How 5th Grade Geometry Teaches Your Child Solve Real-World Problems

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“When will we ever use this in the real-world?”

If your 5th grader has started geometry and has asked this question, do you have an answer?

If 5th grade geometry has stumped your child, then you are in luck, because this is one concept in math that has many real-world applications.

Manipulation of Shapes

One of the concepts in 5th grade geometry involves learning how to manipulate flat and three-dimensional shapes. While this may seem very abstract to students, it is actually foundational to many real-world concepts. Engineering, for example, is built on the principles of identifying, manipulating and using the shapes taught in early geometry classes. For example, an engineer is required to be able to visualize a cube-shaped building, from different angles as the shape is flipped, rotated, and turned, and these concepts are covered in geometry at the fifth grade level.

Finding Area and Volume

In 5th grade geometry, kids will spend a good amount of time learning how to find the area and volume of various shapes. This has multiple real-world applications. From determining how many objects can fit inside a box, which requires an understanding of volume, to how much carpeting is needed in the living room, which requires the knowledge of the area, adults use these concepts all the time.

Drawing Maps

Drawing maps has its foundation in geometry. The ability to measure and draw angles and find coordinates on a plane are essential to drawing an effective map. These are concepts taught in 5th grade geometry class. Many professionals, from navigators to astronomers, use these concepts in their careers.

Drawing to Scale

Drawing a picture to scale is another concept that young geometry students must learn. While some students find this fun, especially those who enjoy a break from the use of constant numbers in most geometry classes, drawing to scale nonetheless has many real-world applications. From designing and building something to creating a beautiful, but realistic, painting, being able to work with scale is a necessary life skill.

Geometry can be challenging for many students, particularly because it is so different from the math topics they are used to, but 5th grade geometry has many real-world applications that make it valuable.

If your child is having trouble in 5th grade, it may be due to the introduction of geometry. Tutoring can help, but it is time-consuming to dedicate yourself to driving to the tutoring center. Instead, consider investing in an online math tutoring program, like Thinkster Math. The visual aspect of the tablet makes it easier to teach geometry concepts, while the tailored lessons created by real teachers will help with the mastery of these important concepts.

How 5th Grade Geometry Teaches Your Child Solve Real-World Problems
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How 5th Grade Geometry Teaches Your Child Solve Real-World Problems
If your child is wondering how 5th grade geometry is applicable to the real-world, here is the answer.
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