4 Things Your Kindergartener Must Know Before First Grade Math!

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Have your eyes on your child’s first grade math curriculum already?

It’s great to get an understanding now of concepts they should have an understanding of before entering first grade in the fall. This way you’ll have lots of time to either work with them or find math help to prepare!

First grade math is a big jump from kindergarten math, and for kids that do not have a strong foundation beforehand, it can be even more challenging to learn new topics.

Here are 4 things your Kindergartner must know before first grade math!

Sorting and Categorizing

Before the start of first grade, your child should be able to perform some basic sorting and classification tasks.

While this might not seem like math to you, it provides the foundation for important mathematical concepts that your child learns in first grade.

You can help by teaching your child to identify and repeat patterns, using pictures, toys, or any other small items you can get your hands on.

Knowledge of Numbers

Before starting first grade, students need to be able to count to 100 by ones and tens. They should also be able to identify the written numbers through 20, and write them as well.

writing numbers mathIn first grade, your child starts counting up from a chosen number, such as starting at 15 and counting by fives to 100.

A basic understanding of numbers is absolutely essential before starting first grade.

Basic Addition and Subtraction

Before entering first grade, your child should understand what addition is. They should also be able to add basic sums up to 10.

While your child may not have these facts memorized yet, they should have the ability and understanding to use manipulative to find these answers.

The same is true with subtraction. Subtraction facts through 10 should be something your child can understand and handle.


In Kindergarten and preschool, your child spends a lot of time working with shapes. They should be able to identify triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares.

In first grade math, your child spends more time learning about the attributes of these shapes, so make sure your child can identify their shapes now!

Try Thinkster Math to Prepare for First Grade Math!  

If you see that your child is having trouble in any of these areas, Thinkster Math can help!

With Thinkster Math, your child works with a dedicated math tutor, who will customize a learning plan to help improve your child’s understanding of different concepts and prepare them for first grade math!

What Your Child Needs to Know When Starting 1st Grade Math
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What Your Child Needs to Know When Starting 1st Grade Math
Make sure your child is ready to start 1st grade math with confidence, and not taken by surprise. Here are some things they should know when starting.
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