How to Make Kindergarten Math Worksheets More Fun!

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Is your kindergartner bringing home math worksheets to work on? When you consider the number of worksheets your child will need to complete over the years, it’s easy to see why you should consider adding an element of fun to this process. Here are some ideas that you can use to make those kindergarten math worksheets more fun!

1. Let Them Color

The great thing about kindergartners is that most of them love to color. Creating or using kindergarten math worksheets that let the kids color will keep their interest high and also get more senses involved in the process. Color-by-numbers that use the answers for the math question as the key for the coloring sheet are an excellent choice in kindergarten. Letting your child color will make the worksheet more fun, no matter how you incorporate the activity.

2. Make It a Contest

Kids strive to compete, even in kindergarten, as long as it is not too intense. Competition with oneself is ideal for kindergarten math worksheets. Keep tabs on how your child is doing on the worksheets, and challenge him to do a little better on the next one, with a reward of some sort. The contest could be to finish the worksheet faster, finish with more problems correct or finish more problems in a set time frame. Choose whatever your child responds best to.

3. Make It Digital

If you have some freedom with the worksheet, plug it into an app or computer game to give the same practice in a digital format. This will take a little more time because you will have to manually enter the values, but the end result is a child fully engaged with math and will be worth the extra time. If you don’t have a specific worksheet you have to finish, Thinkster offers an engaging, rewarding iPad based platform with digital worksheets.

4. Make It Edible

Kindergartners often rely on manipulatives to help them learn their math concepts. Why not give them a food manipulative to use? Cheerios, berries and other tasty but healthy snacks can help your child learn to add and subtract or group like-objects, which are common items found on kindergarten math worksheets, in a way that is more tangible, tasty and, most of all, fun.

Kindergarten math worksheets do not have to be a drag for your child. With a little creativity, you can incorporate some element of fun to make them more enjoyable and, ultimately, maximize the learning. Don’t forget to consider Thinkster as part of your overall learning strategy for kindergarten math. The best foundation in this first year of school will give your child the greatest potential for a lifetime love of math.

How to Make Kindergarten Math Worksheets More Fun!
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How to Make Kindergarten Math Worksheets More Fun!
Considering the number of worksheets your child will be solving over the years, it becomes imperative to add some fun into kindergarten math worksheets.
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Thinkster Math
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