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Only just over 25% of American children achieved standard proficiency levels in mathematics.

If your child struggles with math, you know firsthand how frustrating for both you and a young student these problems can be. At first, perhaps you thought that you could help your child on your own.

But you simply don’t have the time, the grasp of the concepts, and sometimes even the patience so often required to be truly helpful.

So, what’s the solution?

Hiring a math tutor.

But why is giving your child the gift of math tutoring such a good idea?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. They’ll Become More Confident

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in a math learning program, the biggest benefit that you’ll see is a boost in their confidence.

While one tiny mistake in math or a low test score might not seem like a big deal to you? There’s lots of pressure to get into the right schools, the highest classes, and more.

We certainly all make mistakes, but if your child finds that they make a lot in math classes?

This will make your student more hesitant to speak up, ask questions, and ask the teacher for help if they need it.

We know that this isn’t what you want for your student.

Not only will getting help make math fun for your child, but it will also make them more confident in their own abilities to learn.

This is an excellent foundation for the learning they’ll do in the future.

2. They’ll Get One-On-One Attention

Whether you’re interested in an in-person math tutor or math tutors online, another huge benefit that your child will enjoy is the one-on-one attention they’ll receive.

While teachers likely don’t mean to neglect your child, they have to keep with the pace of their lesson plans. They also have lots of other students to manage. Even if your child sees their math teacher for extra help, it still may not be enough to help them get better at math.

Plus, it can be tough for a teacher to identify the specific concept that your child doesn’t understand. This is especially true if your child is on the shy side.

A math tutor will be able to quickly identify problems, build your child’s skill set, and even talk with you about the ways in which you can reinforce these concepts at home.

Together, you’ll both work to improve your child’s grades.

And speaking of improving your child’s math grades…

3. They’ll Boost Test Scores

We all know that lowered test scores indicate either a lack of understanding or a lack of motivation to study.

If you hire a math tutor, they’ll be able to help your child with both of these issues.

In fact, our students have seen a 90% improvement in test scores within three months.

The tutor will work with your child to ensure that they’re getting taught concepts in accordance with their individual learning style.

Over time, your child’s test and quiz scores will improve. This won’t get help get their GPA up. It’s also essential when it comes to preparing your child for larger and even more important standardized tests in the future.

4. They Can Ease a Transition

If your child is changing schools or if you suddenly have to move, then you know that the transition can be tough on a young person.

While of course, the social pressures of being “the new kid” in school can be difficult to deal with?

You also need to think about how this transition might be hard on your child academically. Hiring a math tutor can help them to catch up to and understand concepts that their old school may not have taught them yet.

It will ensure that your child starts off their time at a new school on the right foot.

5. They’ll Ensure Your Child Continues to Develop Skills on Breaks

We all love summer vacations and lengthy spring and winter breaks.

The only downside to them?

It can be fairly easy for your child to lose the skills that they’ve developed in the past school year or within the past semester.

Luckily, a math tutor can work with your child to ensure that even difficult concepts stay in their minds. Especially if you know your child is likely to struggle in the new year, math tutoring can even give them a leg up on the upcoming curriculum.

Plus, through reinforcement, your student will be able to recall skills much more quickly. Their mental math skills and memories of complicated formulas will also improve.

Ready to Hire a Math Tutor for the Student in Your Life?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand just a few of the many benefits of hiring a math tutor for your child.

In addition to helping them to build their confidence and boost their test scores, a tutor will ensure that your child gets the one-on-one attention that they deserve.

Of course, you also have to find the right tutor for your child!

That’s where we come in.

If you’re looking for online math tutoring to help your child, you can try Thinkster risk-free.

Thinkster provides a full-fledged online tutoring platform (driven by AI, behavioral, and data science), as well as supplemental math worksheetsmath homework helptest prep, and more. Our Parent Insights App allows you to monitor your student‘s work and learning improvements at any time.

An elite, expert math tutor and online teaching system work together to help your student go beyond just learning math – we want them to master it.

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