Does Online Math Tutoring Actually Work for Students?

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Since the math tutoring industry exploded over the past decade, hundreds of brick-and-mortar tutoring centers have sprouted all over the country. Over the years, these commercial tutoring centers have seen thousands of students, whose families pay good money with the hopes their children will get the math help they need.

Online math tutoring is emerging as a viable alternative to brick-and-mortar centers like Kumon®. With less overhead than a franchised tutoring center, online-based math instruction is generally less expensive. Instead of traveling to a center for an appointment, parents can enjoy the convenience that online math tutoring offers.

Nevertheless, many parents are skeptical.

How can online math tutoring replace in-person instruction? These companies are so established, so they must be the best option, right? How can a kid be serious about learning math on the same iPad they play Angry Birds on?

These are all valid questions that lead to one more – does having an online tutor actually work?

Online tutoring can increase the velocity of learning, answer accuracy rate, engagement level, and student confidence!

In other words, online math tutoring not only helps your children answer math questions faster and with greater accuracy, but they can have fun doing so.

Can online math tutoring replace in-person instruction?

The features of digital tutoring make learning fun for students, but tutors gain incredibly valuable information through digital assignments.

Digital tutoring programs, like Thinkster Math, allow tutors to use Artificial Intelligence and data so that they can work smartly and efficiently when customizing learning plans.

Tutors are also able to playback if your child is writing on the screen, erasing, or pausing to think when solving a math question by using our patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART).

ART allows the tutor to gain many insights into your child’s learning behavior during their assignments. If your child is working through difficult concepts and solves a math problem incorrectly, the tutor can see exactly where your child make a mistake and understand why they made that mistake.

ART laptop playback math

No, a private math tutor isn’t in the same room as your child, but they don’t need to be!

The Thinkster math teacher reviews work daily. This means that as soon as your child completes their math worksheets, the tutor receives them automatically through the app. Within 24 hours the expert math tutor provides feedback and grading.

In addition to this, they do connect with your child for an online teaching session. This session is always between your child and their dedicated expert tutor. The tutor will help review difficult math concepts, homework questions, or provide test prep if your child has an exam in math class coming up soon.

Isn’t brick-and-mortar math tutoring the best option?

From a cost and convenience standpoint, usually not.

From a pure tutoring standpoint, not always.

Some mathematics tutors or learning centers put their students through reams of worksheets, making the process feel like more school. Some even send worksheets home (with a mandate that the parents must grade the work), which somewhat defeats the purpose of bringing your child to a tutor for math help.

What happens if your child is frustrated with an assignment that they are working on? Are you comfortable jumping in for quick help?

Many digital tutoring options, like Thinkster, give students access to video tutorials as they complete their assignments. This ensures that kids never feel stuck or lost on how to use required strategies.

Your time is also precious as well!

Have a vacation coming up? Is your child sick and unable to make their tutoring session? Need to change the day or time of tutoring?

Brick and mortar options have a particular schedule, and many operate year-round, so there often isn’t much flexibility when it comes to schedule changes.

With Thinkster and the one-on-one whiteboard tutoring sessions, your child’s tutor can work with you and reschedule as needed!

Can math instruction be truly effective if it’s also fun?

Research has demonstrated that gamification – the concept of turning work into a game – works wonders with kids trying to improve math skills. Students have incentives to complete their work rather than being threatened with consequences if they don’t.

With Thinkster, students can earn a monthly gift card reward of up to $5. This exciting goal keeps students on track with their learning!

Gift cards


By keeping students on track with their goals, they progress quickly through their learning plan. Developing a learning routine can help your child make amazing strides and learning improvements.

Online math tutoring can lead to incredible results! 

Online math tutoring is becoming an exceedingly popular learning solution for students all over the world! Not only is digital tutoring convenient and fun, but students can make rapid progress.

With Thinkster, tutors share progress reports and updates with you every step of the way!

If you’re looking for online math tutoring to help your child, you can try Thinkster risk-free.

Thinkster provides a full-fledged online tutoring platform (driven by AI, behavioral, and data science), as well as supplemental math worksheetsmath homework helptest prep, and more. Our Parent Insights App allows you to monitor your student‘s work and learning improvements at any time.

An elite, expert math tutor and online teaching system work together to help your student go beyond just learning math – we want them to master it.

Learn more about our curriculum and teaching style here.


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Does Online Math Tutoring Work?
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Does Online Math Tutoring Work?
Online math tutoring is emerging as a viable alternative to traditional tutoring centers. Apart from being much more affordable, they provide other benefits for you and your child.
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