Moving? How Online Math Tutoring Can Help with the Transition

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Moving can be a stressful time for your entire family. There’s a lot to do and keep track of, and physically moving your belongings can be exhausting. If you’re planning to move this summer – whether it’s across town or to another city, state, or region – there’s a lot to consider, especially how the move might affect your children.

Moving to a new location can disrupt your child’s life in a way that you may not expect, and research suggests that it can even negatively impact them. Some of this may be due to the move itself, and some may be due to the circumstances that caused the move — such as a divorce or a family member’s new job.

Christina Steinorth, the author of “Cue Cards for Life: Gentle Reminders for Better Relationships,” and a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Barbara, Calif., talks about moving and the stress on kids.  She says that “moving brings feelings of sadness because of all the losses involved — the loss of school, the loss of friends, the loss of trusted teachers, babysitters and the loss of certain routines.”

Moving is also not limited to only a few families. According to Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, lifelong educator, and military mother, “children of active-duty service members move an average of six to nine times during their school years — just during their school years.”

Fortunately, there are ways to make the transition easier and minimize the impact the move will have on your child’s schooling.

Online math tutoring is one way to provide your child an added layer of stability during the moving process. At Thinkster, our focus is on online math tutoring, but the benefits of online tutoring below during a summer move can be applied to any subject that your student needs help with.

1. Your Online Math Tutor Moves With You 

If you are already using an online tutor or are considering finding one, you know that the main benefit of online teaching is that you have access to your tutor regardless of your location. You can find a well-qualified, expert math tutor from around the country and set up online sessions for your student.

This benefit is equally valuable when you are moving. If you were changing cities, states or regions, but only working with a math teacher in person, your student would have to deal with losing access to someone they have been working closely with and likely trust. With online tutoring, you can keep the expert tutor you have no matter where you live.

This can also save you time from finding another tutor once you get settled into your new home. If you’ve been through that process already, you probably don’t want to do it again if you can help it. Keeping the same tutor also allows for your student to stay on track with their mathematics work. They won’t miss a tutoring session while moving or waiting for you to find someone else who is as qualified and trusted as your former tutor.  

Online tutoring is independent of your location, so this will be one less thing that your student has to get used to, and they can continue to work with someone they trust.

2. Online Tutoring Provides Consistency

An online tutor can provide much needed consistency to your student as they transition into a new school and a new way of life. There are often differences between school systems within states and even the same city, and your student may struggle with a new curriculum or teaching style.

Navigating new teachers, classrooms, and classmates may seem daunting to your student. But having the same online tutor that already knows your student – and that your student is already comfortable with – is invaluable.

If you have been working with your online tutor for a while, your student likely already knows and trusts them. Even if a new school is hard at first, your student can find some relief in knowing that their tutor is there to help. Your tutor can help your child wade through the change, giving them pointers on how to adapt and making sure that they don’t fall behind during this time.

Moreover, your student may even consider their tutor as somewhat of a friend. You may find that their tutor gives them someone to talk to during this transition time. This can help them both inside and outside of the classroom.

3. Online Math Tutoring Helps Maintain Confidence

Online tutoring can be a great confidence-builder for your student. The right tutor can help with math concepts and help your student maintain their confidence as they head into a new school or math class environment.

We are all familiar with the trepidation and stress that can come from thinking about a new school and making new friends. Your student may wonder if they’ll fit in or even if they’re going to be as smart as the other kids.

By continuing their online tutoring program throughout the summer, your student can feel confident in their abilities and knowledge as they walk into a new classroom. And if they do hit a snag or see something they’re not as familiar or comfortable with, they’ll know their tutor is there as a backup.

Plus, confidence in the classroom can often translate into overall confidence in themselves and other areas. If they’re not worried about how they’ll do in their classes, they can focus on getting to know their new teachers and classmates. This confidence can help them be more outgoing and make new friends more easily, which also helps the transition process.

4. Online Tutoring Can Help Your Student Stay Focused

Moving is overwhelming for adults and can bring a level of added stress into your family’s life — at least for a time. Even if your child is not stressed about the move itself, they may be stressed because you are stressed.

Continuing your online math tutoring service during this time may be difficult, but having a constant and reliable schedule can actually be a great way to keep your child focused. It can be just what they need to keep them grounded during the moving phase.

You may even find that the additional work can be a great distraction for them while other things are going on — especially if you are using a fully online tutoring program like Thinkster Math, which provides unlimited worksheets, a dedicated tutor assigned to every student, and a game-like atmosphere.

Even if you’re just moving a couple of streets over or they’re not changing schools, continuing online tutoring through the summer can help your student avoid that back-to-school fuzz that typically follows an eventful summer.

5. Online Tutoring Takes Pressure Off of You

We know that with an upcoming move on your mind, you’re likely thinking about all of the things you have to do. Plus, there’s work, family, and your daily responsibilities you have to deal with.

You may be also stressed about how the move will affect your children’s lives and their school work. Having an online tutor in the mix to help keep your student on track and provide added support can be a huge relief.

You may not have the ability to do all that you need to do for the move while helping with school work, but if you have an online tutor you trust, you don’t have to worry. You can be confident that they are making sure your child is on track and will keep you updated on their progress and if any concerns arise.

Let Us Do the Work For You

If you haven’t looked into online tutoring but are anticipating a move — or you just like the idea of online math tutoring for your student — we encourage you to give the Thinkster online math tutoring program a try.

Our program is more than just a tutor, though, as you’ll see. We provide homework help, test prep, unlimited math worksheets with video tutorials, a dedicated elite math tutor exclusively assigned to your student, a world-class math curriculum, and more. We have an app so that your student can practice on their favorite device, and we do the work for you when it comes to finding a qualified online math tutor.

Our math tutors are experienced and trained math educators who combine their knowledge of the math curriculum with what they learn about your student through our initial assessment.

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