6 Cool Benefits of an Online Math Tutor

I bet, you’ve heard some of these excuses from your grade-schooler before:

  • “Math is soooooo boring!”
  • “How am I supposed to get good math grades when the teacher just writes everything on the board and expects us to know it?”
  • “All this math homework stinks! Why do I have to do all these worksheets? Can I play Xbox instead?”
  • “I just don’t get these math problems.”
  • “I HATE math!”

Much of this vocal whining is just kids being kids, but behind some of the protests, there might be valid concerns. Grade-school math struggles are a reality for many kids. The homework can seem overwhelming at times. Math isn’t always fun. So, unfortunately, kids can grow to hate this important subject.

If you decide to seek extra help or enrichment for your child, an online math tutor can provide a multitude of benefits that can derail these excuses. If successful, your student might someday exclaim to you, “I totally LOVE math!” Here are six cool benefits of an online math tutor that can help children meet their goals:

It doesn’t feel like school

Sitting at a desk listening to even the best math teachers is a challenge for some students, who may feel lectured instead of guided. Then, sitting at home completing homework worksheets can feel like more of the same. An online math tutor is more interactive and less formal. Children will learn, but the process won’t feel like the same stodgy learning that some kids feel they must “endure” at school or with their homework.


An iPad-based online math tutor involves no desks, no tables, no pencils, and no worksheets. If they want, kids don’t even have to sit upright and instead can cozy up on a couch or in their rooms with their tablets and with the focus on learning. Though many students need the desks and chairs to succeed, others thrive when the environment is comfortable for them.


An online math tutor offers the help that kids need at the exact time and place that parents require. Commercial tutoring centers that have become so popular still necessitate appointments that busy families must fit into their schedules. Online tutors help you avoid this hassle. Are other after-school activities difficult to schedule around? Is it a sunny afternoon and your child wants to just play outside? An online math tutor offers the flexibility for kids to be kids.

Personalized curriculum

Grade-school math can be challenging if every student in the classroom is placed on the same learning track. This assembly-line approach succeeds for some kids, but many other children feel overlooked. An online math tutor can customize the curriculum to your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Kids are more likely to want to learn if the lesson is specially designed just for them and their learning needs.

Fun incentives to improve

Online math tutors can build gamification into the learning plan, with digital rewards such as points and badges, which turn learning into a fun activity. Ordering a child to learn math can be daunting to him or her. Telling the same child that learning math will unlock new features of the tutoring program offers more appeal and more incentive.

The technology

Though technology is evolving in today’s classroom, it hasn’t quite caught up to the devices children use outside of school. For today’s kids, any new technology is one they are desperate to learn about and enjoy. Many children who don’t like math at school may see a math program on an iPad and think, “Cool, I want to play!”

What excuses have your children given for not liking math?

6 Cool Benefits of an Online Math Tutor
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6 Cool Benefits of an Online Math Tutor
An online math tutor can provide fun and engaging tutoring that is convenient for both parents and students. Find out what other benefits this brings.
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