How An Affordable High School Math Tutor Can Support You With Online Services During Social Distancing

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Parents and children are struggling with at home learning – whether that be difficulty figuring out the technology or having the technology at home to struggle with. Some local internet providers are sending free WiFi signals out to help students and some school districts are able to furnish laptops to a majority of kids. But there is more at risk than logistical problems for any lesson to be given remotely.

There have been immediate and clear effects of social distancing and school closures on learning –

  • Teachers have sent packets, workbooks and worksheets home for your child to complete
  • Classes moved online and conducted through Zoom or Google Hangouts
  • School activities and sports? Canceled! (Plus, certain special events – like prom and graduation – are still up in the air and even if they are conducted, will be substantially different than before Covid.)

There’s even more uncertainty when it comes to the impact social distancing has on learning and student performance.

Michael Casserly, an executive director at the Council of the Great City Schools, shared with the New York Times that “the work that will need to be done to catch children up academically and socially, is ‘huge.'”

In-school support systems and teacher assistance are no longer easily accessible for students. This causes a lot of worry and frustration – especially for students in higher grade levels that may be preparing for a standardized test to get them into the college or university of their choice.

Titilayo Aluko, a high school junior in New York, shared with the New York Times

“I actually need my teachers, who know me and understand me, to help me, and I don’t have that,” she said. “I just keep thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I might not pass.’ I’m just really scared for the future.”

High schoolers are at a crucial stage in their education roadmap. There’s little time for ‘catch-up,’ and kids still need to complete college applications and take the SAT or ACT.

Do you have a high school math child in the same boat?

Are they growing more anxious and worried about their academic future? Are you right there with them? After all, no one has been in this exact circumstance before and we don’t know what’s the best course of action – there are no recommendations to follow.

Well, there are options available for your child!

Especially for math, which is a crucial subject that your child needs to continue to perform well in – especially for strong SAT and ACT performance!

Hiring a dedicated and elite math tutor ensures your high schooler has the support they need to navigate complex math concepts and topics. We also offer test prep confidence. Plus, affordable options exist!

Find a Personal and Affordable Math Tutor 

Taking an extended leave from the classroom – without getting direct help from your instructor – can have a damaging effect on your child’s performance and, consequently, their self esteem.

Casserly told the New York Times , “Many skills build one on another… If a child misses out on some key idea, then all of a sudden, additional ideas as they’re introduced just become Greek. Will we need some kind of beginning of the year diagnostics to try and figure out just where the kids are, how much they have lost?”

The thing is, learning and life don’t stop because of social distancing. If it does, then your child’s skills are going to slip! 

Now is the time to take advantage of all the math help you can get. 

In fact, learning should never take a pause!

Okay, okay – well, what about summer?

Many kids do join learning programs or a math course or find ways to practice skills during the summer months to prevent the summer slide! According to an article from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, students lose approximately 2.6 months of math learning over the summer.

So now, with a long break before returning to in-school instruction – (potentially five months!) – students are at a higher risk of a decline in their academic skills.

This is why it’s so incredibly important that students get academic support now.

Live one-to-one tutoring sessions with a math tutor are an excellent way for students to get the support they need to understand difficult math concepts and reinforce those concepts in math homework. This interactive help keeps your child’s math skills sharp!

And if your child can work with one dedicated tutor – or math teacher – even better! Continuity is great for relationship building. Don’t you want your child to show respect and have a good rapport with their tutor?

A dedicated math tutor also helps your child make substantial progress. They work directly with your child to help teach concepts in a way that makes sense to your child. Doing so helps boost your child’s confidence as they tackle difficult math concepts!

online math tutor

There are many online math tutoring options available – so be sure to look for a service that ensures your child works with only one math tutor for all of their tutoring sessions! Be sure that the math tutor doesn’t offer cookie-cutter offerings that your student must force himself or herself into. Instead, math tutoring needs to go beyond that and tackle an individual approach.

Get a Thinkster Math Tutor: We’re Here for Your Child 

But, isn’t hiring a one-to-one online math tutor expensive?

No – not necessarily!

And not when you have a Thinkster Math tutor!

Our online math tutoring program gives your child one-to-one help and attention from a dedicated and elite tutor – at an affordable rate!

online math tutor


We match our high schoolers with one tutor, and you can schedule tutoring sessions as needed.

Want to have one tutoring session a week?

Or maybe two or three?

The choice is yours!

And the fact that you get to work with one dedicated tutor for an affordable rate – BIG bonus! Another bonus is that this is all remote – no worries about traveling outside your safezone during the current pandemic to get your child math help.

Our students have shown incredible performance improvements by working with a dedicated Thinkster tutor.


Our tutors follow our 7-step method to make students math champions!

This method has helped thousands of students around the world improve math scores in less than six months! (You can see what Thinkster parents have to share here .)

Thinkster Tutor Brittany shared more about the learning improvements one of her Algebra 1 students has shown:

“Our sessions have helped him develop a stronger understanding of Algebra concepts. While he wasn’t showing much growth with his school teacher, our sessions have helped him get a 97% in Algebra this last quarter!”

Under the tutelage of a dedicated Thinkster tutor, your child can achieve incredible performance results too! Imagine, no more disappointment for your child struggling to grasp math concepts that are beyond them – feeling hopeless with being able to master mathematics.

That’s not just in their current math class, but also in future courses and on the SAT or ACT. Doors to elite universities and colleges will open with these high academic scores and grades! Becoming a math champion helps set your child on the path to becoming highly successful in life academics and life. The confidence that comes from mastering a subject he previously thought impossible for him will yield benefits for years to come.

You can learn more about the tutoring sessions that we offer for different high school courses. Our math tutors are ready to help your child show awesome performance results!

Have a child in elementary math or middle school? We have programs to help them too! You can learn more about our math tutoring app and subscription plans.

We always match your child with one dedicated math tutor. This math tutor delivers incredible learning improvements – which you will see within 90 days.

What’s more, our math tutors send regular progress reports so you always know where your student is excelling in mathematics and where they still need additional help.

From simple mathematics to algebra to linear algebra and calculus, Thinkster can provide you with the online tutoring your child needs to grasp any math concept and begin to excel. They will experience the confidence to best any math problem they encounter and come out on top. Isn’t that what learning is all about? Building new confidence as well as skillsets that will help out in the real world? 

The way that Thinkster is set up is like having a private math tutor of your own, available on your terms. A private tutor often costs too much, leaving you wondering how you can both get your child the help they need without breaking the bank. 

Thinkster can help with any math topics your child may need help on. 

Contact us today to learn more about our tutoring service and tutoring experience. 

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