Why a Math Tutoring App Could be Better than a Math Learning Center

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Many grade-schoolers struggle in math, and their parents understandably seek out options to strengthen their child’s skills and confidence. If you are one of those parents, one possibility is a commercial math learning center. You may see these centers in your neighborhood or town, or have watched their commercials on TV, explaining how their tutoring programs can help children become better at math. The other option is a math tutoring app.

Indeed, a math learning center can be effective for some kids. However, for other students—and their parents—it is not the best option available. Innovative online tutoring programs have emerged that offer an effective alternative for children needing extra help or who are ready for a new challenge. Here are some reasons why a math tutoring app could be a better option for your child than a math learning center:

Kids Love Technology

Today’s children are not much different than their parents’ generation: They are enthralled with technology. The difference is that the gadgets of today are far better suited to educational possibilities than the CD player and Nintendo 8-bit video games of a couple decades ago. Math tutoring on an iPad, for example, taps into kids’ tendency to embrace technology, thus allowing for a more interactive experience.

It Doesn’t Feel Like School

What might be perceived as an advantage of a math learning center—extra help outside the school environment—could also be a drawback. Worksheets, pencils, an instructor, and time spent sitting in a chair solving equations can feel like the child is back in the classroom or doing homework.  Some kids will naturally resist. A math tutoring app avoids these potential negatives by offering an experience, unlike school, that students are more likely to accept and embrace.


Parents often configure their busy schedules to what’s more convenient for them. Children’s lives can be just as harried, even if they aren’t doing the driving. After a long day of school, a session at a math learning center can seem like too much, particularly if it’s crunched in between other activities. A math tutoring app provides convenience not only for you, but also—and perhaps more importantly—for your kids, who can get the help they need at a time that’s less stressful for them.

Fun Incentives

Some adults believe learning is its own reward. Most parents, however, know that their kids don’t think that way. Many math tutoring apps offer in-program incentives, such as digital medals and unlockable program features, that help satisfy their competitive spirits and drive them to keep progressing through the curriculum.

What benefits has your child experienced with a math tutoring app?

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Why a Math Tutoring App Could be Better than a Math Learning Center
Thinking of starting your child on a math tutoring program? Find out why a math tutoring app might serve you better than a learning center.
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