4 Fun Family Activities To Celebrate Pi Day

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In our opinion, there’s no better combination than pie and math! As a parent, you can use March 14th as an opportunity to teach your children the importance of math in everyday life while enjoying fun games. Take a look at our favorite crafts, activities, puzzles, and recipes to celebrate Pi Day with your family, and feel free to share your favorite Pi Day traditions with us in the comments!

Create a Family Paper Chain

Provide each family member with a multitude of colored construction paper strips with numbers from Pi. Each family member gets a chance to guess which number comes next, then attaches the paper chain in Pi’s order. You’ll have a decorative conversation starter to hang in your home!

Bake a Pi-Shaped Pie

Baking is the perfect family bonding activity. For dessert, try making a Pi-shaped pie like this one from Serious Eats filled with your family’s favorite treats. You can catch up on what your kids are learning in school while they brush up on ingredient measuring and how to follow recipes.


Try Your Hand at Pi Sudoku

We love this activity from Brainfreeze Puzzles. Sudoku is the perfect way to challenge little minds, and also promotes family teamwork. This Pi Day option features multiple aspects of Pi and mathematics. Think you could figure out all of the cells?

Share and Discuss the Origin of Pi

We are aware of the importance of eating pie, but your children should also know where the mathematical component stems from. We’ve stumbled upon lots of fun trivia quizzes and one-sheeters that will educate your kids on the origin and importance of the number. Some of our favorites are from Scholastic and Braingle.

Wishing you a fun and educational Pi Day!

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