Summer Math Enrichment Activities Your Child Can Do in the Backyard

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The end of summer is approaching fast. Are your kids ready to go back to school? How much math have they lost over the summer months? If you have been less than diligent with your kid’s summer math enrichment, take heart – there is still time. Here are some simple ideas you can use to get kids going with math again, all without leaving your backyard.

Water Balloon Math Games

Water plus balloons means instant fun in the summer time. Why not capitalize on your children’s interest in these games by offering Summer math enrichment along with popular games? It’s easy to do.

One simple game to try involves hula hoops, number cards, and balloons. Space four hula hoops in a central location in your yard. Make large 8 x 11 number cards with one number on each, and slide them into page protectors. Place one number card in each hula hoop.

Next, fill the water balloons and write equations on them that add up to the numbers in the hula hoops. Your kids will grab a balloon, read the equation and toss it into the appropriate hula hoop. So, if the balloon reads “3 x 5,” then it would get tossed into the hula hoop with the “15” number card. You can adjust this to handle just about any math facts your kids need to work on.

Doubles Plus Fun

Create a 4 x 4 number grid on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk. Fill in the grid with the answers to popular “doubles,” like 3 x 3 or 3 + 3 that you want your child to work on. Make flash cards with these equations, and draw a card. Instruct your child to say the equation out loud and jump on the answer while saying the answer. This gets multiple senses involved and helps your child to have fun while reinforcing important math facts.

Math Enrichment with Balls

Even the simplest math facts can be lost over the summer, including skills like counting by 2’s or 5’s. Ensure that your child does not lose these valuable skills by reinforcing them during normal outside play. If you have a ball, you have a great tool for Summer math enrichment. Start tossing it back and forth and counting in a pattern as you do.

If you have a beach ball, you can use it for Summer math enrichment. Write facts you want to reinforce on each color of the ball with a dry erase marker. Toss the ball back and forth, and have each player state the answer to the fact that is near their left thumb. Write new problems once you feel they have been learned well.

Tablet-Based Tutoring

Today’s children are engaged with digital devices. Why not take advantage of this fact by offering a tablet-based tutoring for Summer math enrichment this summer? You can send your child outdoors armed with his iPad and a tutoring program. He will enjoy some fresh air while also getting qualified instruction from professional tutors, all without the need to head to a math learning center.

When choosing a tablet-based program, look for one that offers instruction from qualified teachers. Consider whether the program offers game-like play, so kids are interested in participating. Finally, choose a program, like Thinkster Math, that gives you updates about your child’s progress, so you are never left in the dark about how your child is doing.

Don’t let these last days of summer pass you by without reinforcing valuable math skills with your kids. With these ideas, you can work math enrichment into your normal backyard playtime!

Summer Math Enrichment Activities Your Child Can Complete in the Backyard
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Summer Math Enrichment Activities Your Child Can Complete in the Backyard
Staying indoors during summer seems like such a waste of good weather. Combine being outdoors and math enrichment with these fun activities.
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