How to Make Your Child Feel Like a Math Genius without Commuting to a Math Learning Center

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Math. For some children it comes naturally, but for others it is a true struggle. Whether you have a child who simply “gets it” or one who finds math to be an ongoing struggle, you may find yourself wishing for a way to help make them feel even more confident in this vital subject. Yet commuting to a math learning center can be cumbersome and can impact your daily schedule. Here are some tips to make your child feel like a math genius right at home, with low investment of time and money.

Incorporate Math into Everyday Life

Math is part of everyday life. From your trip to the grocery store to the recipe you are cooking for dinner, math is everywhere. One way to help your child learn to love and appreciate math is to point this out.

When you are with your child and are using math, ask for help figuring out the problem. Take everyday moments and use them to embrace math more deeply, and watch as your child as they become more confident and feel like a math genius.

Play Math Games at Home

Math is a great subject for games. From simple flashcard games to commercially produced games that reinforce math concepts, you will find a range of activities and options to help you embrace math at home and give your child the confidence he or she needs.

To make math games a part of your everyday life, buy a few math games and play them together on a regular basis. Show your child that you are excited about math, and watch as his excitement and capabilities blossom. You can find math game ideas online or at your local educator’s store.

Find a Digital Tutoring Option

Why commute to a math learning center when you can bring the learning center to you? The online world provides a wealth of opportunities for children to study at home, with the help of certified teachers.

As you look for an online tutoring option, be picky. You want something that is exciting and engaging for your kids so they will want to participate. A system set up with a game-like organization, with rewards and achievement levels, will entice many children.

Also, look for a system that is tailored to your child’s ability and provides instruction at the point of learning. Finally, look for a system that uses the skills of teaching professionals to personalize your child’s learning experience.

Thinkster Math is a tablet-based math learning program that embraces all of these features. It is facilitated by certified and experienced educators who provide instruction at the point of learning, so students are able to learn while they are engaging with the program. It provides an effective alternative to a math learning center for your child, whether you have one who is struggling or one who is looking for more motivation and the chance to excel. Start your child’s free trial of Thinkster today!

Math is a crucial subject that today’s kids need to embrace and love. If you want to help your child become a math genius, you need to be active at home. You don’t have to go to a math learning center, you can be an active participant in your child’s education with these tips.

How to Make Your Child Feel Like a Math Genius without Commuting to a Math Learning Center
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How to Make Your Child Feel Like a Math Genius without Commuting to a Math Learning Center
Math geniuses aren't made at learning centers. Find out how you can make your child feel like a math genius without the commute or the time commitment.
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