Playdate Math: Try These 2nd Grade Interactive Playdate Ideas

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Is your child having a play date? You might be inviting kids over to play, but who says you can’t squeeze some learning into the mix? With these games, you and the kids can have a great time while also enjoying a little 2nd grade math practice.

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are great playdate activities because they can be done indoors or outside with an unlimited number of kids. Bring on the equation with a measurement scavenger hunt.

Give each child or a group of two children an unlined sheet of paper, pencil and strips of paper cut into various lengths. Label the different strips with letters to keep them straight. Then, tell the children to go through the home or outdoor area to find items that are close to that length.

While the children are searching for their first items, make a chart on the blank paper. Have a column for item, strip and length. When they bring an item, help them record it on the paper and record the strip that fit it. When they have found several items, use a ruler to measure each strip, and record this in the appropriate column.

This game does not need to have a winner, but if you want a winner, the person who got the most items to match the strips would be the winner.

I Spy Numbers

Second graders love the I Spy game. Make a large poster with a variety of numbers over 10. Make sure these numbers are large and colorful so the kids are interested in the game. Direct their attention to the poster, and say “I spy with my little eye, a number that is greater than 15.” Have the kids ask greater than and less than questions to narrow down the options until they find the correct answer.

Count and Catch

Grab a ball, set the kids in a circle and practice counting by 2s, 5s and 10s! Have the kids pass the ball around the circle as they count by the chosen number. If someone says the wrong number, they are “out” for that round. Play continues until you either eliminate all but one child or until you reach a certain agreed upon number.

When the play date is over, math practice doesn’t have to stop. With Thinkster Math, your own child can continue practicing 2nd grade math on the drive home, while you prepare dinner and any other time you want. This tablet-based tutoring program will give your second grader the skills he needs for success in 2nd grade math.

Playdate Math: Try These 2nd Grade Interactive Playdate Ideas
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Playdate Math: Try These 2nd Grade Interactive Playdate Ideas
Is your child having a play date? Squeeze some learning into the mix. Try out these interactive 2nd grade playdate ideas.
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Thinkster Math
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