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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work if my child has never been to a tutoring program or has used services like Kumon?

Well, yes! This will work for every child, no matter what their prior experiences have been. The only thing we ask is for is for both you and your child to do the work every week and you will begin to see the results very quickly.

Will this work if my child is struggling in Math?

Short answer: Yes! Most students struggle in math because they have not been able to have the disciplined approach of someone personalizing a learning program to their needs. The second most important factor is for students to be committed to the rigor of completing the weekly activities with support from parents to move the student along the process.

What are the exact terms of the guarantee?
  • They complete a minimum of 10 worksheets each week.
  • They review every video tutorial before they attempt a worksheet.
  • They review graded feedback on worksheets from tutors everytime they get it.
  • Parents complete rolling 30-day objectives for their students every month in discussions with the assigned tutor.
  • Students show up to tutoring sessions minimum twice a month.
  • Parents submit Net Promoter Score feedback every month.
Will this for me if I’m living outside the U.S.?

Right now, this program is only available to residents of the U.S. We will be expanding this elite program to the rest of the world in early next year.

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