Why We Love These Kindergarten Subtraction Games (And You Should, Too!)

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Subtraction is not a major concept in kindergarten math class, but the idea of “take away” and subtraction is introduced in this year. If you are looking to get your child ahead in this sometimes challenging concept, then consider using some kindergarten subtraction games. We love these games because they are fun for the kids and the parents while providing great practice opportunities.

Subtraction Bowling

Give your child a clipboard with a bunch equations written like this:

10 – ____ = ____

Set up 10 plastic cups in a bowling pin format. Have the child roll a hard ball, like a tennis ball, towards the cups. Count how many fall, and record that number in the second blank. Then count the remaining to fill in the equation.

This game is great because it gets your child’s entire body involved in learning. Kindergarteners still love to bowl in this way, and your child will likely be excited about playing. It’s also one of the few kindergarten subtraction games that are fun for mom/dad as well as the child. Even though you know your subtraction facts, you will enjoy bowling as well.

Egg Carton Sorting Game

Take an egg carton and turn it upside down. Cut a hole in the top of each cup. Write the answer to several subtraction problems on the cups. Then, write the problems on some craft sticks. Have your child fit the craft sticks into the carton that shows the answer to the problem. You can play this game as many times as you want simply by mixing up the math facts. Challenge your child to race against his best time each time he plays.


This is another simple game that gets kids excited about practicing math. Make a set of craft sticks with the kindergarten subtraction facts you want to practice. On about four or five of the sticks, write the word “bang” instead of a math fact. Take turns pulling a math fact out of a cup and solving it. If you get it right, you keep it. If you pull a “bang,” you have to put back all of your sticks. The first person to earn 10 sticks is the winner.

Kindergarten subtraction games make it easier for you to reinforce important concepts your children need to learn, but sometimes find hard. Subtraction can be a hard concept for young learners, but with these kindergarten subtraction games, you will be in a good position to create a strong mathematician. If you are looking for additional support for kindergarten math, consider Thinkster, an iPad based tutoring program that is engaging, fun and educational. It will provide ample practice for those crucial subtraction facts as you give your child the best possible start in math class.

Why We Love These Kindergarten Subtraction Games (And You Should, Too!)
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Why We Love These Kindergarten Subtraction Games (And You Should, Too!)
Teaching subtraction to kindergarteners can be tricky. Here are some kindergarten subtraction games that let's them have fun while they learn.
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