You Don’t Have to Be a Millionaire to Afford a Daily Math Tutor

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Your child comes home with another D on a math test and you know it’s time to start your search for a math tutor.

As you start scouring the internet for affordable tutoring options, you find that the average cost of a tutor can range from $30-$100 per hour.

You don’t have to be a math expert to know that it’s going to cost over $500 a month if you hire a tutor to work with your child every day!

Before you start pulling extra shifts at work or search around the house for things you can sell, take a breath and pause.

Ask yourself – what am I looking to get by hiring a daily tutor?

Sure, your child needs extra help with math strategies and homework, but you also want measurable learning improvements. You want to see their test scores to turn from Ds to As.

Hiring a person to sit next to your child every day for an hour isn’t necessary for any of that.

Digital math tutoring programs, like Thinkster Math, can give you highly effective results at a much lower cost. You don’t have to be a millionaire or drain your bank account to get a daily tutor!

In-person math tutors may be expensive just because they’re ‘physically’ present 

Pop quiz: What’s one of the differences between:

  1. An in-person tutor that sits next to your child and watches them solve math problems
  2. An online math tutor that interacts with your child and watches them solve math problems

Here’s a hint, it’s not the tutor’s qualifications or their ability to teach.

It’s that the tutor is physically in the same room as your child.

For this to happen, the tutor sticks to a strict schedule so that they can travel and meet different students. Their hourly rate often takes this into consideration since they need to pay for gas and their time is precious!

Or, it could be that the tutor requires you to stick to a strict schedule and travel to meet them.

Your child’s one-hour tutoring session may be a two-hour blackout on your schedule because of the traveling!

Here are three quick reasons why digital math tutoring is an appealing alternative to an in-person tutor:

  1. Your wallet and schedule will thank you
  2. Your car’s thirsty gas tank and rolling odometer will sigh in relief
  3. Your child gets incredibly effective tutoring from a math tutor that observes their work every day

The third reason is a BIG one.

Online tutors can be equally – if not more – effective at delivering learning outcomes and awesome service than in-person tutors.

Take our Thinkster Math tutors for example. They monitor and observe your child’s performance every day of the week. Doing so means that they give timely feedback on your child’s work and can modify a learning plan instantly.

Your child’s Thinkster tutor reviews all digital assignments and replays how your child answers questions using our patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART).

ART laptop playback math

With ART, there’s no need for a math tutor to sit next to your child! Our tutors see how they answer questions to understand why they may get questions wrong.

Plus, our tutors hold interactive tutoring sessions with your child. They tutor on math topics and strategies that your child is struggling with and can also help with school homework questions.

Your child gets the same attention and dedication from a Thinkster tutor as they would from an in-person tutor.

Better yet, you get to trade in a high price tag for an affordable rate and incredible convenience!

It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to hire a tutor who can also be a data analyst! 

As you search for a math tutor, you are likely hoping to stumble upon one that is going to really analyze your child’s performance so that they can deliver measurable improvement.

Trouble is, you probably aren’t going to find many private tutors that can do this.

It’s not only because it requires them to be involved with your child’s learning every day, but because they likely don’t have a system for tracking progress over a period of time.

Analyzing progress without a data-driven system is difficult.

This is one of the reasons why our math tutors may have an advantage over some in-person tutors.

Not only are our tutors using ART to observe your child’s performance and problem-solving skills, but they also analyze other data points such as accuracy and the time taken on digital assignments. Our math tutors make data-driven observations and customize the learning plan to reflect your child’s performance and progress.

The tutor monitors your child’s work daily. Doing so means that they can personalization and modify the learning plan at any time and keep the plan and goals consistent with your child’s progress.

Your child’s tutor determines the concepts after analyzing data from assessments and daily assignments. You can also request worksheet topics that are relevant to what your child is learning in school.

This high-level of personalization means that your child is working on topics and concepts where they need math help the most.

Reports and data-driven feedback should be easily accessible

If you hire an in-person tutor, there’s a strong chance that you need to either ask for a progress update or wait for the tutor to create a monthly report that you can review.

You mostly end-up getting verbal feedback at the end of each tutoring session, which you feel good about when you get them.  But then you get this nagging feeling about the overall progress your child has made over the last few weeks or months and you begin to wonder – did my child make progress objectively on specific areas of the curriculum?  Will my child show improvement in their next test at school? You suddenly begin to start worrying even though you thought you were doing everything right!

There’s no guesswork when your child is a Thinkster student.

There are a few different ways that you can track your child’s progress:

1. You can visually understand your child’s improvements with our Dynamic Progress Matrix. Any time your child completes a unit test or skills assessment, the Progress Matrix updates to reflect your child’s performance and level of mastery. You can track topics and concepts for every grade level on the Progress Matrix.

2. Your child’s tutor sends an emailed report with updates on your child’s work and their performance that week.

3. You have daily access to data and performance with our Parent Insights App. Not only can you view your child’s Progress Matrix, but you can also review worksheet completion, tutor feedback, upcoming assignments from the learning plan, and different data points such as time spent and worksheet accuracy.  

parent app thinkster math

Even more exciting – you have access to all this information every day!

Get a personal, daily math tutor for just $100 a month

Throw away the notion that you need to pay over $500 a month to have a tutor observe and support your child every day!

Thinkster Math tutoring plans average $100-$145 a month, so you don’t have to be a millionaire to get your child math help.

Your child’s Thinkster Math tutor provides incredibly effective and personalized tutoring daily.  Schedule a call with an Academic Advisor to learn more about the learning improvements your child sees in less than 90 days when they’re a Thinkster!


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