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Number Line

Calculating the difference between 2 points on a number line and identify the place holder using different operations.

Mapped to CCSS Section# 6.NS.C.6c, 6.NS.C.7a, 6.NS.C.6a

Find and position integers and other rational numbers on a horizontal or vertical number line diagram; find and position pairs of integers and other rational numbers on a coordinate plane.,Interpret statements of inequality as statements about the relative position of two numbers on a number line diagram. For example, interpret – 3 > – 7 as a statement that – 3 is located to the right of – 7 on a number line oriented from left to right.,Recognize opposite signs of numbers as indicating locations on opposite sides of 0 on the number line; recognize that the opposite of the opposite of a number is the number itself, e.g., – (- 3) = 3, and that 0 is its own opposite.
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