How to Master 3rd Grade Division Using Free Math Worksheets

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Third-grade is an important year in math development as children expand their understanding of multiplication by exploring division. As they delve further into their comprehension of dividing numbers, students will get into fractions and eventually work with numbers in the hundreds. Math worksheets can help in this crucial time students need to thoroughly understand the process for each math problem. Using the right worksheets, you can drill down to the core of these concepts and help solidify the student’s understanding of third-grade math.

Third-grade students are expected to take the foundational math skills learned in the second grade and start building on these basics. It is a time where students will practice more difficult math problems until they master them. This rigor in third grade, of course, prepares them to take on even more complex math as they move into the fourth grade and beyond.

Math worksheets can provide an added layer of practice and experience for students – whether they are falling behind or just want to stay ahead of the curve –  by reinforcing math concepts and helping students move from memorizing to genuinely understanding their math curriculum.

What Students Learn in Third Grade Math

As students transition into third grade, they are expected to take the foundation of multiplication problems they have been learning and expand upon this by adding in division problems. They begin to understand the relationship between multiplication and division and how to multiply and divide numbers up to 100. At some point, fractions are also introduced.

But division can be a difficult subject for third-grade students to master, especially as the numbers get larger.

With larger numbers and more difficult equations, it becomes more critical for students to comprehend the division process truly.

Memorization is unreliable because there are too many numbers to keep up with and our memory can be faulty.

By finding the right type of quality math worksheets to help your child with division, you can give them an extra boost in their math knowledge, increasing their confidence in their math abilities and in themselves.

Math worksheets can be beneficial to your student’s math success because:

The Old Adage is True: Practice Makes Perfect

Math worksheets are an excellent way for your student to get extra math practice, especially as understanding and solving division problems becomes more important. Their in-class lessons and math homework may not be enough to help them master the concepts and feel comfortable using them daily.

The best way to learn a topic, rather than just memorizing it, is repetition by solving similar division problems to get familiar with the concepts that the student has learned.
Math worksheets allow students to practice new division problems as many times as needed. They don’t have to move on to other topics until the process sinks in. With the abundance of worksheets on the internet, students can complete as many worksheets as necessary until they feel comfortable with the concepts around division.

Plus, Thinkster students get the added benefit of a dedicated tutor that can walk through their solutions right away. No more waiting until class tomorrow to get feedback! The technology in our tutoring app records students thinking and the methods they use to solve math problems while working through their online math worksheets. This helps students, their parents and their tutors understand how they found a solution and what can be improved.

The Answers Are Already Available
To help save time, you’ll want to find math worksheets that include an answer key. With the correct answers available for each math problem within each math worksheet, your student can see their progress immediately without having to search for the answer.

This provides them with timely feedback right away and helps reduce frustration.
And you won’t be the one responsible for providing the answers – unless you want to of course.

We’ll touch on this more below, but just be sure that you get your math worksheets – and the answers – from a reputable source that you trust.  

Online math tutoring programs, such as Thinkster, go one more step by providing video tutorials for all of our math worksheets. These videos offer multiple strategies for solving math problems that are similar to the ones found on our worksheets. Students also get daily feedback, which allows them to see how they are progressing, what they are excelling at and what math problems they still need to work on.

Getting feedback online can also be a plus for students who may not feel comfortable asking questions out loud in class.

Math Worksheets Keep Parents Involved
You may not always be aware of what your student is studying at school or how they are keeping up with the work that they have been given.

However, when your child uses math worksheets at home, you can be as involved as you want. You can help your child through the tricky problems or just review them once he completes them.

With the Thinkster online program, you can also track your student’s progress as often as you like with the parent dashboard. The availability of the Parent Insights App means you don’t have to check each math problem to know how your child is doing!

Math Worksheet Answer Keys Can Explain the Process

By researching the source of your math worksheets and making sure that it meets current Common Core Standards or State Standards, you can ensure that your student is getting reinforced on the math concepts they are learning in school.

Math teaching has changed over the years and, while you may be able to help your student get the right answers, you may not be able to explain it using the same concepts and techniques today’s teachers use.

Math teachers stress the importance of “showing how you solved the problem” in addition to seeing the correct answer. Online math worksheets with an answer key, attached video “how-to” tutorials, and our proprietary Active Replay recording technology can help your student master their math and take some of the pressure off you as a parent.

Now that you know some of the benefits of math worksheets let’s discuss the most important aspect of where you find these materials.

Only Use Math Worksheets from a Reputable Source
You may or may not know that the internet is full of downloadable, free math worksheets that can be completed by your student. You can search by grade level, topic and more to find the perfect ones for your student.

Unfortunately, the quality of these worksheets can vary.

You want to be sure to seek out worksheets from a reputable source to ensure that your student is receiving quality materials to supplement his or her math education. You may even want to verify the answers on the first few worksheets you find to be sure that not only that other answers are correct, but that the methods employed to arrive at the solution are consistent with the recommended approaches from the school.  


Take Your Math Worksheets to the Next Level by Combining them with Online Tutoring

There are plenty of worksheets to download from the internet, but an online math tutoring program and app like Thinkster takes it up a notch.
We provide a customized math curriculum – complete with quality worksheets – based on an assessment of your student’s skill level. We also match your child with a dedicated tutor who will provide daily feedback on their lessons and math worksheets.

Now you can see the benefits of using math worksheets to help your third-grade student master division, why not give them a try and see the benefits yourself?

Learn more about how you can gain access to our library of math worksheets and experience the benefits of having a dedicated online math tutor today.

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