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So, How Does it Work?


Your Child Starts by Taking a Skills Assessment

Imagine being able to understand what your child needs to succeed, be it compete in the math Olympiad or get help with school work. This is what we do, by quickly creating a baseline. We start with a simple Skills Assessment of your child to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

This allows you to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and gives you an idea of how well your child is likely performing at his/her peer group level.


Get a Detailed Diagnostic Report

As soon as your child completes the Skills Assessment Test, you will, within a few hours, get a detailed diagnostic report.

This is a descriptive report that allows you to get insights and understand connections to real-world problems. It identifies each area your child is proficient in and those areas where your child will need additional help. You no longer need to be in the dark, and will have a great starting point to have a specific and actionable roadmap to make your child a math champion.


The Diagnostic Report Will Give You Insights & Understand Connections to Real World Problems

Understand which topics and concepts your child needs help with. We tell you real world connections to each area that your child is strong in and those areas that they need to develop skills in.


Attend A Session Or Call With An Academic Advisor To Learn About Best Practices For Success

During a call or webinar, an Academic Advisor will answer questions and share the many benefits your child gets as a Thinkster! You will also complete a student learning goals questionnaire. This helps our advisors match your child to a dedicated math tutor.


Meet With Your Elite Math Tutor

We’ll match your child with an elite match tutor, who is dedicated to your child’s success. The tutor is your partner in your child’s academic progress and is responsible for picking the right math worksheets, grading worksheets daily, and offering 1:1 private tutoring sessions each week.

Neha Katyal
Jackie Borsum
Caroline Mukisa

You dedicated coach will -

  • help your child with any anxiety and face any fear of math your child may be having.
  • help your child Focus on specific goals - identifying and making sure that your child’s specific goals continue to remain the focus every day.
  • make your child accountable - to ensure that they are following up with your child on a regular basis to confirm that your child is getting their work done.


Get a Personalized Study Plan from Your Dedicated Tutor

Your child will continue to work on any areas that are not yet mastered. You get an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding the assignments with your dedicated tutor!

Your child will continue to work on any areas that were not mastered. You get an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding the assignments based on this test with your dedicated tutor!


You Get Unlimited Hyper-Personalized And Custom Curated Math Worksheets Tailored To Your Child’s Learning Needs By Your Dedicated Tutor

Every math worksheet is specifically crafted and curated for your child. We expect your child to complete about 10 worksheets each week. Our goal is not only to accelerate your child’s learning, but to also provide a solid foundation for achieving mastery in math.

You also get to request custom worksheets to help with school work or other specialized test prep. A separate playlist is created for you to follow-up on these as well.

Choose a Grade Below to View Sample Questions

  • Acceleration of knowledge starts the very first day you enroll. Your tutor assigns worksheets that are tailored to the specific concept areas that your child needs to improve on.
  • This ensures that your child will not get worksheets that are too easy or too difficult. They work on topic areas that are both appealing and motivating so that they continue to work on areas that they can demonstrably show improvement.
  • This really motivates your child as they can measurably see that they are consistently improving, covering new ground, and making progress - enabling them to become engaged and confident learners.
  • The added impact is that you can accelerate your child’s learning without the hassle of downloading assignments from websites and doing the tedious and laborious work yourself.

These Worksheets Are Based On a World-Class Curriculum With Computational, Analytical, Critical Thinking, And Logical Reasoning Problems

We are aligned to Common Core Standards and your child’s school curriculum. We constantly upgrade our curriculum to ensure that we can challenge our students with real world problems.

Computation Skills

5 + 3 =
8 - 5 =

We understand that students need to be fluent and understand number sense, spatial understanding of numbers. A core skill set that anchors everything we do.

Logical Reasoning

How many fruits are there in a basket if it has 3 apples, 5 oranges and 2 carrots?

Real life word problems that include distractors are a part of every skill set in our curriculum. Demonstrating what operations to use to solve problems in the presence of distractors is critical for gaining proficiency in a topic.

Analytical Reasoning

5 + = 8
8 - = 3

We believe knowing computational math or logic-based word problems is not sufficient. Our students can think on their feet and understand the relationship between operations. That, for example, addition and subtraction are inversely related?


...With Multiple Learning Strategy Videos For Each Math Worksheet to Make Learning Math Easy

With Strategies that Make Learning Math Easy

Word Problems
Spatial Sense of Numbers
Different Strategies
  • You get access to a comprehensive curriculum that includes logical reasoning, critical thinking, and word problems with distractors - right from first grade.This helps your child develop much needed critical thinking and logical reasoning skills without exclusively working on boring and repetitive math worksheets.
  • Your child develops much-needed problem-solving skills instead of only developing computational proficiency as with other tutoring programs.
  • The combination of different types of math-problem types allows your child to develop critical thinking skills.

You Also Have Ability to Request Custom Playlists and Assignments to Align with School Work and Tests

As a parent, you always need timely help so that your child is prepared and ready for a class test or any other competitive tests. You have the opportunity to ask your dedicated tutor to assign specific topic or concept related worksheets to help accelerate learning.


Including Timely Assistance With Built-in Video Tutorials in Every Practice Worksheet To Minimize Frustration At The Point Of Learning

In addition to assistance from your dedicated tutor, tutorial videos are available in every digital worksheet. The videos explain multiple strategies to solve the same exact math problem. This helps minimize frustrations that your child would otherwise experience when attempting to solve math problems.

Choose a Grade Below to View Sample Video Tutorials for Other Grades

Frustration can build easily for students if they do not get timely help. You are not always around to help your child - and students feel a ton of pressure if they do not get timely help to solve a particular problem they are struggling with. This is the reason we have video tutorials available in each and every Thinkster practice worksheet. These tutorials also teach multiple ways to solve a similar math problem, making sure that your child can pick one of the strategies that resonates with them to solve a particular problem.


As Your Child Completes Worksheets, You Get Daily Monitoring, Grading, and Feedback from Your Elite Dedicated Tutor

Once your child submits a completed worksheet, your dedicated tutor reviews and provide feedback along with helpful notes. Your dedicated tutor is available all 7 days a week to provide you concierge level assistance. After all, learning does not stop just because it’s a weekend .

Your dedicated tutor will -

  • provide daily monitoring and feedback - to watch and help your child get over trouble spots every day (this keeps your child on track with their learning)
  • create a personalized plan for your child - to achieve success and become a math champion


Groundbreaking AI And Our Patent-Pending Active Replay Technology Help Our Tutors To Hyper-Personalize Your Child’s Learning And Guarantee Improved Performance

Your child’s tutor is able to visualize the student thinking process and provide specific feedback on the questions answered incorrectly. Understanding “why” your child makes mistakes helps our tutors swiftly accelerate learning improvements.

  • Ideally, you want a tutor who watches how your child solves math problems, understands what types of mistakes they make, and provides correct approaches to solving math problems. This is how students learn fastest.
  • Well, you can still get this same level of service without hiring expensive tutors to come to your house and watch your child solve problems. With our patent-pending and powerful Active Replay Technology (ART), our tutors are able to visualize how your child solved each and every math problem, allowing them to quickly understand not only what mistakes your child made, but why they were made.
  • Our tutors focus on accelerating learning curves for every student. With technology like this, you know that you get this extraordinary benefit and the satisfaction that your child’s academic success is all but guaranteed!


Wait...You Also Get Weekly 1:1 Private Tutoring Sessions!

Students in our Gold and Platinum plans connect with their dedicated tutor for weekly whiteboard-driven tutoring sessions. They get 2 or 4 tutoring sessions per month, depending on the subscription plans you choose - with each being a one-on-one online private coaching session for 30 minutes duration.

Of course, your child’s dedicated coach will also accelerate your child’s math knowledge each week during these 1:1 private tutoring sessions. The daily grading and feedback on each worksheet submitted by your child give our tutors quick visibility on the specific challenges that your child has had in completing the assigned worksheets. This makes the tutoring sessions highly productive, as it allows our tutors to provide focused feedback to your child, thus accelerating math learning.


Plus Test Prep and Homework Help During Tutoring Sessions

You want peace of mind and no frustrations and that’s what you get with a Thinkster tutor. Be it test prep or homework help, your child has someone to work with each week. Getting timely help and enabling your child to make progress with school work and other competitive tests is critical to remove frustrations and boost your child’s confidence levels.

Thinkster was built for parents. To make life and learning easy!


You Get a Weekly Progress Report, Sent Via Email, From Your Child’s Dedicated Tutor

Keep track of specific activities that your child completes each week. The weekly report automatically summarizes the progress your child makes on math topics. Reviewing these reports helps provide flexibility to add or make changes to the personalized assignments assigned by your child’s dedicated tutor. If you want changes to be made to your requested playlist, you now have visibility to make it happen!

Gone are the days you didn’t receive assessment reports or any progress tracking to see how well your child performers and shows improvements in math. You no longer need to be in the dark. Our weekly reports allow you to monitor your child’s progress and get answers for simple questions like - how many worksheets did your child complete in the last week, how many mistakes did they make in the last week, how many points did they earn for their effort, and what are they going to learn in the next week.

Be in the know. Come to the easy way of life and learning with Thinkster!


You Get a Dynamic Mastery Progress Matrix To Help Track Your Child’s Mastery of Topics & Concepts and How Much Their Learning Accelerates

Track your child’s performance, see improvement by topics and concepts daily & weekly

Your dedicated tutor will not only send you a weekly report of your student’s progress (see below for example report), but our Dynamic Progress Matrix, available to you all the time, does all of the above and much more. It provides you a live, constantly updating report of your student’s progress over time. Get performance improvement that you can track – transparently!

and will still need to acquire competency in the immediate next weeks and months. Well, with the Dynamic Progress Matrix and a thorough and detailed Progress Report, this is EXACTLY what you get with us!

Knowing how well and how quickly your child is making progress gives both you and your child the confidence that efforts made in learning new concepts are actually translating to proficiency gains. Welcome to the world of data-driven learning with Thinkster, where every learning moment is measured and shared transparently.


We Also Provide a Parent Insights App So You Can Monitor Your Child’s Performance And Progress Daily

Now you can track performance, engage with your dedicated tutor, and understand how your child is progressing – right from your pocket!

You are a busy parent and you are used to checking the latest sports scores and news on your smartphone. You don’t wait until the next day’s newspaper is published! So, shouldn’t updates on your child’s learning be just as convenient?

Welcome to Thinkster’s Parent Insights App! In the palm of your hand, this App gives you insights and information about your child’s daily activities, allows you to review grading and feedback from your child’s dedicated tutor on completed math problems, as well as email/text/call your tutor. You can also click on any tile in the Dynamic Progress Matrix and see your child’s responses to specific questions which indicates your child is proficient or still pursuing proficiency. No need to be frustrated and in the dark all the time about how well your child is making progress in math.

It’s easy to fall in love with progress when there is trust, credibility, authenticity, and transparency. Everything is easy with Thinkster - including learning!


Your Child Gets a Leaderboard to a Have Friendly Competition With Other Students

Our students get to compare with their peers, locally and across the world with our leaderboard for some friendly competition, increased engagement and motivation.

  • An engaged and motivated student can make remarkable progress in learning in short time periods. When your child remains engaged, they do not get frustrated and remain focused on completing their work. Learning becomes automatic.
  • We use video game design and gaming elements in our learning environment to maximize student enjoyment and engagement. We do this by capturing their interest and motivating them to continue learning. We reward students for showing positive behavior and help them accelerate math learning.
  • Students earn points for showing up and doing math everyday. They earn bonus points for consistent right answers without any second attempts, streak of right answers, and double the points if they complete their last few questions in a worksheet quickly, etc.
  • We also offer a leaderboard as a motivational tool so that your child can have a friendly competition with other students at their grade level, across their state, country, or the world.


Monthly Reward Gift Card To Target, Amazon, Walmart, And More

Our students earn and exchange their reward points for a gift card. For every 1500 points, you get $1 in gift cards, up to a maximum of $5 in gift cards. We also accrue your unredeemed gifts and you can change your selection any time.

What better way to motivate a child than to see actual rewards for their effort? Students are able to earn $5 gift cards for retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Fandango and others. We know of families taking their kids out on a shopping spree to get goodies and gifts.

Children are very motivated and see a correlation between effort and reward - literally. It also teaches them the value of money as they realize what things they can buy and what to save to buy after a few months of effort. Some parents have shared with us that they double any reward their kids get from Thinkster as an added motivation.

This is the most popular feature of Thinkster among both parents and kids - without contest!


Medals To Motivate Your Child To Stay Engaged And Keep Up Their Hard Work

Children get points and gift cards as rewards, but they also receive a monthly virtual medal. These medals - bronze, silver, and gold - are given to kids for showing consistency, resiliency, focus, and acceleration of learning. You want to have your child progress from Bronze to Gold medals! Conversations around the dinner table can be around how quickly they can get a Gold medal and how long can they maintain a streak of winning Gold medals. You will begin to see a correlation between the type of medals earned and acceleration of their math knowledge. This is exactly the reason you wanted your child to do Thinkster!

Okay. Children get points, gift cards as rewards, but also actual virtual medals. These medals - bronze, silver, and gold - are given to kids for showing consistency, resiliency, focus, and acceleration of learning. You want to have your child progress from Bronze to Gold medals within Thinkster - and conversations around dinner table to be around how quickly can they get to the Gold medal performance and how long can they maintain a streak of winning Gold medals. You will begin to see a correlation between the type of medals earned and acceleration of their math knowledge. This is exactly the reason you wanted your child to do Thinkster!


Convenient Access On Computers, Laptops, And Tablets - No Commuting Required!

If downtime between driving to soccer games and piano lessons can be made as uptime, how cool would that be for you? Wish granted! You no longer need to drive anywhere for tutoring sessions. You don’t need to print worksheets for your child or hire an expensive tutor to come to your house to teach your child.

Thinkster does all of the above and more with significant convenience. Your child is never alone. Our iPad app and student web app make it very convenient to get timely help, and connected with dedicated and awesome tutors! The tutors provides daily monitoring, grading and feedback on digital worksheets that automatically get delivered to any tablet, computer or laptop you have. It's like having a Netflix-like service for learning math!

It is easy learning-on-the-go and in-the-minute convenience that makes many of our parents happy. Just talk to the ones who have their kids to complete math worksheets on the drive to piano lessons or soccer practice - you can hear effusive enthusiasm in their voices!!!

Don’t let life wait. Just download and go with Thinkster. Be a rockstar!


Recurring 30 Day Objectives Aligned With Parents To Ensure Students Meet Their Month On Month Goals

Your child only has 9 months of a school year to show an entire grade level improvement before they need to move up to a higher grade. That’s just 36 weeks! If you and your child invest time with a tutoring program, you want to make sure that learning improvement happens and can be guaranteed. We offer this guarantee exactly as you expect - because we’re parents too. We also realize that if you lose a few months with any tutoring program and do not see results, your child has to double up their effort to catch-up for lost time and focus on learning new material.

Our activity-based performance guarantee ensures that you can have peace of mind that Thinkster’s data-driven tutoring program will deliver results - guaranteed!


Man & Machine To Accelerate Learning For Your Child - Get The Power Of AI Machines With The Intelligence Of Humans

When you join Thinkster, you are looking to make sure that your child can progress in learning as many math concepts as quickly as possible - especially the ones they are expected to be good at at their grade level, at a particular month in the school year, and compared to their peers. We are barely touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your needs.

You also want to make sure that your child gains mastery, not just proficiency in each of the concepts that they are learning. Suffice to say that we can do a lot of these things much faster when we marry machine robustness (analyzing exceptions and patterns) with human intelligence and inherent ability to spot obvious trends without much effort.

The result is a very human approach to accelerating learning outcomes for each and every child in our program - and more specifically for YOUR child. Every new worksheet that is assigned to your child is hand curated (with machine recommendations behind them) to ensure maximizing engagement and learning and minimizing boredom and frustration.

These things take time of course - which is why we always recommend that your try our program for at least six months or a year. You always have our activity-based performance guarantee to back you up!

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