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If your child is in the midst of 6th grade, you may find that math class is becoming more challenging. You can help by having some fun with math at home. All you need are some post-it notes to play these fun math games for 6th grade.

Post-It Scavenger Hunt

Choose a concept your sixth grader needs to practice, and create a series of questions and answers for that subject. For example, if your kid needs to practice converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, the questions would be the mixed number and the answer would be the improper fraction.

Use post-it notes to write the questions and answers, with the question on one post-it note and the answer on another. Then, scatter these throughout your home. Give your child the first question, and let him search for the “answer” post-it note. The game continues until all post-its have been found and matched. This is one of the few math games for 6th grade that get kids out of the chair and running around.

Math Bingo

Bingo is a simple game that is easy to set up. Use large bingo boards and post-it notes to make the grids, which will make it even easier. To do this, write the answers to the facts you wish to practice on a series of post-it notes. Then, lay them out on a bingo board five-by-five grid, with a “free” space in the middle. Call out the facts you wish to practice, and race with your child to see who can fill a line or row first. When the game is done, simply re-arrange the post-it notes to start the game again.

Math Memory

Do you remember the Memory game you played with your child when she was in preschool? Resurrect this game with a math twist with the help of post-it notes. Write a series of equations and answers on the back of post-it notes, placing the question on one and the answer on the other. Mix them up on the table, and instruct your child to choose two. If they match, he gets to keep them. Take turns until all equations have been solved and answers have been found. The one who has the most matches is the winner.

Math games for 6th grade don’t have to be complicated, even though the math is sometimes complex. With a pile of post-it notes, you can enjoy some fun and quick games at home. If you don’t have the time for these math games for 6th grade, connect your child with Thinkster Math for effective tutoring and math help on the iPad. With the help of online math tutors, Thinkster will keep your child’s math skills fresh and provide the support needed to excel in this challenging year of math.

DIY Post-It Math Games for 6th Grade
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DIY Post-It Math Games for 6th Grade
Math doesn't always require sheets and sheets of paper. Here are some 6th grade math games you can play on post-it notes.
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