Accelerate Your Child’s Math Skills Overnight with These Mind-Blowing Secrets!

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In my quest to create a failure-proof system for learning math, I discovered 3 core principles that shorten learning curves, dissolve frustration, explode grades, and quickly help turn kids into math pros. These principles can help your child go from bombing math to performing above their grade level too!

Here they are:

Principle #1: Leverage Technology to Improve Math Skills

When COVID hit and classes went online, we quickly saw that technology could be used to reinvent the classroom… But many parents and teachers worried that there was now too much “online” and not enough actual learning…

But this doesn’t mean that technology has no place in the classroom. It means we need to find the most powerful uses for technology for optimizing education and accelerating learning.

Technology is a powerhouse when it comes to helping children improve their math abilities and grades. This is especially evident in supplemental math programs that have worked to innovate teaching and learning to be able to satisfy and delight parents and students. What if your child had access to “the Netflix of math tutoring” and could log on for help with math for whichever topic they need, from anywhere, on any device? That’s what technology can help us do!

But there’s more. With advancements in AI and machine learning, AI can be built into that platform, sifting through millions of data points on your child’s progress and performance to determine precisely what they need help with and how best to help them, moment by moment. This skill of “pattern recognition” is absolutely unmatched by humans.

But what do we do with the insights obtained from the data? We can give them to humans, like tutors or teachers, who can use this data to give the child hyper-targeted help. This speeds up learning because the tutor or teacher doesn’t have to spend time watching the child work and trying to figure out where they’re stuck – the AI tells them!

And technology like Thinkster’s patent-pending Active Replay Technology lets a tutor watch a playback of your child’s work to see how they went about it and where they need help, giving them even more insight into precisely what your child needs. This can mean that a child needs less time with the tutor, and that means faster results and cost savings for you!

2. Make Learning Hyper-Personalized

If you want to supercharge the pace of learning and fuel results fast, learning must be hyper-personalized. That means we give children exactly the help they need when they need it. A one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do.

For this to be possible, we almost need to see inside your child’s brain so we know precisely what they need. We do this by getting what I call a “brain blueprint.” With an expertly designed math skills assessment, we can identify with precision what skills your child has mastered and what they need to learn. Then we can build a hyper-personalized learning plan that targets each one of the skills they need to learn one by one.

If you went to the doctor for help, you’d expect a treatment plan prepared specifically for you, wouldn’t you? Of course! You wouldn’t take someone else’s treatment plan because it wouldn’t be based on an understanding of what YOU need. And learning math is no different.

Now, as the child progresses, learning must continue to be hyper-personalized. This means the learning program must be adaptive; It must continue to adapt to the child’s performance and progress, focusing on precisely what they need at each step of the way.

And this is now possible thanks to technology.

Principle #3: Successful Students Study Smarter, Not Harder

Real straight-A students don’t study harder, they study smarter. Countless studies have shown that straight-A students across the country consistently have these 5 key habits nailed down to a science:

  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Prioritization
  • Organizational skills
  • Effective studying

These habits help students:

  • Clarify objectives so the time they spend is hyper-targeted on the right things.
  • Organize their efforts to solve problems so they focus on the right things in the right order.
  • Spend their time efficiently, devoting more time to what needs it most and less time to what doesn’t.
  • Develop more effective learning techniques.

And multiple studies have shown that mastery of these habits massively improves learning curves!

Now, there’s a reason kids don’t master these habits naturally.

Studies have proven that these habits are actually hard work! In other words, IT’S ACTUALLY EASIER NOT TO USE THEM!

But in the long term, the payoff is huge!

So where do children learn these skills? In school, we expect students to learn, but did they ever learn how to learn? It surprises me to this day that no school teaches that!

Since we don’t teach children how to learn and we don’t help them build the 5 key habits that accelerate learning…

They spend their time learning the hard way, wasting time and effort!

And we are surprised when we don’t see impressive performance…

To fuel learning, we need to do more than teach a subject like math. We need to help children develop these 5 smart study habits so they become efficient and effective learners who keep getting better and better with time.

What Happens When We Combine These 3 Principles Into One Program?

When we combine these three principles into one program, we get explosive results. Because children have access to a digital platform with a world-class curriculum that’s like “the Netflix of learning math,” they can learn independently, when it’s convenient for them and their families. AI hyper-personalizes content day by day so your child works on the exact math skills they need to learn and gets precisely the help they need, each step of the way. Their frustration dissolves, their grades start to improve, and their confidence starts to surge!

Plus, AI and Active Replay Technology equip our tutors with high-impact insights that enable them to offer ultra-precision lessons that give your child the specific assistance they need to improve session by session. And this accelerates results even more.

When children learn the 5 Key Success Habits, they’re able to study smarter, get more of the right things done in less time, and even start to see their performance and grades in other subjects improve. They start to master the skills to be lifelong problem solvers and achievers, ready to take on the challenges of school, their future careers, and life.

And this is precisely what the Thinkster Math program promises!

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