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Did you know that it is possible to make about $35,000 a year as a part-time online math tutor and get to work from home?

Or that it’s possible to be trained to become a rockstar math tutor at the same time?

While most private tutors make an average of $25,000 per year, Thinkster Math tutors report making $2000-$3000 a month with a company that is rapidly growing and shaking up the digital tutoring world.

Obviously, money isn’t the only thing you should consider as you look into tutoring positions.

It’s equally important to understand the philosophy of the company you’re interested in working for to make sure it fits with your professional goals.

If you want to become a web developer, do you send your resume to your friends in hopes that they hire you to create a website? Or do you send your resume to companies like Google and Facebook that are consistently voted the best companies to work for and constantly growing and evolving?

Joining an Edtech company is like working for Google 

There have been incredible advances in technology, and the education industry is benefiting greatly from them too. Tools are available to efficiently and more effectively deliver learning to students.

By combining man and machine, teachers are able to not only deliver amazing learning experiences but also amplify student learning outcomes.  

The opportunities are exciting and you have the potential of becoming a rockstar for a growing digital math tutoring company!

With awesome tools, training, incredible growth, and more, you can become a rockstar math tutor with Thinkster Math.

Become an expert and rockstar math tutor

You want to be able to breathe and believe in the mission and philosophy of the company you work for. This means also supporting a math learning program’s curriculum and methodology.

You are given this opportunity at Thinkster Math. You get to work with a world-class curriculum that shapes your students into lifelong learners by developing their conceptual thinking skills.

Our curriculum is aligned to Common Core and state standards, which means that we cover all of the concepts and strategies that students are expected to know in the classroom.

Concepts and skills that students should know for their own personal and future professional growth are part of the curriculum.

As we all know, analytical, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills are essential skills to begin nurturing and developing at a young age.

The ability for students to develop their own thinking and question the world around them means that they are taking positive steps in the direction of becoming great world-class thinkers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and more.

This is part of our mission. We want our kids to become the best thinkers that they can be, which is also why our curriculum includes many real-world examples for students to anchor math to their own lives.

For example, if you look at one of the problems from our fourth-grade curriculum:

Matthew saved $50 last week. This week, he saved twice as much as last week. How much did he save over the two weeks?

This type of problem is extremely relatable for students and it’s a scenario that they will experience at some point. Because of this, they are able to better understand the problem and may not struggle as much when trying to solve it.

As a math tutor, you have access to our curriculum and assignments, which include many problems like the one above.  

There’s no need for you to worry about creating or searching the internet for any teaching material or assignments. You and your students also have access to video tutorials within their Thinkster Math app, which are great resources for students as they complete daily practice work.

You are given access to our world-class curriculum to use with your students. You are also trained on how to utilize different tools to personalize learning for each and every student that you work with.

Become a technologist 

To personalize learning for your students, you have many tools available to help you work smartly and efficiently.

One tool that you have to work with is our patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART).

Using ART, you can find out asynchronously how your students solve problems. After receiving a digital assignment to your inbox, you can review how they answered questions and why they may have gotten a question incorrect.

This is incredibly powerful! You don’t need to sit next to a student and peak over their shoulder as they solve questions. Instead, it’s like you have the ability to time-shift and see how students solve questions in real time.

Even when students erase their work and start over, you get to track their work.

Active Replay Technology


You also are able to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled insights and data to understand your students’ performance.

The application records many data points when your students complete their work, such as the time that they take on each question and their accuracy. The AI then suggests assignments based on student performance.

Ultimately, though, you make the decision on individualized learning plans for each student! AI-enabled insights just help you efficiently evaluate and modify the plan so that you work smartly and use your time wisely.

Convenience! Convenience! Convenience! 

There’s no denying that working for an online math tutoring company is extremely convenient for you too!

You can set your own hours and provide math tutoring without having to leave home.

It’s unlikely that you get this amount of luxury, convenience, and satisfaction if you’re a private tutor. You’ll need to travel to a student’s home or visit a local center or library to meet students. This most likely ends up eating up time from your schedule!

Also, if you spend even just 30 minutes a day traveling to and from different locations, those are times that you could have been compensated for tutoring a student! You need to set your schedule carefully and, when you factor in the traveling time, you lose out on scheduling more students.

With Thinkster Math, you won’t face any limitations or restrictions when it comes to scheduling or traveling! Connecting with your students is incredibly easy and done right through an iPad app.

Online math tutor iPad

You have the ability to choose which days of the week you work, making it easy to shape your schedule around your personal schedule.

This is something that many of our math tutors, like Kate Peterson, love.

“Thinkster Math has fit into my family’s life perfectly and has given me a space to connect with students of various ages all over the country in the one-on-one environment that I was looking for.  Tutoring through the computer and iPad is a wonderful concept and works just effectively as face-to-face tutoring.”

The ability to set your own schedule and work conveniently from home means that taking on students is easy!

Watch your class size explore as you gain students

If you become a private tutor, you may find that a good part of your time is spent trying to acquire students. This is especially true when you first start and are trying to spread the word and build your reputation in the community.

Word-of-mouth marketing can be great, but you shouldn’t solely rely on it. You have no control if or when one of your customers will refer you to their friends and extended families. You also need to create marketing materials, such as flyers, ads, and business cards that you can spread around the community to get your name out there too.

All of this gets very expensive, very quickly as well.

As a Thinkster Math tutor, there’s no need to worry about marketing efforts or hunting for new students. Our advisors match students directly to you based on your credentials, availability, performance record, and schedule.

Online math tutor reviewing

This means that you can focus entirely on your students and provide them with excellent tutoring experiences.

You’re going to be amazed at how fast and easy it is to grow your class size!

One of our Thinkster Math tutors, Yvonne Morris, thinks so too and shares her experience here –

“I tutor full-time and close to thirty hours a week. Some days I may see 25 students! It took only a few months for me to grow my class to a size where I was able to make a substantial amount of money, and still work efficiently and smartly.”

As you can see, it’s easy to take on students and grow your class with all the tools and support you get.   

Become part of an awesome community of tutors & technologists

Another benefit of working with Thinkster Math is getting to be part of an awesome and supportive community of teachers and the support staff of technologists.

As a Thinkster tutor, you are continuously mentored and monitored to ensure that you are able to use the curriculum and tools (such as ART, AI, and the apps) to provide efficient and measurable learning improvements for your students.

Mentor tutors also work with you daily to ensure that you are able to give the best experience possible for all the students in your quickly growing class.  

One of our Math tutors, Kate, shares her experience with us so far –

“I have come to love the community that I have become part of working with Thinkster.  The support from within is amazing. Even though we are all online, the tutors come together as a team and are always willing to help each other when in need. I also feel very appreciated, which is so important in today’s job market. I feel our opinions are heard and Thinkster comes through with ways to make our jobs easier behind the scenes.”  

If there are any questions, it’s easy to connect with other Thinkster Math tutors at any time! Community channels on Skype are available for tutors to ask questions and advice.

Yvonne adds, “Don’t be shy about reaching out to fellow tutors on Skype and interacting! Everyone is very supportive and helpful. And what’s so exciting about Thinkster Math is that we are a community! You’ll love getting to work with your students and interact with other online tutors too.”

Our goal is to continuously support each other as we have the same passion for educating students!

Join a company passionate about student learning and that breathes innovation! 

As a math tutor, you have many different job options available, but not many companies are shaking up the market and providing an exciting opportunity the way Thinkster Math is.

Thinkster Math is rapidly growing, and our math tutors are excited to be part of a team that’s passionate about each student and creates a learning experience that makes a difference.

Kate shares, “Knowing you are making a difference in a student’s life really is the best thing you can ask for. There are not many careers where you are able to see the results, progress, and strides a student makes.  I cannot think of another tutoring company that supports their employees as much as Thinkster Math does.”

Becoming an online math tutor is an extremely rewarding experience and offers the potential for more money and high satisfaction compared to other careers. You can check out more on our blog here.

You too can become a rockstar math tutor with Thinkster Math and work with students around the world. 

Send in your resume today! We’re excited to share more about the incredible opportunities available to you when you join our team.

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