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Again, this is for:

A Parent Who Wants to See Your Child Do Well in Math

  • But struggling to find an alternative to existing tutoring programs like Kumon, Mathnasium, Sylvan and others. You want a program that engages and motivates your child, and gives them the ability to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Your child does not enjoy doing the repetitive and non-personalized worksheets from tutoring programs like Kumon, Mathnasium and others.
  • You are frustrated that other tutoring programs do not give word problems to challenge your child.
  • You find it difficult to travel to tutoring centers each week.
  • You want some added convenience with a higher quality math progra.

Or, a Mom or Dad, Motivated to Give Your Child the Best Opportunity to Be Able to Get an Ivy League Education

  • But your kids are not showing any interest in math
  • You feel extremely frustrated
  • You know your children are intelligent, but you need to make them feel more confident and comfortable with math
  • You struggle to get your kids to engage in any learning program
  • You feel stressed to make sure that your kids can live up to their potential

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