Thinkster Math Completes Acquisition of SelectQ Corporation, EdTech AI Platform

Last Updated on August 31, 2021 by Thinkster

Thinkster Math Accelerates Market Leadership in AI-Driven Hyper-personalized Delivery of Learning, Benefiting Students, Parents and Tutors  

Kendall Park, NJ (April 23, 2020): Thinkster, the leading personalized tutoring company announced today that it has acquired SelectQ Corporation, an AI-driven educational technology startup. With the acquisition, Thinkster will transform from a tutoring company to a hyper-personalized knowledge acceleration platform company that caters to any educational content. The hyper-personalization serves three different user groups – students, tutors and parents.

With the acquisition of SelectQ, Thinkster will leverage the corporation’s intensive use of Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) to deliver hyper-personalized educational content using performance metrics as well as content monetization for tutors. The platform delivers real-time data-driven learning experiences and digital benefits for students, tutors and parents.

In addition to Math, Thinkster will be adding content across grade levels, including Honors and AP Level STEM subjects, and competitive test preparations such as SAT and ACT courses. It will also expand its services to additional English-speaking regions such as the UK, India, Australia, and growth countries like Brazil. The core hyper-personalized platform provides the following offerings to its users: tailored trainings, tutor empowerment and additional parent insight. 

“With this acquisition, the potential of SelectQ’s robust and scalable AI & NLG platform can be fully realized to improve the education offered today and broaden its use for the benefit of students worldwide,” said Ramesh Panuganty, founder of SelectQ. “We started the company with the aim to deliver hyper-personalized learning and make it accessible across the wide spectrum of education”. Ramesh will be joining the Board of Directors of Thinkster.

Through a more tailored approach, students will get customized training and quizzes on any subject that challenge and improve their learning levels. The technology curates personalized questions, answer explanations and learning plans according to each student’s capability. It analyzes their way of answering, identifies their strengths and weaknesses and creates personalized improvement plans. It helps improve performance with personalization, instead of using canned user content adopted by the traditional tutoring methods.

Tutors will be empowered to deliver high-quality learning experiences using their own content or using other tutor’s content, curated and available through the Thinkster platform. After they upload their content on the platform, it gets scanned, curated and structured to ensure personalized learning. The platform helps in content monetization, delivers insights on the student usage, and provides visibility on where and why the students commit mistakes.

With data-driven insights, parents will be able to access granular views of their child’s real-time progress, along with personalized improvement plans to focus on their child’s areas of improvement. With guaranteed results, parents no longer have to go through the frustrations of subscribing learning programs that may or may not deliver results. 

With their combined capabilities, Thinkster and SelectQ aim to displace traditional brick and mortar tutoring companies, and become the world’s largest content aggregator and deliver hyper-personalized digital learning experiences with auditable and guaranteed results. Taking the AI-as-a-Service approach, Thinkster’s repurposable framework enables it to deliver any content on the platform and uses AI/ML frameworks to accelerate learning. With the newly acquired cutting-edge capabilities Thinkster sees a tremendous global growth opportunity. 

“Combining AI with the human intelligence of tutors, our offering brings the best tutors, data-driven insights, and content to students to improve their learning, to enhance their analytical skills and to build a strong foundation – all at affordable price points,” said Raj Valli, CEO of Thinkster. 

About SelectQ:

SelectQ is a Silicon Valley start-up founded in 2017. With its AI-driven educational technology platform, SelectQ offers quizzes and performance-based training for SATs, tailored to the needs and understanding levels of each student. It analyzes the way each student answers the tests and identifies their strong and weak subjects or concepts. With customized improvement plans, students can concentrate on their areas of improvement, take tests with complexity levels that challenge their capabilities and train to learn concepts better and faster. SelectQ’s platform also empowers digitizing the educational content, for catering the usage across different mobile or desktop devices without adding any burden to the content creator. For more information, please visit

About Thinkster:

Thinkster is the world leader in AI-driven Math tutoring for Kindergarten to 8th grade. Based in New Jersey, Thinkster is disrupting the highly fragmented and retail-focused tutoring businesses. It combines the power of elite human tutors with a world-class curriculum and amazing AI and data-driven approach that is hyper-personalized for each student. With awesome reviews by The New York Times, Apple, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Forbes, Fast Company and many more, Thinkster has thousands of students from over 30+ countries with really sticky customers. More information, please visit

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