6 Signs Your Child Needs Math Tutoring Even If They’re Doing Well in School

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Does your child need math tutoring?

Believe it or not, sometimes it’s difficult to tell.

Many parents believe that their child only needs tutoring if they’re struggling in school, but it has become common-place for students of all different skill levels to get tutoring help.

At-home tutors cost an average of $20 an hour, which may make some parents a little hesitant. But any amount of money paid should be thought of as an investment in your child’s future.

We’ll go over some of the top reasons why it’s time for you to consider hiring a math tutor for your child.

1. Your Child is Often Frustrated with His or Her Math Homework

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Even if your child is able to figure out the answers to a math problem, one thing to look for is their level of frustration when doing their homework. How long did it take them to complete it? Were they vocal in saying they didn’t understand it?

If homework time becomes a long, frustrating, and drawn-out affair, it may be time for a tutor.

Frustration is often a result of not having mastered basic foundations, which will cause your student to struggle on a topic or lesson that becomes more challenging. Perhaps your child understands some of the concepts, but they start facing difficulty when required to perform more advanced skills.

In school, your child’s math class moves on to the next topic, regardless if all of the students have mastered what is being taught. It may be difficult for the math teacher to alter the lesson or take time during class to review challenging concepts. Look out for signs of serious frustration, because it might mean your child has not comprehended and mastered what was taught in the classroom.

2. Your Child’s Grades are Slipping

Grades can slip without moving to a point of extreme concern. For example, your child who previously excelled in math, earning mostly A+’s on his or her assignments, may start to earn A-‘s or slip to B+’s. This may not seem like too big of a drop or a big problem. After all, your child may still be excelling and performing better than some of his or her peers.

While that may be true, if your child’s grades are slipping, they may start losing confidence and can be set on this pattern for the rest of his or her school career. His or her grades may continue to slip until it is at an alarming point.

You should act on it before their grades slip too far. Getting your child math help when he or she is still making decent grades is far easier than pulling up a failing grade to passing.

3. Math Tutoring is Essential When Your Child Starts to Lack Enthusiasm for Math

Okay, we get it. Not every child is going to be a cheerleader for every subject in school, and not every child is going to love every subject they take. But, if your child once loved mathematics and doesn’t anymore, it may be time to check in and see what’s going on.

Losing enthusiasm for mathematics may mean that he or she is struggling with topics they are learning in school. Therefore, it just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

If this is the case, getting a private tutor can definitely help remedy the problem. During a tutoring session, the tutor will work with your child to understand concepts and present the strategies in a fun and interesting way to help inspire their love of math again.

4. Your Child Isn’t as Confident in Math

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If your child is finding math concepts more confusing, they may be losing confidence in the classroom.

It may be time to look into tutoring if your former math-superstar child starts saying things like, “I’m just not good at math.”

If you know your child is actually good at mathematics but now lacks the confidence in themselves, it is time to look into professional help.

5. You’re Not Around As Much as You Used to Be

Sometimes circumstances change in life and parents can’t be with their children as much as they used to be. Whether it be a change in job or relationship status, sometimes parents have tricky schedules and aren’t able to provide homework or school support for their child.

This is not something to be ashamed of, and hiring a tutor can help you feel less stressed as you move into a new role or life stage. A math tutor can ensure that your child keeps his or her grades at the same level they once were.

6. Your Child Asks for One

Not every child is straightforward and will ask their parents for a tutor. In fact, some kids may fight their parents tooth and nail to avoid seeing a tutor!

But, sometimes a child can recognize when he or she needs additional help and support. If your child is that intuitive and expresses that they want a tutor, then it is important to listen to their requests and start looking for math tutoring help.

Hiring a Math Tutor

Math tutoring comes in many forms these days. Tutoring support is not limited to hiring a local high school or college student to sit with your child at home or in the library.

While that model may work for some, many parents and students are eager for a more interactive and convenient approach that allows them to get math tutoring support on a daily basis.

At Thinkster Math, we offer online math tutoring to help your child build solid foundations and improve their math skills and grades. If you’re considering trying an online tutor, but aren’t sold on the idea yet, check out some of our fun math activities to do with your child right now.

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