4 Reasons Why Math Learning Centers Are Out & Math Learning Apps Are In

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When your child’s teacher tells you that she is struggling in math, what can you do? You may think that your only option is tutoring at a math learning center, but a new, modern alternative exists. With math learning apps, you can bring the tutoring home and ensure that your child is motivated and engaged while improving her math skills.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider math learning apps over math learning centers:

1. Learning Apps Go With You

Taking your child to a math learning center requires a time commitment. The hour or more that you spend at the center during each visit, plus the time you spend commuting, can become a huge drain on your busy schedule.

Math learning apps, on the other hand, can go with you wherever you are. Your child can practice math while you drive to soccer practice or relax at home or even wait for your food at a restaurant. This is convenient and ensures adequate learn. Also, instead of engaging only once or twice a week, you can ensure that your child is working on math every day.

2. Math Learning Apps Offer Better Quality of Instruction

When you take your child to a learning center, your child gets one, maybe two, tutors. These may or may not be certified teachers. With math learning apps, your child gets to learn with the help of qualified, certified instructors. The creators of learning apps employ the best educators in their fields in order to provide you and your child with an exceptional learning opportunity.

3. Instruction at the Point of Learning

One key that makes learning apps more effective than traditional instruction is a principle called instruction at the point of learning. This means providing students with instruction and feedback at the point where they are learning the material, rather than handing them a worksheet and then correcting the work at a later time. With instruction at the point of learning, powered by iPad technology, your child is given the necessary instruction exactly when it is needed. They are redirected when they make mistakes, so they learn quickly, rather than just seeing the right answer after the mistake is corrected.

4. Apps Are More Motivating

Kids are drawn to tablets and digital games. In this way, apps motivate and engage your child. They make learning fun instead of making children feel like they “have a tutor” or are “going to school.”

Choosing the Right App

To make the app motivating for your child, choose the right one. You want an app that has game-like play, so kids are rewarded for their responses and their success. You also want one that has personalized instruction, rather than just the same questions for every user. This will ensure that your money and time is well spent.

Remember, if your child is struggling with math, you need to find a way to motivate him while also ensuring that learning is taking place, all without impacting your schedule. Math learning apps do just that. Thinkster Math is an excellent tablet-based learning app that uses instruction at the point of learning from qualified, certified teachers. Visit Thinkster Math to learn more about the app and how it can make a difference in your child’s learning.

4 Reasons Why Math Learning Centers Are Out & Math Learning Apps Are In
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4 Reasons Why Math Learning Centers Are Out & Math Learning Apps Are In
Math learning apps are convenient, fun and engaging. But there's more to them than meets the eye. Find out why you should consider them over learning centers.
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