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Operations on Matrices

Understanding that matrix multiplication for square matrices is associative and distributive, but not commutative

Mapped to CCSS Section# HSN.VM.C.7, HSN.VM.C.8, HSN.VM.C.9, HSN.VM.C.10, HSN.VM.C.11

Multiply matrices by scalars to produce new matrices, e.g., as when all of the payoffs in a game are doubled. Add, subtract, and multiply matrices of appropriate dimensions. Understand that, unlike multiplication of numbers, matrix multiplication for square matrices is not a commutative operation, but still satisfies the associative and distributive properties. Understand that the zero and identity matrices play a role in matrix addition and multiplication similar to the role of 0 and 1 in the real numbers. The determinant of a square matrix is nonzero if and only if the matrix has a multiplicative inverse. Multiply a vector (regarded as a matrix with one column) by a matrix of suitable dimensions to produce another vector. Work with matrices as transformations of vectors.