns is critical for solving real-world problems.

Expert math tutor

Our problems encourage students to observe facts, assimilate and analyze information, brainstorm possible solutions, and choose the appropriate action.

Our Math Tutors Can’t Stop Raving About Our Algebra 1 Curriculum and Program!



I like the variety of topics and how every single topic is detailed and subdivided. I also like the number of questions in each worksheet. Since high schoolers are very busy, having fewer questions allows for review and helps accelerate growth and progress!



I am impressed by how intricate each question is and that topics are concise and clear. The worksheets focus on one topic instead of many topics at once. This really helps my students stay laser-focused on their work.”

Benefits Only Thinkster’s Algebra 1 Math Tutoring Program Can Offer

Never get stuck on a problem again!

We provide video tutorials on every worksheets, so that students learn faster from their mistakes.

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Only focus on what needs improving.

We create custom learning plans, so that students train in areas that they need to improve the most.

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Constantly track your progress.

We track and show progress over time, giving you the ability to track your learning improvements.

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Learning math is convenient!

Available across laptops, computers, iPads and Android tablets. Complete assignments anytime!

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Parents can monitor progress - easily!

Our Parent Insights App is available on all devices so that parents can stay in-the-know.

Make Your Child a Thinkster and Get Guaranteed Results With an Algebra 1 Math Tutor!

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Still Have Questions?

What are the qualifications of your math tutors?

Thinkster Math tutors either have a math teaching background or math major/minor in college. They have a strong knowledge of Common Core State Standards and Singapore Math strategies.

Do we get to choose our math tutor?

Our Thinkster Advisors match your child to the math tutor based on your child’s learning goals, experiences, needs, and requested tutoring times.

What if the math tutor we are matched with is not a good fit for our family?

You can always let us know if you’re not happy with your Thinkster Math tutor or your schedules do not match well. We’re happy to assist with making any needed or requested changes! (But the truth is, less than 0.1% of parents actually request a change in a math tutor because they all love our tutors!

How soon can my child start working with a dedicated math tutor?

Get started with our 7-day free trial to get matched to a dedicated math tutor! After your child completes their initial Skills Assessment, the Thinkster tutor is assigned and will reach out to you within 24 hours.