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Did you click on this blog because you pictured an adult math tutor throwing a hissy fit?

Are you thinking, “Umm… why?!”

Yeah, I don’t blame you! 

A childish temper tantrum is usually what pops into my head when I hear someone has an attitude! 

But, in actuality, attitude isn’t just hissy-fits or snobbish tendencies. The informal definition online is that attitude is, “individuality and self-confidence as manifested by behavior or appearance.”


So really, there’s a lot more to attitude and it is positive! 

This is why we say that our Thinkster Math tutors have BIG attitudes! 

To help your child get incredible performance results, our math tutors push, inspire, encourage and motivate your child to perform their best. 


A Math Tutor Figures Out What Went Wrong 

So your child bombs a test. 

There are many reasons why this could have happened. 

For your child to see actual improvements in math class, they need to first understand why they failed and what is needed to not fail again. 

Our Thinkster Math tutors don’t sugarcoat it. 

Their goal is to help your child identify why they did not perform as they should have, and hold them to high standards to improve performance. 

So, after your child bombs a test (or performs poorly on any assignment) the expert math tutor uses a socratic approach to question your child on their recent performance.

How did you prepare? 

Were you anxious when you took the test?

What concepts did you have trouble with?

Was there something you didn’t really understand? 

How many practice problems did you solve?

Did you watch video tutorials to review problem-solving strategies? 

How much time did you spend studying?

What day did you start reviewing? 

Did you review for at least 20 minutes a day for 5 days? 

Or, did you spend only 30 minutes the night before reviewing? 

What concepts did you spend time reviewing?


The list of questions goes on and on! 

If you’re picturing this to be like a skilled-detective who is rapid-firing questions at a suspect… it’s not quite like that. 

The math teacher asks questions carefully and thoughtfully to help unearth why your child didn’t perform as intended. 

Maybe your child didn’t understand particular math topics or has test-taking anxiety?

Maybe there was a mismatch between effort and performance

Or, maybe your child needs to improve their preparation, prioritization, and study techniques?

Once the math tutor helps your child identify the issue, then it’s time for them to create a game plan for a better grade, better learning, and performance outcomes. 


A Math Tutor Steers Your Child Down the Right Path 

After identifying what went wrong, the math tutor makes your child look at the issue and problem right in the eye. 

This is so that they can create a plan that leads to better performance results. 

So, did your child not perform well because they didn’t really understand a math concept or math problem?

Then they probably aren’t preparing and practicing enough. 

A Thinkster online math tutor expects the same discipline from your child that a sports coach expects from the athletes they work with. 

For your child to see learning improvements, they must put in the time and effort! The tutor sets clear expectations and goals, which are then adjusted frequently depending on your child’s performance. 

If your child completes mathematics assignments three days a week and spends only 10 minutes a day on their work… then that’s not going to cut it. 

During the next online math tutoring session, the tutor will have a discussion with your child since the time spent practicing is not yielding the desired results.

Or, perhaps the tutor‘s line of questioning reveals that your child did not understand particular math topics? Maybe they didn’t adequately prepare or prioritize their time and effort before a test?

Maybe your child shares that they had studied for 15 minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before the Friday test. 

Well, the “C-” that they received on the test reflects that they need to tweak their study habits. 

If this is the case, our math tutor will talk with your child about better time management and preparation. 

Our math tutors can help your child learn to prioritize tasks based on the effort required. They can also help your child learn how to better manage their schedule. 

These are incredibly useful organizational skills that can continue to be used in future academic and professional settings. 


Your Child’s Math Tutor Motivates Them to Perform Their Best 

positive thinking


Sometimes we all need a little nudge of encouragement…  and your child is no exception! 

While our Math tutors do push your child to perform their best, they always continue to act with kindness and empathy to truly inspire and help your child. 

 Your child will feel motivated to try their best with a Thinkster Math tutor in their corner!

This is because our tutors are extremely positive and have an enthusiastic attitude when it comes to education and math. Their kindness and attentiveness help when developing a rapport with your child.

Your child also becomes more disciplined and takes greater accountability for their learning.

Thinkster Math Tutor Neha noticed this with one of her students — 


“When I first started working with one of my middle schoolers, it took a little time to break his shell. His parents were not able to work with him and he would say, ‘I don’t know’ to a lot of questions that I asked. His attitude started to change when he realized I was persistent and wanted to help him do better in math. After he got his first A- on a test, he was much more excited to keep up the good work. He started completing more assignments and actively participating during his tutoring sessions. It was a great transformation.” 


And here’s a handwritten letter that Thinkster Math tutor Amy received from one of her students! 




Our Math Tutors Deliver an Awesome Learning Experience


All of our Thinkster Math tutors come with BIG attitudes so that they can really help improve your child’s math skills and performance! 

We make sure your child understands they must be rigorous, disciplined, and detailed with their work to become a true math champion!  

Whether it’s help with particular concepts in a math course, math homework, or test prep, an expert private tutor is ready to give your child the math help needed for substantial improvements!

Our tutors are highly qualified math teachers who go through a rigorous training period with us. This is because we want to ensure that our math tutors are the best and brightest! They must be just as excited and passionate as we are about math, teaching, and student performance. 

The experience that your family has with our math learning program is extremely important to us. You can always let us know if you’re not happy with your Thinkster Math tutor and need a rematch. (But the truth is, less than 0.1% of parents actually request a change in their private math tutor!) 

We’re honestly so confident that your child is going to LOVE their Thinkster Math tutor too! 

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