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So, Who is this for?

You Are a Parent Who Wants to See Your Child Do Well in Math

  • But struggling to find an alternative to existing tutoring programs like Kumon, Mathnasium, Sylvan and others. You want a program that engages and motivates your child, and gives them the ability to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Your child does not enjoy doing the repetitive and non-personalized worksheets from tutoring programs like Kumon, Mathnasium and others.
  • You are frustrated that other tutoring programs do not give word problems to challenge your child.
  • You find it difficult to travel to tutoring centers each week.
  • You want some added convenience with a higher quality math program.

Or, Maybe You Are a Mom or Dad, Motivated to Give Your Children the Best Education

  • But your kids are not showing any interest in math.
  • You feel extremely frustrated.
  • You know your children are intelligent, but you need to make them feel more confident and comfortable with math.
  • You struggle to get your kids to engage in any learning program.
  • You feel stressed to make sure that your kids can live up to their potential.

Here’s The Truth

You can increase your child’s math scores by 90% within 3-6 months by using other tutoring services (who are scrambling to offer a digital service) if you can supplement what they do with a ton of personal effort from you at home or by hiring additional private tutors to monitor your child’s work daily using ineffective tools.

However, using other tutoring services is not going to solve this problem as -

  • they are not digitally designed (they barely are trying to gasp and catch up with video conferencing tools like Zoom because of COVID).
  • they use ineffective tools to grade and provide feedback or they expect you to do this work (they do not have a digitally designed platform like Thinkster does).
  • most parents are not equipped to help their children achieve academic success as they don’t have the time or the underlying data to truly develop math and study skills and motivate their kids.

We are the only 100% natively digitally designed tutoring program dedicated to solving this particular problem for parents and can provide an elite tutor to coach, monitor and mentor your child daily and make them into problem solvers and become good in critical thinking/logical reasoning skills. We will get your child ready to be compete for getting admitted into Ivy League Colleges or the top Universities of their choice.

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