Get Crafty: Use Crafts to Help with 2nd Grade Math Word Problems

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Are you looking for a way to make 2nd grade math word problems more exciting for your child? Here are some craft ideas that you can adapt to make word problems a bit more hands-on and interesting.

Ice Cream Cone Cents

For 2nd grade math word problems involving adding cents, consider drawing a math ice cream cone. Have your child draw one scoop for each value being added, and write in the values. The cone is where the child will solve the problem and write the answer. For added fun, have him color in his ice cream cone when he’s done!

This activity does not make the problem easier to solve, but it adds a layer of fun. Some students simply find it easier to connect with math when they are using their hands and creativity, so consider adding this to your learning options.

Alligator Greater

Draw two fish ponds on a paper. Write out a greater than or less than phrase, such as “Six is greater than four.” Have the child place goldfish crackers in each of the ponds to correspond to the number, gluing them in place. Then, have her draw the greater than sign pointing towards the six goldfish, giving it teeth like an alligator. Then, reinforce that the alligator always wants to eat the greater number. Finish off the activity with a yummy goldfish snack.

Number Line Addition

For 2nd grade math word problems involving addition, number line addition crafts are a fun way to reinforce the concept. For this project, create a number line on paper that spans the numbers used in the problem. Then, have the child place a marker on the line, starting at the first value in the problem, then counting up for the next value.

So, if the question asks the child to add five plus three, the child will place the first marker on the five. Then, from five he will count up three, placing a marker on eight. This gives an easy way to practice math facts and decipher addition word problems. As an added bonus, once the number line is created, you don’t have to re-create it. You can re-use this number line for other problems in the future.

Word problems, because they require the student to think visually, lend themselves well to crafts. Get creative, and you can give your child the help needed with 2nd grade math word problems. If you find that your creativity is not enough to provide the support needed, consider investing in a tablet-based tutoring program.

Thinkster Math works with your iPad to give your child access to certified teachers who will support and grow your child’s understanding of the 2nd grade math curriculum, including word problems. The program is engaging and entertaining, so kids love to play it. They progress in their knowledge and understanding of 2nd grade word problems through fun game-like play that supports what they are learning in school.

Get Crafty: Use Crafts to Help with 2nd Grade Math Word Problems
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Get Crafty: Use Crafts to Help with 2nd Grade Math Word Problems
Children usually love craft. Use this love to hep with their 2nd grade math word problems. Here are some ways for you to do so.
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