Online Math Programs: High Engagement Leads to More Learning!

Kids are naturally attracted to electronic devices like tablets and computers. It’s no surprise that using an online math program may help them learn math better!

When your child shows higher engagement and interest, they likely will learn more. Online math programs are easy to navigate and show trackable progress improvement as students demonstrate understanding.

In several recent studies, kids who used tablets or computers instead of only books demonstrated higher test scores and greater proficiency than those not using tablets.

Even babies as young as six months old learned to recognize numbers three times faster when using a tablet than with other methods.

Many schools are finding tablets or Chromebooks to be an economical solution to textbooks and curriculum. There are low-cost online math learning apps, and online textbooks are often lower-priced than paper ones.

Advantages of Online Math Programs

There are many advantages of using online math programs in and out of the classroom!

  1. Learning progresses at the student’s pace. Math apps move on to more challenging problems and content when the student shows proficiency. 
  2. Information can be repeated and reviewed as many times as necessary. This ensures the student is showing full mastery and comprehension. 
  3. Feedback is usually immediate, so your child doesn’t have wait days to find out if they answered a question correctly or incorrectly. 
  4. Students can work through concepts visually. For math concepts like spatial reasoning or geometry, being able to visualize shapes or the steps of a proof can be greatly helpful.
  5. Tablets and computers are very interactive and can provide one-on-one learning and tutoring. Hands-on learning is always better for student engagement, and online math programs provide this in a simple format that is easy to follow.
Online math programs can benefit kids in a number of ways

Improve Learning and Understanding

There may be some limits to the responsiveness some math apps offer for students who are struggling to understand a concept. The feedback given by an app (right answer, wrong answer) is sometimes not enough for students to gain mastery of a skill or concept.

This is one of the ways Thinkster Math offers a different experience than a typical math app! Your child is matched to a math tutor who tailors the learning plan and holds one-on-one interactive coaching sessions. These sessions help your child work through topics and concepts that they need more help with.

Your child gets instant scores from the app, but their math tutor also grades their work daily. This personalized feedback is given to clarify concepts students may be struggling with. As students master math concepts, they move on to more challenging work.

Thinkster Math is an online math program that can help your child excel — whether your child is struggling or eager to learn more advanced concepts! To experience it for yourself, start your 1 week free trial of Thinkster Math today!

Online Math for Kids: Increased Engagement Leads to Increased Learning
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Online Math for Kids: Increased Engagement Leads to Increased Learning
Online math programs make math fun and engaging for your child - and deliver learning program!
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Thinkster Math
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