Why Thinkster Math Tutors are Rockstars

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There are two things that make a math tutor great.

One, that they are an expert in their field. This means that they are knowledgable when it comes to the content and strategies your child is learning.

Two, they are empathetic and patient, which helps to create a respectful and positive relationship with your child.

There are many benefits to hiring a math tutor and keeping these two things in mind is a great start.

It can feel a little daunting trying to find a tutor who fits this description, as there are many tutors and tutoring programs that you can turn to.

There’s really no reason to be overwhelmed though. Thinkster Math has you covered and can match your child with a rockstar math tutor!

Our math tutors are experts in the field and work hard to develop a relationship with your child that has them making incredible learning improvements.

There are three other big reasons why our tutors are considered rockstars and loved by Thinkster Math parents.

Thinkster math tutors are completely dedicated to your child 

If you’re thinking of finding a personal tutor or enrolling in a math learning center, you should keep in mind that because of the structure of these options, your child will only see a tutor or instructor once or twice a week.

This may be a nice touchpoint, but is it enough?

Is your child going to be okay waiting days before their next visit with a tutor if they need help or feedback on their work?

What sets Thinkster Math tutors apart from other tutors is their daily involvement in your child’s learning plan.

Your child is matched to one dedicated tutor. This tutor is with them throughout the academic year and beyond!

The tutor is fully invested and committed to your child’s learning experience. They grade assignments daily and provide corrections and feedback on every assignment and incorrect question!

Not only that, but they take the time to observe your child’s learning behavior on a daily basis.

When your child’s math tutor reviews an assignment, they analyze your child’s response using our patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART).

When your child is writing, erasing, pausing to think, or viewing video tutorials on their digital Thinkster Math assignments, ART is recording that journey.

ART is an incredibly powerful tool for our tutors because they understand how your child is answering a question and why they may have answered a question incorrectly.

active replay technology thinkster

Using ART to review assignments daily allows your child’s Thinkster Math tutor to provide detailed daily feedback and customize the next set of assignments.

Your child’s tutor also provides one-on-one whiteboard tutoring sessions, which is an awesome opportunity to connect and review concepts and strategies that your child is struggling with.

The combination of reviewing digital assignments and interacting during the one-on-one sessions allows the tutor to assist and develop personal relationships as they get to know your child.

Thinkster Math parent Elissa T, shares, “We have found the program incredibly beneficial for our two children. Both have been able to move forward considerably within their cohort under Caroline’s tutelage. Caroline is a very good tutor. She has a great rapport with the kids and is always very positive. The kids trust her to assist them. She is very responsive to any messages I send via Skype and I appreciate all her efforts.”

The reassurance of one tutor working with your child means that the tutor really gets to know them as a learner, which brings us to our second reason why our tutors are rockstars.

Our math tutors care deeply and are passionately invested in your child’s learning improvements

Your child has one Thinkster Math tutor that they are paired with, which means that this tutor learns what works and what doesn’t work for your child’s learning style!

During the one-on-one tutoring sessions, the tutor also gets to know more about your child – such as their likes, dislikes, and little stories about their day. This helps the tutor bond with your child.

Thinkster Math parent, Liz F., says, “Thinkster has been an excellent addition to my children’s education. Everyone is professional, prompt and genuinely cares about students getting the most of their experience. Our tutor Erica is wonderful — she customizes her approach and assignments based on my kids’ two personalities. She’s a great motivator, but also holds them accountable. I would highly recommend Thinkster.”

The bond that your child’s Thinkster tutor develops paves the way to establishing a rapport and accountability that leads to incredible learning improvements.


Student online math tutoring program


These improvements are shared along the way with you constantly!

You can review your child’s activity through weekly email reports and through a Parent Insights Phone app. There are lots of awesome data points for you to see in the app, such as the accuracy rate and the amount of time your child takes on their assignments. You can also keep in touch with the tutor through the app.

This is something really important to Thinkster tutors because they love hearing from you and receiving updates!

Thinkster tutor, Kate Peterson says, “Receiving messages and compliments from parents sharing how much more confident their child has become in school and how they have grown as a person is really what makes being a  Thinkster coach so incredible!”

Parent and student messages help Thinkster tutors customize the learning plan, and they use different tools too in order to do so efficiently.

Our math tutors utilize technology and AI-driven insights to make smart decisions about your child’s learning

Along with their daily dedication to your child’s learning and passion for their successes, the tutor utilizes technology to deliver amazing learning outcomes.

Your child’s tutor uses their expertise, observations, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) insight tools to accelerate student performance outcomes. AI tracks important data, such as time-taken and accuracy, which our tutors review and use to help with developing the next set of assignments.

The combination of AI-enabled insights and Active Replay Technology are a powerful duo in helping the tutor understand more about your child’s performance. While the tutor is the one who ultimately makes the decision on the direction of your child’s learning plan, they do use technology and data to their advantage to make smart decisions.  

Thinkster Math provides parents with a Parent Insights App. You can view key data points, such as accuracy and time-taken on assignments, view upcoming assignments, and review completed work, comments, and feedback from the tutor.


Thinkster Math tutors work smartly and efficiently when creating learning plans, and their passion and daily commitment ensures they are delivering impactful learning experiences to each individual student!

As a recap, the three reasons why our tutors are rockstars:

  1. Thinkster math tutors are completely dedicated to your child
  2. Our math tutors care deeply and are passionately invested in your child’s learning improvements
  3. Our math tutors utilize technology and AI-driven insights to make smart decisions about your child’s learning

Ready for your child to make learning improvements in less than three months with the help of a dedicated Thinkster Math tutor?

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What is one of the most important traits you look for in a math tutor?

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