Inverse Functions

Applying the concept of inverse functions in the real-world.

Mapped to CCSS Section# HSF.BF.B.4, HSF.BF.B.4a, HSF.BF.B.4b, HSF.BF.B.4c, HSF.BF.B.4d, HSF.BF.B.5

Find inverse functions. Solve an equation of the form f(x) = c for a simple function f that has an inverse and write an expression for the inverse. Verify by composition that one function is the inverse of another. Read values of an inverse function from a graph or a table, given that the function has an inverse. Produce an invertible function from a non-invertible function by restricting the domain. Understand the inverse relationship between exponents and logarithms and use this relationship to solve problems involving logarithms and exponents.