Why Being an Online Math Tutor Means More Money and High Satisfaction

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As a math teacher, you know that there are many different types of tutoring jobs available. You can work in a math learning center like Kumon® or Mathnasium®, become a franchise owner of a learning center, or become a private tutor.

Or you can join an extremely popular and fast-growing industry as an online math tutor!

This digital option was worth $132 million in the United States in 2016 and continues to grow 6% each year.

There are many exciting reasons you should consider joining the digital tutoring industry. We’re going to dive into three big reasons why being an online math tutor means more money and high satisfaction!

Earn more money as an online math tutor

If you’re looking into becoming an expert math tutor, it may be because tutoring is a great way to use your skill strengths to make money! Part-time and full-time tutors make an average of $25,000 per year across the United States, which makes it a great additional source of income.

Working at a learning center is one option, though you may be stuck in the shallow end of the tutoring income pool. According to employee reports on Glassdoor, as an instructor at Kumon, you may make an average of about $9 an hour. Similar reporting shares that Mathnasium instructors make an average of $11 an hour.

There may be some potential bonuses, so it could be possible you see about $15,000 – $20,000 per year working as a learning center.

Private tutoring is another option, and you do have the freedom to set your own tutoring rates.

But if you’re considering private tutoring, remember that there may be an initial cost to spread the word that you are a reputable local tutor!

Investment towards marketing, such as by creating ads, flyers, and business cards, can help you build your student-base as you wait for word-of-mouth marketing to share your reputability.

Reliable and consistent income may be tricky when it comes to private tutoring, as developing your client base is dependent on your marketing efforts and client referrals. Because of this, it may be difficult for you to maintain an expected amount of revenue each month, especially if you attract short-term or seasonal students.

An alternative option that can give you great stability and help with student acquisition is online math tutoring!

With some online companies, you won’t have to worry about marketing costs or investments. Often, students are matched directly with you. This, of course, does depend on the company! Former Varsity Tutors employees note that it felt very competitive to acquire students.

This is not the case at a company like Thinkster Math. With Thinkster, you are matched with students and your class size will grow quickly!

Thinkster Math tutor, Yvonne Morris, shares,

“I tutor full-time and close to thirty hours a week. Some days I may see 25 students! It took only a few months for me to grow my class to a size where I was able to make a substantial amount of money, and still work efficiently and smartly. While I do tutor many students, I know them all on a personal level. I love how easy it is to connect with a student and build relationships through Thinkster!”

And by “substantial amount of money”, Yvonne means that Thinkster Math tutors have the ability to earn $2000-$4000 a month!

online math tutor

And though, like Yvonne, you may work with many students, online tutoring provides you with the means to easily work with your growing class size!

Use technology to modify and customize learning plans easily and efficiently

As the world becomes more digital, there is a shift in the types of industries and markets that are favored by consumers. This is the reason that Netflix essentially killed Blockbuster, or why Uber is a preferred and much more convenient option than hailing a taxi.

And tech companies garner a high amount of respect when it comes to employment.

It is why people aspire to work for Google or Apple. And while both companies keep mum when it comes to exactly what working at their headquarters is like, people are eager to work with the best and brightest at these two incredibly large and established tech companies.

And working with a tech company means that you have the ability to take advantage of some of the latest technological advances in order to provide the best service possible!

That’s one of the exciting aspects of working with Thinkster Math.

As an expert tutor, one of your main goals is to provide your students with substantial learning improvements, and Thinkster Math will give you all the tools you need to do so!

In fact, there are three tech tools that you can take advantage of on a daily basis.

The first is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In education, the use of AI is expected to jump 47% from 2017 – 2021, which is an incredible amount! This is because there are many benefits to using AI, such as the ability to efficiently modify and customize a student’s learning plan based on their performance.  

And this exactly how Thinkster Math tutors take advantage of this tool. AI tracks how long a student takes to answer questions on their digital Thinkster Math assignments, and also what their accuracy and score is. The AI will then make suggestions for the tutor on the areas where the student needs more practice.

The second piece of technology that Thinkster tutors utilize is the patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART) –  an extremely powerful way for tutors to understand and view student performance.

active replay technology thinkster

When your student is completing a Thinkster Math digital assignment, they will show all their work on the screen. ART tracks when a student is writing, erasing, pausing to think, or viewing a video tutorial for guidance.

As a Thinkster Math tutor, you are able to view this playback when you review your students’ assignments. You are able to see not just where students are having trouble answering questions, but why they may be struggling. Is it at a particular step within a word problem? Are they making simple computational errors?

The playback allows you to observe the student – just like if you were to be sitting next to them and watching during a private tutoring session!

The last piece of technology that allows you to effectively work with students is the interactive whiteboard tutoring sessions.

whiteboard tutoring session

During the sessions, you and the student can both write on the screen, display questions and images, and speak with each other.

This collaborative and fun approach utilizes technology to conveniently and efficiently connect with your students!  

These 1:1 math tutoring sessions are an opportunity for your students to get additional math help. The sessions can be used to review math topics and math questions from Thinkster assignments.

Students can also use the tutoring time to receive math homework help. They can send you specific math questions from school so that you can help! Test prep is also included in tutoring sessions. If your math student has a test coming in school, you can spend time preparing and reviewing test-taking strategies.

Reach high levels of satisfaction as you keep your tutoring families satisfied!

Salary and technology are two reasons to consider online tutoring, but the third is one of the biggest – your level of satisfaction!

An online approach offers you incredible convenience since everything can be done from the comfort of your home!

There is also a great level of flexibility that comes with online math tutoring, which is a big reason Thinkster Math tutors are initially interested in joining the team.

As Kate Peterson shares, “I wanted a schedule that I had more control over, along with the opportunity to tutor from my own home. Thinkster Math has fit into my family’s life perfectly and has given me a space to connect with students of various ages all over the country in the one-on-one environment that I was looking for. Tutoring through the computer and iPad is a wonderful concept and works just effectively as face-to-face tutoring.”

Maybe you’re thinking, “but isn’t face-to-face needed to develop a strong relationship with the student and develop accountability?”

Not true at all!

Online tutoring requires equally strong communication skills between the tutor, parents, and student. This is the foundation of a positive relationship.

Our online math tutors are focused on building relationships with their students, and because of their authenticity and passion to teach, this happens naturally and easily!

online math tutor

You are given the tools to connect with parents and students, and your daily involvement in the learning plan will have you quick to celebrate any and all gains and improvements your student is making.

Thinkster Math tutor Rebecca says, “By far the best part of being a Thinkster tutor are the texts I get from students and parents updating me on their progress. Just last night I got a text filled with tons of emojis from 6th grade Rithisha that says, “I got a 92% on the test we studied for! Thank you so much!”

Yvonne adds, “Each week when I tutor with my students, I have them turn the video on so that they can see that I am an actual person on the other side of the screen. This is so important because they grow more accountable and responsible for their work. I like to get to know my students, so when I talk to the parents, I will ask for something that interests their child. I want to make connections to their interests during tutoring. This helps them understand how relevant and important math is to their lives – whether it be in sports or art.”

By building strong relationships with students and keeping parents informed on progress, Thinkster tutors gain the respect and trust of both.

And Thinkster parents are very vocal in sharing their love for their Thinkster Math tutors in their reviews!

Karen J., shares, “The entire program has been wonderful. Amy, our tutor, is wonderful with Molly. She is patient and very experienced. She spends time with Molly and her math skills have improved exponentially. I have recommended this program over and over to friends and family.”

And Liz F. adds, “Thinkster has been an excellent addition to my children’s education. Everyone is professional, prompt and genuinely cares about students getting the most of their experience. Our tutor Erica is wonderful — she customizes her approach and assignments based on my kids’ two personalities. She’s a great motivator, but also holds them accountable. I would highly recommend Thinkster.”

As a Thinkster Math tutor, you will have parents just as happy! And because those families are highly satisfied, you will constantly feel this way too!

Join an exciting and fast-growing digital tutoring team with Thinkster Math!

Becoming an online math tutor is a great way to utilize your mathematics expertise and provide high-quality math support to students in a convenient way.

And you’ll love all that online math tutoring can provide you too!

The ability to make more money and use technology to personalize learning plans and instruction efficiently, all while staying very happy and satisfied, makes online tutoring a great option for you to consider.

There are many exciting opportunities available at Thinkster, and our online math tutors make $2000-$3000 a month. Not only that, but you have exciting tech tools available to efficiently and smartly customize learning plans for your students. And you’ll find it easy to develop positive relationships with your students and their families.

Learn more and apply for an online math tutoring position with Thinkster today!


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