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5 Reasons Why Opening a Kumon Franchise May Not Make Sense

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  1. Chuck Sierra says:

    Thank god. Finally, someone who gets it. I can’t wait for the end of these brick and mortar gyms, spin centers, and yoga studios. Once digital trainers take over, these strip-mall blights, along with their Kumon counterparts, will be a thing of the past as well. If you need a live person to motivate you, set goals and plans with, and provide you positive, in-person feedback, then you’re too weak to succeed in the first place.

    Same goes for music schools, and hopefully, schools in general. Why should tax-payers continue to pay for a school building if we could just digitize education, get rid of the UFT, and just have digital teachers in the same way we can have digital tutors!

    I want to make sure that my kids are connected from day one. I’m certain that having them learn with an iPad early will only be the beginning of their mastery of computers, coding, and internet…let alone other topics. This is the future people. Embrace it

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