Quick and Simple 2nd Grade Math Worksheets for Daily Practice

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Second grade is a pivotal year in math education. Students need to master single-digit addition and subtraction within 20 at this level, because those same operations with two-digit numbers will require fluency with basic addition and subtraction. Kids in this age aren’t getting that much homework yet, but some may need extra 2nd grade math worksheets to augment their learning.

Luckily, not many second-graders are quite as jaded toward math work at home. Commercial workbooks can be a good source of additional learning, and if your child really needs critical math attention, a tablet-based, online tutoring service can provide an incredible boost. But if you are simply looking for some free 2nd grade math worksheets for daily practice, and you don’t want to go through much trouble finding them, you have some options.


The Internet is loaded with math websites offering downloadable worksheets. Here two such sites that offer second-grade math worksheets for free:

  • Homeschoolmath.net (http://www.homeschoolmath.net/worksheets/grade_2.php) offers a variety of randomly generated worksheets with every click. In other words, you can print out a worksheet, click on the link again, and get a whole new worksheet on the same topic. The variety of concepts is comprehensive—you will likely find a worksheet for whatever your second-grader might be struggling with.
  • Math Worksheet Wizard (http://mathworksheetwizard.com/secondgrade-math.html) achieves basically the same thing as the previous website: a variety of randomly generated second-grade math worksheets. This site gives you options on a range of desired numbers (for example, addition up to 20, 30, or 40) as well as offers word problems.

Math Minutes

This activity challenges kids to master a worksheet of problems before moving on to the next. You provide the worksheet, start your watch, and see how far your child can get in a minute or how quickly he or she can finish the whole worksheet. You will use the worksheet for several days in a row as the student tries to improve on previous performances, thus easing your burden on finding or creating worksheets (instead of many per week, you will need just one or two).

DIY Worksheets

If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, you can easily create your own math worksheets using the spreadsheet’s random number generator. Here’s how to make a simple addition worksheet:

  1. Click on the A1 cell.
  2. Click on the Formulas tab in the ribbon menu.
  3. Click on the Math & Trig pulldown menu and scroll to RANDBETWEEN.
  4. A dialogue box will appear, asking you for a bottom number and a top number. For this worksheet, put 0 in the “bottom” field and 10 in the “top” field.
  5. You should see a random number in the first cell. Grab the lower right-hand corner of the box and pull down to row 20 (or to however big you want the worksheet). Random number s will appear in every cell.
  6. Type ‘+ (that’s a single quote followed by the plus sign; the single quote is necessary because Excel reads a plus sign by itself as a function) in the B column; grab the lower right corner of the box again and pull down, which will copy the plus sign in every cell.
  7. Set up the same random number generator in the C column, and voila, you have instant equations.
  8. Let your child complete the worksheet on your computer, or print it out.

You can tinker with the RANDBETWEEN function to produce a range of numbers that will suit your worksheet needs.

Does your child enjoy working on 2nd grade math worksheets?

Quick and Simple 2nd Grade Math Worksheets for Daily Practice
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Quick and Simple 2nd Grade Math Worksheets for Daily Practice
Give your child some extra math practice with these DIY 2nd grade math worksheets. They are easy to create and fun to solve.
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