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You want to make the right education choice for your child, and they want to learn and gain confidence along the way. With Thinkster, we offer elite and expert tutors and coaches along with a math tutor app, so your child can see results in as little as 10 weeks.


Your Child Starts by Taking a Skills Assessment

Imagine being able to understand what your child needs to succeed, be it compete in the math Olympiad or get help with school work. This is what we do, by quickly creating a baseline. We start with a simple Skills Assessment of your child to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Skills Assessment

Attend a Session or Call with an Academic Advisor to Learn About Best Practices for Success

During a call or webinar, an Academic Advisor will answer questions and share the many benefits your child gets as a Thinkster! You will also complete a student learning goals questionnaire. This helps our advisors match your child to a dedicated math tutor.

Progress Matrix

Meet With Your Elite Math Tutor

We’ll match your child with an elite math coach, who is dedicated to your child’s success. She is your partner in your child’s academic progress and is responsible for picking the right math worksheets, grading them daily as well as offer 1:1 tutoring sessions each week.

Neha Katyal
Neha Katyal
Jackie Borsum
Jackie Borsum
Caroline Mukisa
Caroline Mukisa

Homework Help & Test Prep

Our expert math tutors are available to help your child with their homework problems. Our comprehensive test prep program ensures your child achieves better grades with greater confidence.


Your Child Gets Assigned Custom Curated Math Worksheets

Every math worksheet is specifically crafted and curated for your child. We expect your child to complete about 10 worksheets each week. Our goal is not only to accelerate your child’s learning but also provide a solid foundation for achieving mastery in math.

Oh, you also get to request custom worksheets to help with school work or other specialized test prep. A separate playlist is created for you to follow-up on these as well.

Choose a Grade Below to View Sample Questions


Child Receives Daily Grading & Feedback from your Elite & Dedicated Tutor

Once your child submits a completed worksheet, our teachers will review and provide feedback along with helpful notes. Your dedicated teacher is available all 7 days a week to provide you concierge level assistance. After all, learning does not stop just because it’s a weekend ☺.

Worksheet Summary

Groundbreaking AI Allows Our Tutors to Guarantee Improved Student Performance

Your child’s coach is able to visualize student thinking process and provide specific feedback on the questions answered incorrectly. Understanding “why” your child makes mistakes helps our teachers swiftly accelerate their learning.

Active Replay Technology

All Math Assignments are Backed by Strong World-Class Curriculum

We are aligned to the Common Core Standards as well as to your child’s school curriculum. We constantly upgrade our curriculum to ensure that we can challenge our students with real world problems.

Curriculum Topics

With Strategies that Make Learning Math Easy


Word Problems


Spatial Sense of Numbers


Different Strategies


As Plus You Get Weekly 1:1 Tutoring, Incl. School Homework, Test Prep Help

Students in Gold and Platinum plans connect with their dedicated coach for weekly whiteboard-drive tutoring sessions. They get 1:1 tutoring to review Thinkster assignments or get help with classwork or school homework or to help prepare for any upcoming competitive tests.

One on One Tutoring

And Timely Assistance with Video Tutorials

In addition to assistance from your dedicated tutor, tutorial videos are available for each worksheet. They explain multiple strategies to solve the same exact math problem, and minimize frustrations that your child would otherwise experience when they attempt to solve math problems.

Choose a Grade Below to View Sample Video Tutorials for Other Grades

Our extensive library of tutorial videos is always available to you and your child to browse through our collection by topic and concept name. It gives your child quick access to videos to help with Thinkster assignments, school homework, and test prep.


We Want You to Trust Us with Performance Improvement, But Verify for Yourself

Track your child’s performance, see improvement by topics and concepts daily & weekly

Your dedicated tutor will not only send you a weekly report of your student’s progress (see below for example report), but our Dynamic Progress Matrix, available to you all the time, does all of the above and much more. It provides you a live, constantly updating report of your student’s progress over time. Get performance improvement that you can track – transparently!

Dynamic Progress Matrix

Progress Matrix

Weekly Report Sent via Email

Progress Report

We Know You Are Busy - So We Built a Parent Insights App

Now you can track performance, engage with your dedicated tutor, and understand how your child is progressing – right from your pocket!

Activity Activity

A summary of your child’s recent activity, detailed stats, your tutor’s comments and more.

Tutor Coach

Parents can see comments the tutor left, send them questions, and even schedule next conference.

Progress Progress

Track student progress in each math topic. View details about student’s worksheets, time spent, and accuracy.

Worksheets Worksheets

Parents can examine the math worksheets student completed to see where they struggled or excelled.


We Made Learning Math Rewarding

Between our leaderboards and gift cards, we give your child all the motivation they need.

Our students earn and exchange their reward points for a gift card. For every 1500 points, you get $1 in gift cards, up to a maximum of $5 in gift cards. We also accrue your unredeemed gifts and you can change your selection any time.

Gift Cards

Our Students get to Compare with Their Peers Locally & Across the World with Our Leaderboard for Some Friendly Competition.


And did you know that Thinkster works without Wi-Fi. Just download our math worksheets and you'll be good to go!