3 Challenging 4th Grade Math Problems Your Child Will Love!

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Tedious math word problems are the bane of every 4th grader’s existence, but when a child reads a creative or exciting word problem, it changes everything. Engage a child’s mind just once, and you can spark a lifelong love of math as well as a passion for learning. Problems relating to concepts that your fourth grader already understands make it easier for them to understand fundamental concepts while polishing their problem-solving skills. Your 4th grader might not care about calculating the meeting point of two trains traveling at different speeds from opposite directions. Give them a word problem they can solve by playing with shapes or counting handshakes. By giving your child a problem concerning things he or she already finds interesting, you can help them find an interest.


1. The Bottle Water Project

Challenging 4th grade math problems involves multi-step questions. Consider this one: “Your class is collecting bottled water to donate to a needy community after a tornado. The teacher wants you to collect 300 bottles of water. You brought in three packages that have six bottles in each package. Your friend brings in six packages with six bottles in each package. How many do you still need to collect?”

This problem is challenging because it involves two steps. First, the student must determine how many bottles of water have been collected. Then, they must figure out how many are left.

The students have collected 54 bottles in all. This leaves 246 water bottles to collect.

The above is a perfect example of the teacher going beyond just 4th grade math worksheets, instead, focusing on something that the students will likely participate in sometime in their lives.

2. Finding the Perimeter or Area of Unusual Shapes

Finding the perimeter and area of standard shapes is not difficult for advanced fourth graders, as this is a foundational concept in many 4th grade math problems. To make it more challenging, create shapes that are unusual or unexpected.

For example, draw an octagon made from right angles. This will create several different rectangles. To find the perimeter, your child will first need to determine the length of any unmarked sides. Then, he will need to add all eight sides together. To find the area, the student will need to break the shape into the smaller rectangles, figure the area of each of these, and then add the areas together. 

This incorporates a few math concepts and theories that your child will be able to master.

3. Number of Handshakes

This word problem reads like this: “There are five people at a party. If everyone shakes hands one time with all of the other partygoers, how many handshakes occurred?”

This problem requires the student to realize that the first person shakes hands with all of the other people, creating four handshakes. However, the second person only has to shake hands with the remaining three, creating three new handshakes, followed by two for the third person and one for the fourth person. By the time the handshakes reach the final person, he will have already shaken hands with everyone in the line. So, the answer is 4+3+2+1=10. This is a challenging 4th grade math problem because it does not follow a specific formula, but requires some additional thinking. Presenting multi-step word problems like this are important for your child’s development.

Get more math problems for your fourth grader

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We not only have the expertise of carefully vetted teachers but our tutors also have the experience of working with many other fourth-graders who have all kinds of learning styles. There will be no one standard unit that goes out to all students. That’s because every fourth grade student comes to us with different math skills. Some may understand divisibility rules perfectly while that same child may struggle with place value understanding. 

Our tutors get it. Instead of applying rigorous rules about ‘how’ to learn they are busy coming up with ways that your individual child will learn – whether that’s a new math game or a smaller unit of study. If your child better retains what he or she writes down, maybe a math worksheet will be in order – or not. We do not pigeonhole kids in this program. It is highly individualized and tailored specifically for your child. 

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One problem we see often is the child thinks they understand as the teacher explains the problem in class, an algebra problem for example, but once they get home and it’s time to execute the same concept on his or her homework, the concept is fuzzy. 

Or does your child have to remember how to find the area model? We all know what it’s like trying to remember something that went on in a meeting without taking proper notes – and we’re adults. It’s just as difficult if not more so for a child struggling with learning not only mathematics but how to take notes to begin with. 

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We all want our children to succeed, using Thinkster is easy for the whole family. No getting to a tutoring session ‘on time’ because it’s on your time. 

3 Challenging 4th Grade Math Problems Your Child Will Love!
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3 Challenging 4th Grade Math Problems Your Child Will Love!
Has your child been getting bored with 4th grade math problems? try out these 3 challenging problems to excite and motivate them.
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