Accelerated Math for Your 4th Grader: How to Help Your Child Succeed

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If your 4th grader is showing an aptitude for math, what can you do as a parent? Your child’s teacher can provide challenging problems and incentives in school, but with a classroom full of children to teach, there’s only so much that the teacher can really do. It’s up to you as a parent to help your child excel if math is not his strongest subject. Here are some ideas.


Become Informed

Your first task in helping your 4th grader excel with math is to become informed. Talk to other parents who have math-inclined kids so you can learn what resources are available in your area. Get an assessment of your child’s math abilities to ensure you are challenging him as much as possible. Learn what programs have worked well for kids who love math to help foster a love for the subject and encourage a lifetime of learning.

Join a Math Club

A math club, whether through the community or through your child’s school, puts your child in contact with other children who love math. This provides social support and a place to safely explore the subject with other kids. Clubs often help children prepare for math competitions, like the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School or MATHCOUNTS competitions. By turning math into a competitive “sport,” if you will, you can encourage your child to keep excelling in math for 4th graders.

Use Technology

Math-inclined students are often attracted to technology. Find a tablet-based or online program that offers math for 4th graders and will give your child the push that he needs to truly excel. This allows you to provide the support and stimulation at home, without adding to your already busy schedule.

The right program will offer individualized instruction from qualified math teachers. This ensures that your accelerated student gets problems beyond traditional math for 4th graders and is kept interested and excited.

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Accelerated Math for Your 4th Grader: How to Help Your Child Succeed
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Accelerated Math for Your 4th Grader: How to Help Your Child Succeed
If your 4th grader is showing an aptitude for math, then you can help them succeed. Here are some ways of introducing accelerated math outside the classroom.
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Thinkster Math
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